Text to Speech for Gaming

Bring Your Games to Life with AI Voices

Integrate dynamic and immersive character voices in games with ElevenLabs' AI-powered text to speech technology. Create diverse character voices without the need for extensive voice acting resources.

Challenges faced by game developers include...

Crafting a memorable gaming experience is an intricate process.

Complex Character Development

Giving each character a unique voice can be resource-intensive and challenging to manage.

Multilingual Experiences

Creating games that speak to a global audience involves complex multilingual voiceover production.

High Production Costs

Quality voice acting involves significant investment in talent and studio time.

ElevenLabs Text to Speech: Revolutionizing Game Development

With ElevenLabs, create vast arrays of character voices efficiently. Our AI helps you produce compelling, multilingual dialogue that resonates with players worldwide.
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Global Reach

Localize your game with AI-powered dubbing, making your game accessible to players in their native language, thereby expanding your global footprint.

Seamless Character Creation

Design and customize voices to match your characters' personalities. Easily adjust age, gender, and accents to fit your game's narrative and style.

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Diverse Voice Portfolio for Gaming

Diverse Voice Portfolio for Gaming

Craft each character's voice to perfection using ElevenLabs' advanced AI technology. Tailor voices to specific roles, ensuring a rich and varied audio experience for gamers.

Customizable Voice Attributes

Fine-tune voice features to align with character design, ensuring authenticity and relatability.

Broad Emotional Spectrum

Inject emotion into dialogues, from excitement to sorrow, to enhance storytelling.

Extensive Language Support

Voice your characters in multiple languages with consistent quality and character integrity.

Streamlined Workflow

Accelerate voice content creation with AI, reducing reliance on traditional recording methods.

Game Voiceovers Made Simple

Utilize ElevenLabs to effortlessly create voiceovers for game characters, narration, and in-game announcements. Our platform simplifies the voice creation process without sacrificing quality.

Dynamic Voice Acting

Generate lively and engaging voice acting for your game's cast with just a few clicks.

Rapid Deployment

Quickly produce and implement voiceovers to meet tight game development schedules.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Access our voice generation tools from anywhere, facilitating collaboration and remote development.

Generate relaxing ASMR whispering.
Enliven your content with energetic voices.
Generate lifelike spoken audio for your videos.

Leverage AI for Narrative Impact

Enhance your game's narrative depth with AI-generated voices that deliver impactful storytelling and player immersion.

Narrative Engagement

Create captivating stories with voices that carry emotional weight and depth.


Build immersive game worlds with consistent and believable character voices.

Voice Customization

Craft unique voices for each character, enhancing the player's connection to the game.

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Game Voiceover Demo

Elevate Your Game with AI Text to Speech (TTS)

Whether you're an indie developer or a AAA studio, our AI voice technology can transform your creative vision into reality.

Game Designer

Designers can bring their characters to life with tailored voices, enabling a richer gaming experience.

Sound Engineer

Sound engineers can fine-tune AI voices to fit the game's audio landscape perfectly.

Localization Manager

Localization managers can streamline the process of multi-language voiceover production for global game releases.

Unleash Creativity with Our Voice API

Incorporate ElevenLabs' voice technology directly into your game development pipeline for streamlined audio production.

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Seamless Integration
Integrate voice generation into your tools and engines for a fluid development experience.
High Fidelity Audio
Achieve crystal-clear voice output that rivals professional recordings.
Scalable Solutions
Meet the demands of any project size, from indie games to AAA titles.

Leading game studios rely on ElevenLabs for immersive character dialogue


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How to Integrate AI Voices into Your Game

Create compelling game voices in a few simple steps using our intuitive platform.

Access the Voice Generator

Start by visiting the ElevenLabs Voice Generator on our website.


Design Your Character Voices

Select the voice attributes to match your game characters.


Produce and Review

Generate the voiceover and evaluate its fit for your game.


Implement in Your Game

Integrate the voiceover seamlessly into your game environment.

We’re incredibly pleased with the results from the ElevenLabs platform. We were looking for a solution that could enable us to prototype voiceover content for our games, and the samples created by their contextually aware engine have exceeded our expectations. We have also been inspired to push the limits of our projects. As each iteration proves more capable and the results reach higher quality, this system helps us imagine more intricate and richer VO design for our games.
Ernesto Lopez
Audio Director for Stellaris and CK3

Frequently asked questions

What role does AI voice synthesis play in gaming?

AI voice synthesis adapts to player inputs to create a responsive and personalized dialogue, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Can AI replicate the emotional depth of human voice actors?

Our AI is adept at mimicking emotional subtleties, aiming to match the expressiveness of human actors.

What game genres can incorporate ElevenLabs' AI voices?

ElevenLabs' AI voices are designed to be genre-agnostic, fitting a wide range of gaming experiences, from action-packed RPGs to interactive educational titles.

How is voice uniqueness achieved for game characters using AI?

Through customization of vocal attributes, we ensure each AI-generated voice is as unique as the character it represents.

Can AI voice integration expedite game development?

Yes, implementing AI voices can significantly accelerate the audio production process, enhancing development efficiency.

Is it possible to preview ElevenLabs' AI voices before implementation?

Developers can utilize our demo platform to test and select the ideal voices for their game characters.

What resources does ElevenLabs provide for AI voice integration?

Comprehensive guides and dedicated support are available to facilitate integration with mainstream game engines.

Are AI voices suitable for NPCs in expansive game worlds?

Our AI voices are well-suited for NPCs, capable of delivering diverse and rich vocal performances to bring game worlds to life.

How does ElevenLabs approach the ethical use of voice cloning?

We maintain high ethical standards, ensuring that voice cloning is conducted with full consent and respect for the rights of the original voice talent.

What future enhancements are planned for ElevenLabs' AI voice technology?

Expect ongoing improvements in emotional delivery, language diversity, and the overall naturalness of our AI-generated voices.

How does voice customization contribute to character development in games?

Voice customization deepens character development by aligning the voice with the character’s narrative and emotional profile.

How does text-to-speech benefit independent game developers?

Text-to-speech offers an accessible means for indie developers to incorporate high-quality voice acting without the traditional costs.

How does ElevenLabs support game localization?

Our multilingual text-to-speech enables developers to create engaging and accessible content for a global audience.

What impact does text-to-speech have on game narrative and production?

Text-to-speech enhances narrative flexibility and production agility, allowing for rapid content creation and iteration.

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