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Speed up content creation and enjoy hands-on control over your creative process. Our AI audio suite reduces your time to market without ever compromising on quality

Video editing with integrated AI speech generation

Creating immersive AI avatars for your content

The latest stories brought to life with AI voices

Engaging content for everyone with the highest quality voices

AI dubbing to take your content global

Make your content accessible and relatable to international audiences with our Al Dubbing tool, which preserves the speaker's voice and style in translation across 29 languages

Professional Voice Cloning

Create the ultimate replica of your voice and delivery style, and use it to narrate your projects while you focus on the next big thing. Or share it in Voice Library, set your terms, and earn when others use it

Scratch dialog

Establish creative direction with confidence early in development and streamline your workflow by generating realistic scratch dialog quickly to experiment and get to the results you’re looking for

Boost engagement

We're bringing voices so compelling and with such high quality that your audience isn’t distracted by them being AI-generated, and instead stays engaged, captivated, and excited for your next project


Power entertainment experiences at scale

✓ Enterprise-level SLAs

✓ Dedicated support
✓ Priority access
✓ API access
✓ Unlimited seats
✓ Volume discounts

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Don't just take our word for it

Our decision to partner with Elevenlabs was driven by unparalleled voice realism and emotional range.

Adam Turaev


Prototyping content for our games using ElevenLabs helps us imagine more intricate and richer VO design.

Ernesto Lopez

Audio Director, Paradox Interactive

With Augie Storyteller, families can create personalized visual stories that come alive using ElevenLabs voices.

Jeremy Toeman

CEO and Founder, Aug X Labs

ElevenLabs made it fun and engaging for users to converse with their AIs with voice, and has saved us time and cost from self-hosting the voice inference at our scale.

Jerry Meng

Founder & CEO, Kindroid

With ElevenLabs we found narration of groundbreaking quality, that matches natural human voices.

Noah Lukeman

President & Founder, Lukeman Literary


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