Aug X Labs Partners with ElevenLabs to launch Augie Storyteller

Generative AI Video Editor Aug X Labs powers video voice overs with ElevenLabs

Aug X Labs is making it easy for anyone to tell compelling stories through video by bringing the best of generative AI to video production. Augie, their flagship video editing platform, empowers anyone to create professional looking videos no matter their experience level by automating much of the tedious work in the process. Augie Storyteller, a text prompt to video tool, enables parents to generate bedtime story videos with just a short description.

They integrated with ElevenLabs so users can automatically generate video voice overs seamlessly within their platform. Our partnership combines our voice synthesis technology with Aug X Labs' visual storytelling to offer an all in one creation tool. Users simply add a script or generate one with a prompt, pick from ElevenLabs’ diverse library of voices, and have human-like dialogue for their video in minutes.

Aug X Labs chose ElevenLabs because they found our broad library of voices offer the most lifelike, emotionally rich experience. Their users have also been delighted to find they can clone their own voice, saving them from having to head to the recording studio. The integration process was smooth, thanks to comprehensive documentation and proactive guidance from our team.

"Partnering with ElevenLabs has enabled us to expand our vision for Augie faster. By being able to include the highest-quality synthetic voices we’ve made our Augie users really happy,” said Jeremy Toeman, CEO and Founder of Aug X Labs. “Now, with the launch of Augie Storyteller, even more families can make personalized visual stories that come to life, and with ElevenLabs voices, have them sound like anything they can imagine and even some that they only dreamed of."

About Aug X Labs

Aug X Labs is at the forefront of AI-driven visual storytelling, offering tools that enable anyone to create professional videos in minutes. With a focus on authenticity and emotional connection, Aug X Labs is changing the way we share and experience stories.

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