Voice Changer: Use AI To Change Your Voice For Free

Speech To Speech: AI Voice Changer

Transform your voice into another character and control its emotion and delivery. Easily create custom AI voices for your videos, podcasts, games, and more with a single click.

Perfect Delivery, Every Time

Edit and fine-tune your voiceovers using our Voice Changer. Get consistent, clear results that keep the feel and nuance of your original message.

Emotional Range

Maintain the emotional integrity of your content with our diverse range of voice profiles.

Nuance Preservation

Ensure that every inflection, pause and modulation is captured and reproduced with high fidelity.

Consistent Quality

Achieve perfect delivery every time. Our voice changer ensures consistent quality across different types of content, ensuring your voice sounds just the way you want it, every time.

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AI Voices For Every Occasion

Choose from a wide range of AI voices in our library or create your own, personalized, voice transformation in seconds.

1000s of Premium AI Voices

We have a library of pre-made AI voices across accents and languages, with more added regularly.

Ultra Realistic AI Voices

Our human-quality AI voices can be used for any application, from gaming to audiobooks.

Create Your Own AI Voice

Change your voice, clone it, customize it or fine-tune an AI voice to match your exact specifications with our advanced artificial intelligence voice modulation controls.


AI Voice Modulation With Precision Control

Customize your cloned voice with our advanced control settings. Fine-tune your output to achieve the perfect balance of clarity and authenticity.

More variable
More stable
Clarity + Similarity Enhancement
Style Exaggeration
None (Fastest)


Choose between expressive variability or consistent stability to fit your content's tone.

Clarity + Similarity Enhancement

Optimize for clear, artifact-free voices or enhance for speaker resemblance.

Style Exaggeration

Accentuate voice styles or prioritize speed and stability.

How To Use Our AI Voice Changer

Step 1

Upload or record your audio

Upload an MP3 audio file, or record your voice directly in the platform.

How to use the AI Voice Changer - Step 1: Upload or record your audio
Step 2

Select your voice and customize settings to transform your voice

Select the voice you want to emulate and customize the settings to your liking.

How to use the AI Voice Changer - Step 2: Select your voice and customize settings to transform your voice
Step 3

Generate your AI Voice Clone

Generate speech in your selected AI voice and download it as an MP3 file.

How to use the AI Voice Changer - Step 3: Generate your AI Voice Clone

Benefits Of Using Our AI Voice Changer

ElevenLabs' Voice Changer is a game-changer used by creators, developers and businesses across the world. Here's why they love it:

Precision Punctuation

Ensures accurate delivery of your message with respect to pauses and nuances, for natural-sounding audio.

Full Customization

Advanced settings provide complete control over audio clarity, stability, and quality enhancements.

One-Click Audio Generation

Effortlessly create high-quality audio with a single click, bypassing the need for extensive recording or editing.

Voice Cloning Technology

Customize and fine-tune for digital voice altering to meet specific requirements, leveraging advanced voice cloning technology.

Discover Innovative AI Voice Changer Use Cases

Our AI Voice Changer has some of the most practical use cases. Developers, creators and businesses across the world use our AI Voice Technology in extremely clever ways. Here are some of the most popular use cases:

Create engaging content

Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or educator, you can transform your voice to create engaging voiceovers for your audience on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions About Our AI Voice Changer

What is an AI Voice Changer?

An AI voice changer is a tool that uses AI algorithms to modify and create voice outputs from given audio inputs, often producing highly realistic and customizable voices.

What are common uses for AI voice changers?

AI voice changers are versatile tools used in various fields, including gaming, for character voices, in content creation for unique narrative voices, and in marketing for diverse and engaging voiceovers. They are common on social media platforms, such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, for creating unique and engaging content.

What is the best AI voice changer software?

ElevenLabs offers the premier AI voice changer software, providing unmatched quality, naturalness, and a wide range of customization options, catering to various content creation needs.

What sets the ElevenLabs' Voice Changer apart from other voice changers?

Our Voice Changer stands out with its advanced AI model, allowing users to create highly realistic and customized spoken audio. It offers an expansive range of voice types and controls, ensuring a perfect fit for any content.

How can I convert my voice to another different voice online?

With ElevenLabs, it's simple. Upload your existing audio, select your desired voice profile, adjust settings as needed, and generate your new voice output.

How many languages and accents does the voice changer support?

The voice changer supports 29 languages, including many regional accents and dialects. We regularly update our collection with new languages and accents. For a particular accent, record audio in that accent and use it with the voice changer.

Can I customize voice profiles to suit different characters or content?

Absolutely. Our AI Voice Changer offers deep customization options, including emotional expression adjustments, enabling perfect alignment with your specific character or content needs.

What variety of voices can I create with the ElevenLabs Voice Changer?

Our Voice Changer offers an extensive library of voice profiles, enabling you to create voices that range from different age groups, genders, and emotional tones to specific regional accents.

How much does the voice changer cost? Is there a free trial?

Our voice changer is accessible with a generous free plan. Paid plans, offering full access to all the features and more characters, start from a competitive price point.