Access our advanced models with dedicated support at a price point that scales with you

Unlimited characters, voices and concurrency

Access an unlimited range of voices and simultaneous operations to scale your operations. Enhance your team's productivity and make your product more accessible without compromising on speed or quality

Built for large teams and organizations

Our platform is designed to meet the needs of big teams by streamlining project collaboration and management with unlimited user seats and helpful intra-team communication and asset sharing solutions

Enterprise Support and SLAs

Your dedicated support team and our custom Service Level Agreements ensure your operations are always running smoothly, giving you the best of both worlds: uninterrupted performance and peace of mind

Enterprise-grade security

Your data security is our priority. We're certified SOC2 and GDPR compliant, and our optional Full Privacy Mode ensures none of your content or data are retained on our servers. An end-to-end encryption further protects data sent to and from our models. We sign BAAs with HIPAA compliant configurations for qualifying enterprises

Tailored solutions to meet your needs

How our enterprise compares


Monthly character limit

Additional characters

Custom voices

(~600 mins audio)


160 Voices

Quality and formats

Audio quality

API formats

128 & 192 kbps (via Projects & API), 44.1kHz

44.1kHz PCM, uLaw

With ElevenLabs we found narration of groundbreaking quality, that matches natural human voices.

Noah Lukeman

President & Founder, Lukeman Literary

Prototyping content for our games using ElevenLabs helps us imagine more intricate and richer VO design.

Ernesto Lopez

Audio Director, Paradox Interactive

Our decision to partner with Elevenlabs was driven by unparalleled voice realism and emotional range.

Adam Turaev

CEO, Praktika.ai

With Augie Storyteller, families can create personalized visual stories that come alive using ElevenLabs voices.

Jeremy Toeman

CEO and Founder, Aug X Labs

ElevenLabs made it fun and engaging for users to converse with their AIs with voice, and has saved us time and cost from self-hosting the voice inference at our scale.

Jerry Meng

Founder & CEO, Kindroid

ElevenLabs has one of the strongest engineering teams, the product is amazing, and the pace of improvement has been really great.

Kian Hoosmand

Founder, Vocode


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