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Minutes of speech generated every month


Historical uptime performance
Exclusively for Enterprise

Scale, Support, and Performance

Enterprise customers get access to unlimited usage scale and user seats, higher priority and quality audio generations, dedicated support and performance SLAs.
Unlimited Characters, Voices, and Concurrency
Unlimited characters, volume-based discounts, more voices, and no concurrency limits. Unlock your application’s growth with ElevenLabs Enterprise.
Built for large teams and organizations
Leverage ElevenLabs across your entire company with multi-account management and Single Sign On exclusively on Enterprise plans.
Enterprise Support and SLAs
Dedicated Enterprise support and performance SLAs to ensure maximum reliability for your application.
High Priority, Low Latency
Skip the line with Enterprise rendering priority, ensuring that every request you send has the lowest possible latency, every time.



$990 annually

(~10 hours of audio)

160 Voices

$0.30 per 1000 Characters






$3300 annually

(~40 hours of audio)

660 Voices

$0.24 per 1000 Characters






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Annual plan billed monthly



Custom pricing with volume discounts




Powered by ElevenLabs Enterprise


Voice articles in seconds and entire audiobooks in minutes.
Projects API integration.
Integrate your CMS with ElevenLabs Projects API to automatically voice content as it’s published.
High Quality Output.
Produce crystal clear voice content at the highest available quality level, compliant with audiobook distributor standards.
Unlimited AudioBooks and Articles.
Voice everything from the archive to the latest publications with unlimited Projects.
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Articles Read Aloud

AI Interactive Agents

Give your interactive agents a life-like voice.
Realtime Responses and Streaming.
Consistent low latency responses under one second for any request length with Enterprise rendering priority paired with input and outputs streaming.
PCM Streaming.
High quality audio output in formats compatible with call automation.
Converse With a Global Audience.
Make your agent multi-lingual by default with support for over 28 languages.
Learn how ElevenLabs powers:
vocodepraktika ai

Interactive Agent with a Voice

Media & Entertainment

Create any voice content in any style.
Ultra High Audio Quality.
Generate content at the highest bitrate and lossless audio quality, suitable for the most technically demanding media projects.
Streamline Video Creation and Iteration.
New script? No sweat. AI powered voices let you update voiceover audio in a heartbeat - no more re-recording.
Same Voice, Bigger Audience
Every voice is compatible with all 28 supported languages allowing any speaker to reach a bigger audience while maintaining their voice and style across languages.
Learn how ElevenLabs voices:
mntn_logoaug x labssuperhifi

Storytelling with ElevenLabs


Accelerate development and create unique player experiences with AI powered voice content.

Runtime Speech Generation.

Voice in-game content dynamically with low latency (<1s) speech generation and output streaming.

Infinite Voices.

Find the perfect voice for every situation and character with ElevenLabs' VoiceLab.

Localization Included

Localize titles in a heartbeat, while perfectly maintaining the performance of the original content.
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Voiced Gaming Content

Enterprise-ready Security

Trusted Security and Data Controls

Hundreds of companies trust and use ElevenLabs services everyday thanks to top notch security controls and policies.

Compliant with the highest security and data handling standards

Full Privacy Mode

Optional Full Privacy mode that enables zero content and data retention on ElevenLabs servers. Exclusively for Enterprise.

End-To-End Encryption

Content and data sent to and from our models are always protected