Fully managed video and podcast dubbing

Expand your reach to global audiences by translating your content for foreign audiences. Let our AI and bilingual dubbing experts do the work for you.

163% increase in views

Grow your addressable audience by 4x

75% of the world does not speak English. By translating your content into Spanish, Hindi, Polish and more, you can reach global audiences. 

Of Global Population

High-quality translations in your voice that match your unique tone and timing 

Our AI voice model generates audio that sounds just like you, speaking a foreign language (It’s hard to believe until you hear it for yourself). Our expert dubbers verify that the translation is true to your message and delivered in a way that will resonate with foreign audiences.

Frequently asked questions

What content can you dub?

We can dub all types of short and long form video and audio content. We tend to avoid content where there are 10+ unique speakers or where the audio quality is poor as this makes it difficult to ensure a high-quality dub.

How long does it take to dub content?

It takes 7 days on average but we can support same day turnaround for special circumstances.

How much does it cost?

After the completion of a trial period, ElevenStudios pricing starts at $500 per month. If this is out of budget, we recommend using Automated Dubbing or Dubbing Studio. However, you are welcome to still enter your details below to register interest for future if we reduce the price.

My content is confidential as it hasn’t launched yet, how can you ensure it’s kept secret?

Our team will sign NDAs on request and will never release or share your content.

Which languages do you currently support?

We currently support Hindi, Spanish, Polish, French, Italian, German & Portuguese for fully managed dubbing. We’re continuing to onboard dubbing experts which will allow us to expand to all 29 (& counting!) languages that our AI dubbing model supports.

Other questions?

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