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For every new paid subscriber plan, you’ll earn 22% of all payments for the first 12 months — with no limits!

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10-person Creator Plan for 1-Year

10 x $22 x 12 = $2,640.

You get paid $580.80

20-person Pro for 1-Year

20 x $99 x 12 = $23,760.

You get paid $5,227.20

How it works

Step 1


Create content with your unique affiliate link on your channels. You’ll have access to promotional best practices, guides, and more.

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With our intuitive dashboard, you can easily track the resonance of your message and ElevenLabs purchases.

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You will receive 22% of all payments from referrals for the first year of the subscription.

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Creator Affiliate Program FAQ

Getting Started

How do I join the ElevenLabs Creator Affiliate Program?

It's straightforward! If you already have an ElevenLabs account simply sign in and you can access your link straight away from this page! If you don't yet have an ElevenLabs account, sign up here and return to this page to access your link.

Are there any fees associated with joining the program?

No, joining our affiliate program is completely free. There are no hidden fees or costs involved.

How much can I earn as an affiliate?

Your earning potential is unlimited! We offer a competitive 22% of commissions for the first 12 months of any paid customer you bring on, except the enterprise level. The more you promote, the more you can earn.

When and how will I get paid?

Commissions are paid through our third party partner Partnerstack. Please read more on their payment policies here. Commissions are paid after the license has been active for more than 90 days. For example, if someone you refer purchases a paid license on Feb 10th, that referral becomes 'active' on May 10th and you will be paid on the next payment period (in June). Our payment period happens between the 1st - 15th of each month.

What is the minimum payout threshold for the Creator Affiliate program?

The minimum payout threshold is $5.

How can I track my sales and commissions?

You can create, track, and promote your affiliate link by signing in to PartnerStack using the email sent to you when you generated your referral link.

Do I need to have a blog or website to join?

While having a blog or website can be beneficial, you can also promote ElevenLabs through social media, email, or any other platforms you prefer. As long as you follow the guidelines dictated in our terms of service.

Can I refer other affiliates and earn from their sales?

Our primary focus is on product sales. Currently, we do not have a multi-tiered system where you earn from other affiliates' sales. But stay tuned for any updates on this!

What happens if a customer I referred requests a refund?

As an affiliate, you'll earn regular commission from a user as long as their paid subscription remains active during the first 12 months of sign-up. However, if a user cancels their plan, your monthly commission from their subscription will stop. Additionally, if a user requests a refund, your commission related to that purchase will not be paid or will be deducted from your following commission.

Who can I contact if I have more questions or need support?

We're here to help! You can reach out to our dedicated affiliate support team at or through the contact form on our affiliate portal.

Can I earn commissions on my own purchases through my referral link?

No, affiliates are not eligible to earn commissions on their own purchases.

What is the cookie duration for my referral link?

The cookie duration is 90 days. This means if someone clicks on your referral link and makes a purchase within 90 days, you'll earn a commission for that sale.

Can I promote ElevenLabs internationally?

ElevenLabs is a global brand, and you can promote our products to audiences all over the world. However, we are only allowed to compensate commissions on sales where commissions are allowed.

Are there any products or services that aren't eligible for commission?

All our products are eligible for commission except the enterprise tier or customized deals.

How do I know if my promotional efforts are successful?

Your affiliate dashboard provides comprehensive analytics, including click-through rates, conversion rates, and total sales. Monitoring these metrics will give you insights into your promotional efforts' effectiveness.

What methods of promotion are not allowed in the affiliate program?

We do not allow spamming, misleading advertising, and any methods that violate our terms and conditions. Any promotion that could harm the reputation of ElevenLabs is also prohibited.

Can I create a website or social media profile that impersonates ElevenLabs for promotion?

No, creating a website or social media profile that may confuse visitors into thinking it's the official ElevenLabs site or profile is strictly prohibited.

Are there any types of content or platforms where I can't promote ElevenLabs?

You should avoid promoting ElevenLabs on platforms or content that is offensive, misleading, or violates any laws or community standards. This includes but is not limited to, content that promotes hate, discrimination, or illegal activities.

If I violate the promotional guidelines, what are the consequences?

Violating the promotional guidelines may result in the suspension or termination of your affiliate account and forfeiture of any earned commissions.

What is Partnerstack and how does it relate to the ElevenLabs Creator Affiliate Program?

Partnerstack is a platform dedicated to supporting partnership programs, enabling businesses to engage with affiliates, influencers, and resellers. As a member of the ElevenLabs Creator Affiliate Program, you'll use Partnerstack to monitor your earnings and analyze your performance metrics. Joining Partnerstack is a requisite for getting paid in this program. The platform offers an array of tools for tracking, management, and optimization of partnership-driven growth. It ensures smooth integration for affiliates and hassle-free commission disbursements. Numerous companies rely on Partnerstack to nurture and expand their partner ecosystems.

Resources and Best Practices

How do I promote ElevenLabs effectively?

You can promote ElevenLabs through a variety of channels, including your blog, social media platforms, YouTube channel, or even word of mouth. We provide promotional materials to help you here. Tailoring your message to your audience and sharing genuine experiences often yields the best results.

Are there any promotional materials provided?

Yes, we provide a range of marketing materials such as banners, product images, and sample posts to make your promotion easier and more effective. You are able to view these resources on your PartnerStack dashboard. You can also access logos of ElevenLabs here.

How should I go about tagging ElevenLabs on social media?

Thanks for the love! Here is our linktree which has a list of all our handles, including, X, Instagram, Youtube, and Discord.

What are some guiding principles for promotion?

Here are three principles to remember as you consider ways to promote your affiliate link for ElevenLabs:

Maintain Authenticity: We've chosen you for this initiative because we recognize the synergy between you, your audience, and the ethos of ElevenLabs. Upholding authenticity in your promotions will resonate with your audience and bolster the image of ElevenLabs.

Tailor to Your Audience: You have the best understanding of your audience's preferences. Harness this knowledge! If your followers consist largely of tech enthusiasts, demonstrate the cutting-edge features of ElevenLabs. If they're audiophiles or professionals in the sound industry, showcase how ElevenLabs can revolutionize their audio experience. Ensure you're providing them with valuable insights tailored to their interests.

Maximize Exposure: Success in this endeavor hinges on extensive reach. Disseminate your link across as many platforms as possible. Whether it's websites, social media, or video channels, diversifying your promotion avenues will help capture a wider audience spectrum.