upgrades AI tutors with ElevenLabs TTS

Language coaching app powers AI English tutors with ElevenLabs TTS, an AI powered language tutor, helps people around the world learn English through 1-1 coaching. They use ElevenLabs TTS to power the voices for their AI tutors.

After integrating with ElevenLabs TTS, they saw a 15% increase in the average user session length. Moreover, they saw a noticeable uptick in positive reviews mentioning the quality of the new voices. Best of all, their social posts featuring the upgraded voices went viral and vaulted them into the top 10 language apps in the world.

Looking ahead, we’re excited for continued partnership with as they empower people to overcome language barriers.

Adam Turaev, the CEO, said this about the partnership:

"Our decision to partner with Elevenlabs was driven by unparalleled voice realism and emotional range. The technology not only provides high-quality, natural-sounding voices but also aligns perfectly with our aim to offer a deeply immersive learning experience and better simulate human tutorship experience for those who can't afford it. The unique emotional inflection capabilities of Elevenlabs' voices have enabled our avatars to connect more effectively with users, giving us one of the key differentiators in the crowded language learning space."

About is a cutting-edge language learning app that uses AI avatars for personalized English practice. It offers interactive conversations, instant feedback, and over 1000 lessons for comprehensive learning. Available on Android and iOS, it's tailored for students, professionals, and anyone looking to improve their English skills effectively.

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