How to Use ElevenLabs' Voice Changer

Learn how to use ElevenLabs' innovative Voice Changer feature with this step-by-step guide.

Looking to alter your voice with precision and ease using ElevenLabs' Voice Changer? You've come to the right place.

By following the step-by-step instructions outlined below, you'll be able to navigate the tool with no problems and make the most of its advanced AI features. So, let's dive in and explain how to use ElevenLabs' Voice Changer.

P.S. We strongly recommend you sign up for ElevenLabs' Voice Changer before continuing so you can follow along using your own account.

A Step-by-Step Guide:

Here’s a step-by-step guide to kickstarting your journey with ElevenLabs' Voice Changer.

1. Sign Up

Joining the ElevenLabs community is simple. Start by heading over to their official website and selecting the ‘Sign Up’ option. If you want to make this as easy as possible, you can sign up using your Google account.

Alternatively, you can manually enter your information and agree to ElevenLabs' terms of service and privacy policy. Once you're registered, you can explore all the features ElevenLabs offers.

Note: You don't even need to sign up to experience ElevenLabs' voice changing capabilities—just use the basic version on its Voice Changer page. However, by creating an account, you can access the tool's full range of capabilities.

2. Get Started

Once you've signed up, you'll then see the Voice Changer homepage below. Select 'Speech to Speech' and pick which settings to use (i.e. which ElevenLabs model).

3. Choose Your Voice

One of the most exciting features of ElevenLabs’ AI voice generator is its extensive voice library. Check it out to browse through their entire list of voices.

Once you've found a synthetic voice you like, head back to the speech synthesis page and select it from the dropdown menu.

4. Or, Add Your Own

Alternatively, you can add a new voice by clicking the 'Add Voice' button next to the dropdown menu.

This will take you to the VoiceLab, where you can add a Generative or Cloned Voice.

Clicking on the button will reveal four options: Voice Design, Instant Voice Cloning, Voice Library, and Professional Voice Cloning. Instant Voice Cloning and Professional Voice Cloning are only available for paid subscribers.

If you're on a free plan and want to create a voice, then click 'Voice Design' and customize the voice as you wish. Choose the gender, age, accent, accent strength, and what you want the voice to say.

Here's an example we created:

5. Customize the Voice Settings

Having chosen your voice or uploaded your own, it's now time to customize the settings. Here's how they work:

  • Stability: The stability slider, which goes from more variable (i.e. expressive) to more stable (i.e. less expressive), helps get the right balance and range of emotions.
  • Clarity + Similarity: Clarity refers to how clear you want the audio to be, whereas similarity dictates how closely ElevenLabs should mimic the audio you give it. For example, if you choose high similarity and have plenty of background noise in the audio sample, then the model might unintentionally try to replicate this background noise too.
  • Style Exaggeration: This amplifies the speaker's style. We generally recommend keeping this at 0, but feel free to play around with it until you find the right setting for you.

6. Record the Audio

After choosing your voice, it’s time to give it a try. Start by preparing to capture audio within ElevenLabs. Click on the 'Record Audio' button in the software interface and then on the microphone icon to initiate the recording process.

End your recording by clicking the stop icon. Then, hit the 'Generate' button to create your cloned voice. the What you’re left with is high-quality audio ready for voice-changing.

Here is an example we created.

Original recording:



7. Modify or Download

After generating the new voice, you can adjust the audio using the Speech to Speech feature. This helps keep your original feelings and way of speaking in the voice, giving you top-notch audio that really reflects your own voice style. If you're happy with the result and are ready to use the recording, hit 'Download' in the side bar on the right.

Top Tips When Using ElevenLabs’ Voice Changer

Harnessing the power of ElevenLabs' Voice Changer can revolutionize your audio projects, from podcasts to voiceovers. This section offers crucial tips to ensure you maximize the tool's capabilities, creating audio files that stand out for their clarity, realism, and engagement.

Whether you're aiming to fine-tune a personal project or enhance professional content, these tips will guide you to achieve the best results with ElevenLabs’ advanced voice changing AI model.

Choose the Right Voice for Your Project

Consider the context and audience of your project when selecting a voice. ElevenLabs offers a wide range of voices, allowing you to match the perfect tone, accent, and emotion to your content. For distinct characters in storytelling or varied speakers in educational materials, carefully selecting the right voice can significantly impact the listener's engagement and understanding.

Fine-Tune Voice Settings for Optimal Clarity

Leverage the tool's customization features to fine-tune your chosen voice. Adjust the clarity, stability, and similarity settings to match your original voice or achieve the desired sound. These key features give you full control over the audio output, ensuring high-quality results that meet your specific needs.

Incorporate Original Voices for Authenticity

For projects requiring a personal touch, consider using the AI voice clone feature. This allows you to upload audio files of a person's voice and generate speech that maintains the original's nuances. It's especially useful for creating content that needs to resonate on a personal level or when you're aiming to preserve the speaker's unique sound.

Regularly Update and Experiment

Stay updated with ElevenLabs’ latest features and regularly experiment with new voices and settings. The platform continually evolves, introducing new capabilities and enhancements that can elevate your audio content. Regular experimentation allows you to discover new possibilities and refine your projects to perfection.

By following these tips and utilizing ElevenLabs' Voice Changer to its fullest, you're well on your way to producing standout audio content. Whether it's breathing life into characters, creating distinct podcast voices, or delivering information in engaging ways, these strategies ensure your projects benefit from the cutting-edge advancements in voice synthesis and artificial intelligence.


In the world of digital communication, ElevenLabs' Voice Changer stands out as an innovative tool that holds the potential to redefine how we interact with voice. With its vast spectrum of features, including advanced voice settings, extensive customization options, and a user-friendly interface, ElevenLabs is not just a voice changer—it’s a game-changer.


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