Generative AI Video Editor MNTN VIVA helps marketers generate dynamic adverts with ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs text-to-speech technology is integrated into the new MNTN VIVA platform that offers marketers the ability to streamline audio content.

MNTN’s ad software brings simplicity and performance to Connected TV advertising. Their Performance TV platform makes running TV ads simple and helps brands drive measurable conversions, revenue, site visits and more.

However, creating and measuring TV campaigns has traditionally been a long process that is expensive and time-consuming. This has prevented a large segment of brands that are focused on targeted markets and audiences from advertising on television. Furthermore, TV campaigns have suffered from a lack of personalisation to appeal to specific audiences. MNTN is solving these challenges with both their technology to be able to deliver solutions for different advertisers. In this sense, 66% of MNTN’s customers are first-time TV advertisers.

In a disruptive move that continues the mission of simplifying TV advertising, MNTN and ElevenLabs partnered to make audio content generation faster, cheaper and personalised. ElevenLabs text-to-speech technology is integrated into the new MNTN VIVA platform that offers marketers the ability to streamline audio content.

ElevenLabs’ cutting-edge technology offers a set of benefits to both MNTN and brands:

  • Hyper-personalised & Targeted Content: Engaging audiences and converting them is key to any brand. Conversion rates over the years have suffered due to generic content that doesn’t appeal to audiences. With ElevenLabs, campaigns are able to use the vast wealth of campaign data MNTN provides to generate hyper-personalised audio content at scale.
  • Generative Tools for Brands: Brands have traditionally relied on agencies to develop and manage campaigns. They will be the full end-to-end owners of a campaign with the MNTN VIVA platform and instantly hear how content sounds & performs.
  • Efficient and Effective Process: Editing a copy and re-recording is time-consuming and requires days or weeks. Marketers will be able to test content in seconds and generate endless variations that adapt to different demographics and geographies.
  • Cost Reduction: Medium and small brands struggle with the cost associated with running a TV campaign. ElevenLabs’ voice technology allows all types of brands to benefit from the latest innovations, reach their audiences at scale, and start competing at the same level as larger brands with bigger budgets.

Oliver Embry, Director of Product Innovation at MNTN, gave some additional insights:

“Creative is one of the greatest barriers to enabling brands to be always-on with their Connected TV advertising. ElevenLabs generative voiceover tool allows us to fast track the ad creative process by giving customers the ability to generate studio-quality voiceover in a matter of seconds.”

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