ElevenLabs Grants

Build human-like voices into your new product or startup with an ElevenLabs Grant. Recipients are awarded free usage plans in order to help build, launch and scale their innovative products and ideas.

to build, test, and launch your product with Elevenlabs voices.
3 Months Free
included per month. That's over 200 hours of generated audio.
11,000,000 characters
level benefits including high scale capacity and early access to new features.
So go ahead and build that
We'll give it a voice.

How to Apply

Submit an application

Head the ElevenLabs Grants application using the button above. In our short application, tell us more about the product you're building, your team, how you expect to grow.

Notification of Acceptance

We'll let you know if your application is accepted within eight weeks of submission.

Start Building

Once your grant is awarded, we'll apply the grant plan and credits to the account you applied with!

Eligibility Requirements

Monetized Product Use Case
The goal of the ElevenLabs Grants is to help new and nascent products and business models powered by AI voices take off without too much start up cost. As such, only applications with a business or monetization strategy should apply. Only applications with valid business emails will be considered.
No Short Term or One-off Projects
Grants will only be awarded to companies seeking to build products they intend to take to market for the long term. One-off projects and campaigns will not be considered.
Startups and Small Companies Only
Whether you're a team of ten or a solo builder, we'd love to hear from you! That said, this program is designed for early stage companies so we'd like to cap the size of eligible company to no more than 25 full time employees.
One Application Per Company
Each company can only submit one application. If you have multiple companies (rock on!) you can submit one application for each company. Existing enterprise customers are not eligible for grants.

ElevenLabs Grants FAQ

What are ElevenLabs Grants?

ElevenLabs' mission is to make on-demand multilingual audio support a reality and we are committed to helping entrepreneurs and companies get projects off the ground. We have developed a Grants program to help companies bring voice to their projects. Grants offer 11M text characters of content per month for the first 3 months to promising and innovative projects and teams. After the grant ends, recipients can either convert their grant plans to an enterprise plan at a significant discount, switch to any of our standard plans, or cancel their plan.

What are the eligibility requirements for Grants?

A wide variety of companies, from solo-preneurs to startups can benefit as long as they have a product or project that needs human-like AI voices. During the application, you will be requested toprovide information about your product and business. The Grants can only be requested once and throughout 12 months you need to display "ElevenLabs Grants logo at the bottom of your website. We are particularly interested in products that allow a wider part of the society to benefit from realistic AI voices regardless if it is a consumer application or a b2b product. At ElevenLabs, we are explorers of the unknown; we encourage our Grant partners to similarly push the boundaries of their fields. Lastly, we see this as the beginning of a deeper partnership, so short term and one-off projects are not eligible.

What are the specific requirements to qualify for the Grants?

The ElevenLabs Grants program is open to all startups or companies with less than 25 employees at the time of receiving the Grant. Applicants will need to provide a business email to complete the application and to activate the Grant. Companies are only eligible to apply once for a Grant. If awarded a Grant, the company must agree to display “ElevenLabs Grants” logo at the bottom of their website. Existing enterprise customers are not eligible to apply for Grants.

What happens after the three month duration of my grant?

Ideally after three months you'll be launching a product that goes to the moon! After your grant period is over, your plan will automatically convert to an enterprise at a significantly discounted cost of $1100 per month. You can also reach out to a team member anytime to help figure out a long term plan for your successful new product. However, not all projects go as planned so if after three months, your product doesn't take off, you'll have full flexibility to cancel your plan or continue on one of our standard plans.

How do I apply for the Grants?

You can apply by clicking the “Apply Now” button above or by going to our Grant Application Page: https://elevenlabs.io/grants-application. Only one application per company is allowed.

Is there any specific deadline to apply?

The Grants program is open for the next 6 months but applications are on a rolling basis. We will communicate award decisions to applicants within 8 weeks from submission.

What happens if I get a Grant?

We'll notify you of the outcome via email within 8 weeks of your application. If you're awarded a Grant, the 3 month Grant plan will immediately start on the email address you provided during the application process. You can start to use your Grant plan immediately upon award.

Are the Grants limited to specific geographies?

Nope, we live in a global society and products & projects should have global impact regardless of the language or location of the teams behind it.

Can I organize a call to discuss my product or project?

Unfortunately we can't organize calls with every applicant but we guarantee that your application will be looked at carefully. Someone on the team may reach out to you if we have additional questions about your application.

Do you sign NDAs before an application is submitted?

Sorry, we are not able to sign NDAs for Grant applications.

What happens if I need more text characters?

If you use all your 11M monthly text characters, you will be billed $0.180 per 1k text characters of extra usage (the same rate as our Scale plan).

Are unused text characters rolled over to the next month?

No, text characters expire at the end of each monthly cycle.

Can I upgrade to another plan if I use more content than the Grant includes?

Yep, if your product takes off earlier than expected (congrats!) just let us know and we can work on a longer term plan for your newly launched product.

Why do you offer text character grants instead of cash grants?

We want to foster innovation and content accessibility through the use our speech technology and this is the best way that we can invest in promising new applications.

Can I exchange or resell my text characters for cash?

You cannot exchange or resell your text characters. Reselling your text characters would be a violation of the ElevenLabs Grant program conditions and your grant plan will be terminated immediately.