Text to Speech in 29 Languages & Various Accents

Global Speech Synthesis

Elevate your content to a worldwide audience with advanced multilingual AI technology. ElevenLabs ensures your voice resonates globally.

Bridging the Language Divide

Unveil the many benefits of integrating multilingual capabilities into your content delivery.

Global Reach.

Seamlessly communicate with audiences worldwide.

Enhanced Engagement.

Serve content in a listener's native language, fostering deeper connections.

Flexibility in Content Creation.

Produce multilingual audio materials on-the-fly, without compromising on speed or quality.

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Frequently asked questions

What sets ElevenLabs' Multilingual text to speech (TTS) apart from conventional TTS services?

Eleven Multilingual is not just another text to speech solution. We've integrated advanced AI and deep learning models to produce speech that's not only clear but emotionally resonant. Beyond mere translation, our service captures linguistic nuances, regional accents, and cultural undertones. This ensures your content doesn't just translate—it truly communicates, resonating with audiences from diverse backgrounds.

Can our TTS handle mixed-language content?

Absolutely! Our multilingual model can seamlessly switch between languages even inside a single prompt. Though, for the finest results, we recommend maintaining language consistency or distinctly segmenting each language section.

Does Professional Voice Cloning work with Eleven Multilingual?

Yes, Professional Voice Cloning seamlessly integrates with our Multilingual TTS model. Once you've created a digital replica of your voice, that voice can articulate content in all languages supported by our model. The beauty of this integration is that your voice retains its unique characteristics and accent, effectively letting you 'speak' languages you might not know, all while sounding just like you.

With Professional Voice Cloning, will my cloned voice in a new language have the same emotional range and expressivity as in my native language?

Absolutely! Our Voice Cloning technology doesn't just replicate your tone; it captures the nuances and emotional depth of your voice. When paired with Eleven Multilingual, it transfers these characteristics to the new language. This means your cloned voice will express joy, sorrow, excitement, or any other emotion with the same authenticity in any supported language.

How does ElevenLabs ensure the ethical use of voice cloning, especially when the cloned voice speaks multiple languages

Ethics are at the core of our services. Firstly, we only clone voices with the explicit consent of the individual and we have robust security measures in place to ensure each user can only professionally clone their own voice. We further ensure that only the authorized user can access and utilize this cloned voice.