Bill Weihl continues to fight for climate policy progress while battling ALS

Hear the inspiring speech he delivered at GreenBiz 24 with ElevenLabs

Bill Weihl

At this year’s GreenBiz conference, an annual event for corporate sustainability professionals to discuss hands-on initiatives to fight climate change, there was one speech that stood out from the rest.

Bill Weihl, founder of ClimateVoice and a long time corporate sustainability leader, highlighted the impact that vocal employees within companies have on climate policy, by speaking up so companies step up. Corporations can play a vital role through their actions and their influence on shaping public policy, but the majority are failing to hit their climate goals and are silent on policy. To change this, Bill joined with other sustainability leaders to launch the LEAD statement, already signed by hundreds of sustainability professionals, to raise their voice for policy action. 

Bill, who lost his own voice to ALS, delivered his powerful speech using ElevenLabs. Bill and his colleague Sharon created an Instant Voice Clone using samples from speeches he gave in the past. Surprised and pleased by how much the Instant Voice Clone resembled his real voice, they gathered and cleaned up 3 hours of audio to create a Professional Voice Clone that sounds just like him. 

While Bill is not one to brag about his own impact, his ClimateVoice team shared that Bill’s speech brought an in-person audience of thousands (and a much larger digital audience) initially to tears and ultimately to a standing ovation. Watch a recording of Bill’s speech here:

To learn more about how you can join Bill and the ClimateVoice team in their fight for climate policy progress, check out their website.

We’re eager to find more ways we can use our technology to support others with accessibility needs. If you, or someone you know, is currently battling ALS and can benefit from our technology, get in touch with us via this form.

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