Create YouTube Videos Using AI Voices & Text to Speech in 2024

This article is your ultimate guide to creating YouTube videos using AI text to speech software. Here, we'll delve into the benefits of going faceless online, plus the best tools you need to generate quality output.

The best YouTubers have an expensive camera set-up, a niche subject they can discuss at length, and years of experience in front of a camera. If you're just starting your YouTube career, it can be massively daunting to get started.

What if there were a much easier way to create videos on YouTube without the hassle of recording yourself presenting? Surely, there must be a faster, easier way to generate content using AI voice technology.

Now, with new AI tools like ChatGPT, Character.AI, ElevenLabs, and Midjourney, it's never been easier or faster to generate outstanding content without showing your face. These tools automate one part of the YouTube creation process, rapidly providing professional-level content in just a few clicks.

Then, it's easy to combine all this data from these tools, generating text-to-speech videos that use natural-sounding voices to present information and generate views. The best thing? These TTS videos can even be monetized, earning you an easy passive monthly income if you can get enough views.

So, how can you get started creating a 'faceless' YouTube channel using AI voices? What tools do you need, and how can you monetize your channel?

This article is your ultimate guide to creating YouTube videos using AI speech software. Here, we'll delve into the benefits of going faceless online, plus the best tools you need to generate quality output. Then, we'll look at a five-step process to convert text to natural-sounding speech using AI and how you can optimize your content for monetization.

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Can I Really Earn Money From a 'Faceless' YouTube Channel?

We hear what you're thinking: Is it really possible to earn money from YouTube videos generated using AI tools?

Well, yes! It is. And it's not that new, either.

There's no need to hire an expensive voice actor and no need to spend time in front of a camera. There's not even a need for the painstaking editing process. For Noah, his faceless YouTube videos generate incredible amounts of passive income with minimal hours spent on actually generating the content.

Noah's key recommendations are to find a niche that interests people, spend time on an incredible script that connects with your target audience, and use quality speech voices that sound human.

What Text-To-Speech Tools Do I Need to Create YouTube Videos?

Before we delve into how to create a natural-sounding voiceover for your next YouTube creation, let's look at the best tools on the market for YouTubers looking to generate video content using AI tools.

When it comes to AI voice technology, there can only be one: ElevenLabs.

ElevenLabs is the best text-to-speech voice generation software available online. With incredibly realistic voice quality and a vast range of natural-sounding voices available for your project, ElevenLabs is unbeatable in terms of standard.

As well as an exciting range of voices, you can also clone your voice and use text-to-speech technology from ElevenLabs to generate crisp audio from a short recording of your speaking. This way, you can add a touch of your own personality to your videos, even if they've been created by AI.

Finally, ElevenLabs offers dubbing translation and voice overs in multiple languages. You can easily bump up engagement and views on your YouTube channel by remaking your videos for a global audience, including dubbing in different languages and adding AI-generated subtitles.

It's free to start with ElevenLabs, and with paid plans starting from just 5$ a month, ElevenLabs is the most cost-effective text-to-speech software available online. Create your account here.

As for video editing tools, our team loves using Descript or CapCut. Their free version is great for performing all you need in video editing, including overlaying voice overs and handling many audio files to make your final creation. These video editing software options can also generate YouTube text subtitles using your text-to-speech script, making your content accessible to a diverse audience.

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5-Steps to Outstanding YouTube Voiceovers

Okay, so enough about the context. By now, you'll be raring to go, ready to create your very own faceless YouTube videos using the power of AI.

But where exactly do you even start? In this section, we'll discuss the five steps of generating high-quality audio for your next YouTube video using ElevenLabs.

Step 1: Access Voice Design

Start the whole process by generating a comprehensive script. Remember - your script is the most critical part of your video's audio, so getting this right is important. For this stage, you can either use an AI tool like ChatGPT, or (for more professional or nuanced content) hire an expert script-writer using Fiverr with experience in your niche.

Once you've got your script, it's time to start generating high-quality voiceovers. Begin by navigating the ElevenLabs website and heading to the Voice Lab section. You'll find the tools you need to create a custom voiceover here. Look for the "Add Voice" option, then select "Voice Design" from the menu to begin the process.

Step 2: Customize Your Voice

Now, it's time to unleash your creativity.

With VoiceLab, you can dictate precisely what your natural-sounding voice-over sounds like. You can create an imaginary personality based on your target audience, choose from the range of standard TTS voices in the ElevenLabs library, or use the voice cloning functionality to clone your own voice.

Once you've developed your character, play with the accent settings to give your voiceover a particular regional nuance or international flavor. There are infinite combinations in the ElevenLabs pronunciation library, so get creative.

Remember, you only have to do this step once if you want to reuse the same voice in every YouTube video. Once you've created your voice, the ElevenLabs program will store your voice for next time. Then, when you're ready to make your next video, you can generate your voiceover in just a few clicks.

Step 3: Generate and Preview

After selecting your preferred identity settings, it's time to bring your voice to life.

On ElevenLabs, click "Generate." In moments, Voice Design will create a unique voiceover tailored to your specifications. Preview the result and see if it matches your expectations and the tone of your YouTube video.

Step 4: Fine-Tune Your Creation

Happy with your results? Skip this step!

But if you're not entirely satisfied or looking for more character in your voice, don't panic. Voice Design allows for easy adjustments in the program itself.

You might want to increase the accent strength, choose an alternative voice, or make any other subtle tweaks to perfect the voiceover and make it sound natural. Perhaps you're imagining a more serious tone or looking for a more lighthearted feel.

Whatever it is, make the necessary changes, hit "Generate" again, and preview the new result. You can repeat this step as many times as necessary before you get exactly the voice you want.

Benefits of Using AI Voice Overs

Using AI tools to generate digital and textual content is a fantastic way to cut costs and save time while generating excellent output.

Let's explore some benefits of generating audio for your next YouTube video using ElevenLabs.

Using Text-to-Speech Technology is Fast

Firstly, ElevenLabs is rapid speech software. It can generate professional-level speech for YouTube in minutes, and to begin, you only need a text-based script.

While traditional human voice-over artists will need time to prepare, record, and re-record their output depending on your feedback, ElevenLabs can generate a single audio file with a consistent tone in just a few clicks.

Seriously, you need less than five minutes with this software to finish your YouTube audio content, and humans just cannot compete.

AI Tools are Much Cheaper than Human Voice Overs

Not only is ElevenLabs rapid, it's also very affordable.

Save your money on that expensive mic, and don't bother paying hourly rates for those human voice over artists. With ElevenLabs, you can create videos with different voices and in different languages at a fraction of the cost.

The monthly subscription starts from just $5/ month. At this level, you can generate artificial speech with an allowance that renews every month. ElevenLabs' powerful speech engine generates text-to-speech at the touch of a button, offering subscribers exclusive other features.

Get a Professional Level Audio File in Minutes

Above all this, the quality of ElevenLabs speech software is unmatched.

Whether you're looking for female voices who can speak multiple languages, a text-to-speech voice with your regional accent, or a speech converter to change your voice into the spoken words of your favorite character, ElevenLabs has it all.

Plus, every audio file is perfect, with no annoying background noise and no need for long hours spent editing audio. Even without a fancy audio studio setup, you can generate pristine audio content with crisp voice quality indistinguishable from the real thing.

All these factors mean that generating AI audio content using text-to-speech technology like ElevenLabs is a viable, and even preferable, alternative to recording your own voice overs.

Best Practises to Get Your AI YouTube Channel Monetized

Now you've done all the work, how can you monetize your YouTube videos on your channel?

Monetization on YouTube videos doesn't require a specific number of videos or shorts uploaded. Instead, YouTube's monetization policy in 2024 requires that content creators have at least 1,000 subscribers to their channel and at least 4,000 hours of video watch time in the past 12 months.

Those are some serious numbers, yet you can generate that response from just a single video that goes down well. So, what are some top tips for monetizing your text-to-speech generated YouTube videos?

Firstly, make sure that your content discusses a theme that resonates with a wider audience. This will attract viewers and boost subscribers. Ensure your content speaks directly to your target market by using custom voices that suit your demographic. Then, make sure your script is great quality, not just regurgitated content that other videos use.

Next, it's critical that the voice generation tool you use creates top-quality, human-like voices. No one likes to think of themselves as watching an automated video. The best-performing YouTubers build a personal connection with their audience. While this is slightly harder to do with AI voice generation, it's not impossible, and top quality should always be your number one aim.

Finally, make sure your content follows YouTube guidelines. This means that content for children is appropriately signaled and that your videos do not discuss controversial topics or banned subjects.

Don't forget there are many other ways to make money through building an audience on YouTube, including via brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships. Your videos don't need to be monetized through YouTube's partner program to make a return on their investment.

Final Thoughts

It's an exciting time to be an online content creator, as AI tools, such as text-to-speech software and voice cloning generation, make creating video content easier than ever before. From experimenting with different languages to cloning your voice into different accents and genders, voice software like ElevenLabs makes it cheap, quick, and easy to play with audio in radically new ways.

However, it's important to remember that not all AI tools are created equal. Poor-quality video content will never perform as well as higher-quality counterparts, so creators must choose their tools wisely.

With ElevenLabs, professional-level voiceover content can be generated in a few clicks, taking the stress out of recording and re-recording audio for the perfect sound. This means new content creators can rapidly develop new videos, increasing their chances of monetization and improving their income potential.

Join ElevenLabs now and start generating voices for free today.

AI-Generated YouTube Videos FAQs

Can AI create YouTube videos?

In 2024, AI is streamlining the video creation process. While there is not yet a tool to generate an entire YouTube video using AI, content creators can use different tools, such as ElevenLabs for audio content and Midjourney for visual elements, to create YouTube videos in just a few clicks.

Whether you need to create sales videos, marketing materials, YouTube videos, or even podcast material, AI tools like ElevenLabs can help.

What YouTube content creators use AI to generate videos?

Hundreds, if not thousands, of YouTubers use AI speech solutions and visual tools to help them generate videos. These include HowToBasic, CrashCourse, Screen Junkies, and more.

Can ElevenLabs generate male and female voices?

Absolutely! ElevenLabs can generate unlimited voices, including both male and female voices, different languages, custom voices, and even regional dialects.

Does YouTube monetize AI-generated videos?

Yes! There are many reasons why a YouTube channel may be demonetized, but using AI tools is not one of them. Many of the highest-earning YouTubers regularly use AI voices or dubbing software to reach a broader audience and reduce the editing time needed for each video.

What AI text-to-speech app should you use to get monetized?

The best AI voice generator tool to use to get your YouTube channel monetized is ElevenLabs. This is because this TTS software uses advanced speech synthesis software to create unbelievably accurate, human-like voices.

For the best YouTube content creators, only the highest quality will do. ElevenLabs's premium speech generator is the favored software of many leading 'faceless' video creators.

Can I use an AI audio file on my YouTube videos?

It's certainly possible to use AI voices or audio files on your YouTube videos.

The key to using AI successfully on YouTube is to find a voice generator that creates AI voices that sound like real human voices. This will help your viewers stay engaged and increase the watch time of your videos.

What is text-to-speech for YouTube video?

Text-to-speech technology for YouTube videos is when the creator of a video writes a script and then transforms this written text-to-speech content using AI voice generators.

This helps content creators generate professional-level audio files without the need for expensive audio equipment or time-consuming recording processes.

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