Generative Voice AI

Clone your voice or create entirely new synthetic voices using the most advanced Generative AI technology ever.
Bring fictional characters to lifeIncredible content

Create countless high-quality, lifelike AI characters instantly. New characters stats

True voice actingComplete immersion

Fine-tune pronunciation for maximum production value. AI Voices for Videos stats

Ultimate entertainmentStories with Emotions

Generate speech in a wide range of emotions and styles. Real emotions stats

Create new voices from scratch

Instantly design new and unique custom voices by selecting their characteristics
Our AI generates speech based on the wider context of the text, producing a more realistic and natural sounding voice.
Quick and easy.
Design a custom voice that best suits your use case.
Exclusive and unique.
Only you can access the voices you create.
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Clone your own voice

Clone your voice instantly from just a minute of audio - no model training needed.
Multiple languages.
Clone your voice from a recording in one language and use it to generate speech in another.
Cheap Voice Cloner.
Upload short recordings to produce a digital copy of your voice within seconds.
Available now.
Clone your voice today or join our waiting list for early access to our high-fidelity voice model.
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Your creative AI toolkit.

Design entirely unique synthetic voices or clone your own voice.
Voice Design
Custom voice creation with gender, age, and accent options.
  • No training data needed
  • Available now
  • Instant
  • Avaliable on all plans
Instant Voice Cloner
Clone your voice with only a few minutes of audio.
  • >1 minute of audio needed
  • Instant
  • Available now
  • High quality clone
Professional Voice Cloning
Professional-grade cloning of your own voice that is indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • Supports all available languages
  • >30 minutes of audio needed
  • Perfectly clones any accent and voice type
  • Available after monthly fine-tuning
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