Text to Speech for Accessibility

Empowering Accessible Communication with AI Voices

ElevenLabs' Text to Speech technology enhances accessibility, allowing users with visual and reading impairments to experience the digital world in its full vibrancy.

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Overcoming Accessibility Challenges in the Digital Age

Making digital content universally accessible is essential yet challenging.

Visual Impairments

Individuals with visual impairments often struggle to access text-based content.

Reading Difficulties

Dyslexia and other reading disorders can hinder the ability to engage with text.

Language Barriers

Non-native speakers may find it difficult to understand text content in unfamiliar languages.

Text to Speech: A Pathway to Inclusive Communication

Leverage ElevenLabs' AI-powered voices to make digital content accessible and engaging for all audiences.
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Breaking Language Barriers

Offer your content in multiple languages, broadening your reach and ensuring inclusivity.

Bridging the Gap

Our technology transforms text into speech, enabling easy content consumption for those with visual impairments or reading difficulties.

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Inclusive Voices for Every Need

Inclusive Voices for Every Need

Our diverse voice library ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can access and enjoy digital content.

Wide Range of Accents

Cater to a global audience with a variety of accents, making content relatable and understandable.

Crystal Clear Audio

High-quality, lifelike voices ensure clarity and ease of understanding.

Multilingual Support

Offer content in numerous languages, embracing a worldwide audience.

Easy Integration, Universal Access

Our seamless integration process means you can quickly incorporate text to speech capabilities into your platforms, ensuring content is accessible to all.

Simple API

Integrate our text to speech technology effortlessly into your existing systems.

Cloud-Based Service

Access our services from anywhere, ensuring consistent quality across platforms.

Secure and Private

We prioritize user privacy, ensuring all data is handled securely.

Generate relaxing ASMR whispering.
Enliven your content with energetic voices.
Generate lifelike spoken audio for your videos.

Empower Your Content with Multilingual Text to Speech

Our AI voices are available in multiple languages, breaking down barriers and creating an inclusive digital environment.

Worldwide Accessibility

Enable users from different linguistic backgrounds to access content in their preferred language.

Cultural Inclusivity

Respect cultural differences by offering localized voice options.

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Elevate Accessibility Across All Platforms

Our technology caters to a diverse range of users and industries, ensuring that everyone has equal access to digital content.


Create accessible learning materials that cater to students with different needs.

Website Owners

Make your website accessible to a broader audience with text to speech features.

App Developers

Incorporate inclusive design in apps, enhancing usability for users with impairments.

Championing accessibility with leading organizations


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Implementing Text to Speech for Enhanced Accessibility

Follow these simple steps to integrate our text to speech technology into your platform and make your content accessible to all.

Sign Up for ElevenLabs

Register on our website to access our text to speech services.


Choose Your Voice

Select from a range of voices that best suit your content and audience.


Integrate with Our API

Use our API to easily incorporate text to speech into your platform.


Launch and Monitor

Deploy the feature on your platform and monitor its performance for optimal user experience.

For us, quality always comes first. Despite the clear benefits of digital narration, we were not willing to embrace the new technology until a company came along with a narration of groundbreaking quality, one that could match a natural human voice. In 11Labs’ new product, we have found this quality. It is astonishing, and something to be celebrated.
Noah Lukeman
President & Founder of Lukeman Literary

Frequently asked questions

How does text to speech enhance accessibility?

Text to speech technology transforms written content into spoken words, making it accessible to those with visual impairments or reading difficulties.

Can I customize the voice for specific needs?

Yes, our platform offers a range of customization options to tailor the voice to your specific requirements.

Is ElevenLabs' text to speech technology easy to integrate?

Absolutely, our API is designed for easy integration, enabling you to add text to speech functionality to your platform swiftly.

Can I use text to speech for free?

Yes, a free ElevenLabs account allows for basic AI narration. For extended features, check our subscription plans at https://elevenlabs.io/pricing. Share your creations to earn additional characters.

How much does it cost to use text to speech?

Start with a free ElevenLabs account and choose from various subscription plans tailored to your narration needs. Visit https://elevenlabs.io/pricing for more details.

Can I use text to speech for localization?

Yes, our text to speech technology supports voiceovers in multiple languages, allowing you to localize your content for a global audience.

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