Localize content across 29 languages with AI dubbing

Translate audio and video while preserving the emotion, timing, tone and unique characteristics of each speaker

A screenshot of a video dubbed by Elevenlabs
A screenshot of a video dubbed by Elevenlabs
A screenshot of a video dubbed by Elevenlabs
A screenshot of the ElevenLabs Dubbing UI

AI dubbing with original voices

Our dubbing tool maintains the original speaker’s voice and style across all supported languages, ensuring your content remains emotionally and audibly authentic to audiences worldwide

Instantly dub from any source

Upload or link your videos from any platform, be it YouTube, X/Twitter, TikTok, Vimeo, or a URL, and start translating videos immediately, no matter where your content lives

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Fully managed dubbing with ElevenStudios

Expand your reach to global audiences by translating your content for foreign audiences. Let our AI and bilingual dubbing experts do the work for you.

Automatic speaker detection

Our dubbing AI analyzes your video and automatically recognizes who speaks what when to ensure all voices match the original speakers in content, intonation, and speech duration

Video transcript and translation editing

Our AI video translator lets you manually edit transcripts and translations to ensure your content is properly synced and localized. Adjust the voice settings to tune delivery, and regenerate speech segments until the output sounds just right

Customize tracks

Personalize each audio track with specific settings like stability, similarity, and style, optimizing voice output for every character in your project

Manage clips

Merge, split, delete, or move clips around to tailor your project’s audio to the exact requirements of your scene or dialogue, and sync dialogue with on-screen action

Regenerate clips

Refresh any dub clip with updated settings or translations to ensure your audio matches your latest edits perfectly, maintaining consistency and quality.

Flexible timeline

Adjust audio clip position directly on the timeline for precise match, and fine-tune the sync between spoken audio and on-screen action

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