Never Too Small - ElevenLabs Fuels Global Reach of Sustainable Living

Leveraging AI dubbing to grow and engage multilingual audiences

Never Too Small is a media company dedicated to small footprint design and living. They feature award-winning designers and their micro apartments, studios and self-contained projects, as well as content that brings to life their vision of small, sustainable living. They believe smart design and clever use of space can effectively change urban living, addressing global overcrowding and enhancing life quality.

The company has carved a niche in showcasing small footprint design and living. With over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, the channel showcases compact living spaces, using distinctively still and simple production style to present them, which effectively highlights the efficiency of small-scale design. Now, Never Too Small is using ElevenLabs' technology to expand their reach globally.

The challenge

The company was at a crossroads in its growth strategy on YouTube. Despite its popularity and a strong mission to address urban overcrowding through smart design, the company faced challenges in growing and engaging non-English-speaking audiences. The financial and logistical burden of translating and dubbing years’ worth of content (over 250 videos) into multiple languages was an obstacle to further growth.

ElevenLabs global solutions

In response to these challenges, Never Too Small leveraged our dubbing and text-to-speech tools to help them grow in key areas.

Multilingual expansion

By leveraging AI dubbing, they are now overcoming language barriers and transforming their previously English-only YouTube content into a multilingual offering. This both broadened their viewer base and marked the beginning of an exciting journey to connect and promote sustainable living ever more globally. Looking forward, Never Too Small are enthusiastic about expanding their reach further by dubbing their content into languages like German, Hindi, Japanese, and Chinese, and embracing a truly international audience.

Preserving authenticity and emotion

Never Too Small chose ElevenLabs due to our model’s unparalleled ability to retain the authenticity and emotional depth of the original videos. Our AI dubbing tool changes the language while preserving the sound and tone of the original speaker(s), ensuring that the intent and essence of the original message remain intact in translation. This was pivotal in maintaining the channel's distinct brand identity and emotional connection with its audience.

The results

The initial results suggest the channel experienced a surge in international viewership from diverse linguistic regions. This growth into new markets has opened up more ways to make money from global sponsorships and advertising agreements, while also spreading the value of small, sustainable design worldwide. Their clever use of technology in making content has made them a leader in sustainable living and helped them connect with audiences globally in an authentic and engaging way.


With ElevenLabs, Never Too Small is expanding their audience and reinforcing their commitment to addressing urban overcrowding through intelligent, sustainable design. Their case is a testament to how technology can be leveraged to transcend language barriers and inspire a global audience towards smarter, more sustainable living.

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