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High quality, low latency Turbo model

Use our high performance models to power the most dynamic interactions requiring fast responses and top quality output

Turbo v2.5 Card

Build faster than ever

Quickly generate AI voices in multiple languages for your chatbots, agents, LLMs, websites, apps and more. Easily integrate ElevenLabs into your application with our extensive support system.

Easy integration on any web page

Integrate Audio Native into your site and turn your content into a podcast with minimal effort, while improving accessibility and user engagement

Enterprise ready

Our API is built for enterprise needs, ensuring robust security with SOC2 and GDPR compliance to protect your data and support your operations at scale

API plans that scale with you


Monthly character limit

Additional characters

Custom voices

(~600 mins audio)


160 Voices

Quality and formats

Audio quality

API formats

128 & 192 kbps (via Projects & API), 44.1kHz

44.1kHz PCM, uLaw


Build natural voices into your product

✓ 11M Characters
✓ 3 months free
✓ Scale capacity

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