Kindroid gives voice to their AI companions with ElevenLabs

Kindroid creates engaging AI companions with ElevenLabs voices

Kindroid, an AI character company, lets users create customizable, multimodal AI companions. Kindroid uses ElevenLabs to power their voices.

Kindroid users can personalize their companion avatars by providing a unique backstory and key memories. Your Kindroid continues to improve over time as it gets to know you better - furthering the connection between users and their companion. Our collaboration introduces human-like, customizable voices to Kindroid, enhancing real-time conversations through a more immersive experience.

This integration has contributed to Kindroid becoming the fastest-growing community among AI virtual companion applications. The average user spends more than 90 minutes a day with their Kindroid and over a half a million people have tried the app.

Jerry Meng, Kindroid's Founder & CEO, had this to say:

“Kindroid chose Elevenlabs as our audio provider for their dedication to uncompromising quality voices to power Kindroid's virtual people. Elevenlabs made it fun and engaging for users to converse with their AIs over voice, and at the same time has saved us time and cost from self-hosting the voice inference at our scale. Kindroid users have listened to thousands of hours of voices over a few months, and we look forward to building more voice-first features within the app to bring great voice AI to end consumers with Elevenlabs.”

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