Transforming written content into podcasts with AI

Learn how to repurpose text into podcasts

Transforming written content into podcasts with AI

Podcasts just keep rising in popularity. With over 700,000 active podcasts in 100 languages, and more than 29 million podcast episodes on platforms like Apple Podcasts, the demand for podcast content is a bandwagon well worth jumping on.

But nowadays, you don't even need to sit down in an expensive studio to record a podcast. Far from it. Instead, you can simply use AI tools to turn your written content into podcasts with a few clicks.

Want to learn how? Let's get into it.

Key takeaways

  • AI: the fast track from text to audio file
  • Uses for AI text-to-speech
  • How to create a podcast with ElevenLabs Projects
  • The benefits of using AI Text-to-Speech for podcasts
  • AI tools for podcasts: future trends
  • Final thoughts
  • FAQs

AI: the fast track from text to audio file

AI tools are revolutionizing the podcast creation process by giving creators an easy way to turn chunks of text into engaging podcasts. Text-to-speech technology, powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, can effortlessly turn a podcast script into a high-quality audio file.

Take ElevenLabs' multilingual V2, for example, which seamlessly transforms text into audio at the click of a button.

AI-generated voices are invaluable enhancing the creative scope of podcast production. They provide natural-sounding narration, making it easier to produce high-quality podcast episodes quickly and efficiently.

But how can you toe the line between efficiency and natural sounding speech?

ElevenLabs' emotional and contextual TTS API comprehends and adapts to text nuances. Users can personalize the emotional tone of the speaker to suit any narrative. With super-precise options, users can choose whether to prioritise on stability and speed or accentuate voice styles.

What's more, AI-generated voices have become increasingly sophisticated, providing a natural and engaging listening experience. These AI voices can be customized to match the desired tone and style, enhancing the podcast's audio quality and listener engagement.

Check out a couple of ElevenLabs' voices below to hear them in action for yourself.

James - Clone


Freya - Clone


How to create a podcast with ElevenLabs Projects

  1. Sign into ElevenLabs and select 'Projects' from the menu.
  2. Create new project. You can start your project from a URL or opt for direct imports such as .epub, .txt, or .pdf files.
  3. Craft your narrative. Assign different text fragments to specific speakers and set default voices for headings, paragraphs, or entire sections. You can also select from a wide range of voices, with support for 29 languages and 90+ voices.
  4. Fine-tune. Correct or adjust specific segments within larger audio sections, while ensuring the context remains intact. Fine-tune pacing by manually adjusting the length of pauses between speech segments. Divide your project into chapters or sections for focused editing and playback.
  5. Wrap-up. Export your project as an audio file with a single click. You can also save your progress and return to your project at any time.

The benefits of using AI Text-to-Speech

Podcasts aren't all that TTS models like ElevenLabs can do. While it might be a great way to familiarize yourself with the technology, these tools are far more powerful than mere podcasting solutions alone.

Here are some more benefits of using AI-powered text-to-speech within your business.


AI text-to-speech technology can make articles and other web content more accessible to those with visual impairments or reading difficulties, enhancing accessibility online.

ElevenLabs Audio Native creates automated embeddable voiceovers for a range of webpages, like articles, blogs, or newsletters. You only need to add your website domain to the allow list, then you can choose from a range of voices and customize the look of the player. The embed code it generates integrates easily with Ghost, Squarespace, Wordpress and more. 

Check out the video below to see how it works.

Globalizing audio content

Educators can use AI text-to-speech to create audio versions of textbooks and learning materials. This provides valuable resources for auditory learners, making educational content more accessible and versatile.

What's more, ElevenLabs AI Dubbing can translate content across 29 languages in seconds. Using speaker detection and voice translation, users can localize videos with precision control over the transcript and timing. It also supports multiple speakers, ensuring distinct and recognizable voices for a podcast with multiple speakers. 

AI tools for podcasts: future trends

The future of AI tools in podcasting looks promising, with several exciting trends on the horizon. AI platforms are continuously evolving to offer more advanced features for podcast creation. Innovations such as voice cloning and multiple languages support are making it easier to create podcasts tailored to diverse audiences.

AI-driven transcription tools are simplifying the podcast production process by generating accurate podcast transcripts and show notes, saving time and effort. Additionally, advancements in noise reduction and audio editing are improving podcast audio quality, making AI podcasts sound more professional.

Final thoughts

As AI technology continues to advance, the podcasting landscape will evolve, providing more opportunities for creators to produce engaging podcasts.

Embracing AI in podcast creation not only saves time but also opens up new possibilities for audience engagement and content distribution across various platforms.

Whether you're an experienced podcast host or new to the medium, AI-powered tools can help you create your own podcast and expand your listener base, providing valuable insights and entertainment to your audience.

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