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ElevenLabs Enterprise offers AI speech solutions that align with the needs of modern businesses with enterprise-grade quality, security, and scalability.

Since we’ve launched in January, we've seen companies adopt our AI speech technology to enhance their offerings and operations. Clients such as Paradox Interactive, Storytel, LADbible, Wondershare, TMZ, TheSoul Publishing, D-ID, ARN (Australia Radio Network), MNTN, and others, have all integrated our software to streamline content creation, improve communication, and engage their audience more effectively.

Learn how ElevenLabs can benefit your enterprise.

Our most powerful model

  • High-quality output at 192 kbps, meeting ACX standards
  • High-priority, low-latency rendering
  • Competitive scalable pricing options, including unlimited characters, volume-based discounts, and more

Enterprise-grade security

  • End-to-end encryption
  • An optional full privacy mode ensures your content remains confidential and is never stored on our servers
  • Certified SOC2 and GDPR compliance

Versatile AI

We provide cross-industry support:

  • In publishing, convert articles and audiobooks in minutes, and automatically voice content upon publication through integration with our Projects API.
  • For call automation, interactive agents are equipped with life-like voices and real-time responses.
  • In media & entertainment, craft any voice content style and streamline video creation, reaching a global audience with support for over 28 languages.
  • For gaming, our technology drives development, unique player experiences, and efficient localization, all while maintaining top-quality performance.


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Advanced AI Speech for Business

Enterprise-grade quality, security, and scalability.

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