Text to Speech for AI Game Characters

Breathing Life into Game Characters with AI Voices

Elevate your game narratives with dynamic and authentic AI-generated character voices. Create a variety of characters quickly, each with their unique voice and personality, using ElevenLabs' advanced text to speech technology.

Challenges in Character Voice Production:

Creating distinct and engaging voices for game characters traditionally requires substantial time, talent, and resources.

Diverse Character Voices

Crafting unique voices for an array of characters can be complex and costly, often requiring multiple voice actors.

Localization and Accessibility

Localizing character voices into different languages while maintaining their essence is a significant challenge.

Resource Intensive

Traditional voice recording is time-consuming and requires considerable investment in studio time and voice talent.

Revolutionizing Character Voices with AI

With ElevenLabs, game developers can effortlessly create a multitude of unique character voices, significantly enhancing player immersion and narrative depth.
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Effortless Localization

Localize your game into multiple languages with consistent voice quality, bringing your game to a global audience with ease.

Infinite Character Possibilities

Easily design and produce distinct voices for every character, no matter how large the cast. Our AI allows for quick customization of age, gender, accent, and emotional tone.

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Dynamic Voices for Every Character

Dynamic Voices for Every Character

Create a diverse range of character voices, from the hero to the villain, each with its unique tonal quality and personality, using ElevenLabs' AI technology.

Voice Customization

Personalize each character's voice to match their personality, background, and role within your game's storyline.

Emotionally Engaging

Infuse your characters' voices with a broad spectrum of emotions, enhancing player connection and narrative engagement.

Multilingual Capability

Craft voices that are consistent across different languages, maintaining character integrity in every market.

Seamless Integration in Game Development

Incorporate AI-generated voices into your game development process with ease, saving time and resources while maintaining high-quality voice acting.

Rapid Voice Production

Generate and implement character voices swiftly, meeting tight development schedules and milestones.

Flexibility and Versatility

Adjust voice parameters as your game evolves, ensuring perfect fit and consistency throughout the development cycle.

Cloud-Based Access

Access our voice generation tools from anywhere, streamlining collaboration and development across teams.

Generate relaxing ASMR whispering.
Enliven your content with energetic voices.
Generate lifelike spoken audio for your videos.

Enriching Game Worlds with Authentic Voices

AI-generated voices bring depth and realism to your game's world, creating immersive and memorable player experiences.

Storytelling Depth

Enhance your game's narrative with voices that add depth and dimension to your storytelling.


Create believable and engaging game worlds with consistent and varied character voices.

Creative Freedom

Unleash your creativity with the ability to design voices that were once impossible or impractical to achieve.

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Game Character Voice Demo

Transform Your Game Characters with AI Voices

Leverage AI voice technology to enhance character development and player engagement in your game.

Game Developer

Developers can use AI voices to quickly populate their games with diverse, high-quality character voices, enriching the gaming experience.

Narrative Designer

Narrative designers can use AI to create emotionally rich and varied character voices that enhance the storytelling aspects of the game.

Audio Director

Audio directors can use AI voices to ensure consistent audio quality and character representation across different game versions and languages.

Optimized Voice API for Gaming

Integrate ElevenLabs' voice technology into your game development tools for a seamless and efficient audio production process.

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Easy Integration
Quickly incorporate our voice API into your game engine or development pipeline.
High-Quality Audio
Achieve studio-level voice quality that rivals professional voice acting.
Effortlessly scale voice production to suit projects of any size, from indie games to large-scale AAA titles.

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How to Create AI Voices for Game Characters

Easily develop distinct character voices for your game with our intuitive tools. Follow these steps to get started:

Select Your Character's Voice Attributes

Choose the character's voice type, including gender, age, accent, and emotional tone to suit the game's narrative.


Input Your Game Script

Enter your game's dialogue script into our platform, customizing the voice for each character.


Generate and Review

Create the voiceover and listen to ensure it aligns with your character and game world.


Integrate into Your Game

Incorporate the AI-generated voiceover seamlessly into your game, enhancing the overall player experience.

We’re incredibly pleased with the results from the ElevenLabs platform. We were looking for a solution that could enable us to prototype voiceover content for our games, and the samples created by their contextually aware engine have exceeded our expectations. We have also been inspired to push the limits of our projects. As each iteration proves more capable and the results reach higher quality, this system helps us imagine more intricate and richer VO design for our games.
Ernesto Lopez
Audio Director for Stellaris and CK3

Frequently asked questions

Can AI voices truly capture character emotions in games?

Yes, our AI technology is capable of infusing voices with a range of emotions, bringing game characters to life in a way that resonates with players.

How do I create AI voices for my game characters?

Simply sign up for an ElevenLabs account and follow the steps outlined in our How-To Guide.

How much does it cost to create AI voices for game characters?

Start with a free ElevenLabs account and choose from various subscription plans tailored to your narration needs. Visit https://elevenlabs.io/pricing for more details.

How do I integrate AI voices into my game?

Integrating AI voices into your game is simple. Our API allows for easy integration into your game engine or development pipeline.

How can I find the best voice for my game characters?

Explore options with pre-made voices, clone your own voice, or use Voice Design to create new ones. Share your voices via VoiceLab to earn characters whenever they're used by others.

Can I create AI voices for free?

Yes, a free ElevenLabs account allows for basic AI narration. For extended features, check our subscription plans at https://elevenlabs.io/pricing. Share your creations to earn additional characters.

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