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AI Text to Speech (TTS) technology is revolutionizing customer service, making customer service chatbots sound more human and customer service interactions feel more personal. With the power to transform written content into spoken word instantly, this technology offers a faster, more accessible way for businesses to connect with customers.

We’ve rounded up all you need to know about how businesses use AI text-to-speech to save money and increase customer satisfaction.

What is text-to-speech?

AI text-to-speech software (like ElevenLabs) utilizes machine learning algorithms to convert text into natural-sounding speech. These AI models are trained on large datasets of human speech to learn the nuances of natural language, intonation, and pronunciation. This allows them to accurately mimic what a genuine human voice sounds like.

They can adapt to different languages, accents, and speaking styles, providing a more versatile and customizable experience for users. Additionally, AI text-to-speech systems continuously improve over time through further training on new data. This allows them to generate even more natural-sounding speech. Compared to traditional text-to-speech systems, AI-powered tool often produce more realistic and expressive voices that closely resemble a natural sounding voice.

Businesses use AI-generated synthetic speech for two main use cases: automated calls and interactive agents. In both instances, utilizing the right AI TTS tool can have a significant impact on the customer experience.

Synthetic speech for customer service: The benefits

When you hear the term "synthetic voices", you might be unsure if these tools are suitable for contact centers. However, solutions like ElevenLabs offer hyper-realistic custom voices that are incredibly life like, offering customer service teams a wide range of benefits.

Natural sounding voices

AI text-to-speech models significantly enhance the user experience within customer service chatbots by offering a more natural and human-like interaction. The synthesized voices generated by these models closely resemble human speech patterns, making it easier for customers to engage with and understand the information being conveyed.

Multilingual capacity

These models not only improve understanding and engagement for customers but also cater to a diverse audience by adapting to various languages, accents, and dialects. This versatility eliminates the need for a company to invest in multiple voice actors or recordings, streamlining the deployment process and reducing costs.

Curious about multilingual AI voices? Check out ElevenLabs’ global speech synthesis capabilities below.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

AI-powered text-to-speech models have the capability to continuously learn and improve based on user feedback and interactions. This iterative process ensures that the speech output remains up-to-date and relevant, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the chatbot over time.

How to use ElevenLabs TTS for customer service 

  1. Choose from pre-made voices in Voice Library, or use Voice Cloning. Check out a few examples of voices from ElevenLabs' extensive library below.
  1. Fine-tune the voice according to your preferred characteristics, expressiveness and accent.
  1. Enter text in any of ElevenLabs 28 supported languages. The TTS model will then analyze the context. Listen to just a few of the languages that ElevenLabs supports below.
  1. The TTS tool instantly generates spoken audio. You can listen before downloading, then save them in your preferred audio format. Your AI customer service voice is now ready for use.

What to consider when designing AI customer service voices

It’s important to ensure that AI chatbot or automated call voices don’t sound robotic—this will put people off interacting with them. That's why ElevenLabs prioritizes creating natural sounding voices that are expressive and contextually aware. 

Secondly, it’s crucial to consider that the API behind AI customer service speech can offer streaming which is up to business standards. ElevenLabs Enterprise uses PCM streaming to generate audio with enterprise-grade quality, security and scalability. 

With ElevenLabs Enterprise, streaming requests skip the queue with rendering priority. This ensures consistent low latency responses—under one second for any request length. In other words, it's the perfect system for ensuring a smooth customer experience at all times.

Final thoughts

AI text-to-speech technology significantly enhances customer service chatbots, making interactions more human-like and engaging. What's more, using AI text-to-speech allows businesses to save costs and increase customer satisfaction.

With ElevenLabs' advanced TTS tools, businesses can revolutionize their customer service experience and provide dynamic, personalized interactions tailored to each user.

Ready to take your customer service to the next level? Sign up for ElevenLabs today.


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