Sound AiSleep's parent-narrated audiobooks

Helping parents narrate books for their kids

SoundAiSleep allows parents to create kids audiobooks, narrated in their own voices. Children most easily fall asleep when listening to a parent or caregiver’s tones. SoundAiSleep helps children always fall asleep easily, even if the adults in their lives can't always be there in person.

SoundAiSleep, the first app of its kind, launched in 2023—the brainchild of creative Coco Shellim and Art Director Leli Leitner. The app has rapidly grown in popularity, thanks partly due to its partnership with ElevenLabs, which provides the generative AI Voice Cloning model that parents used.

Why SoundAiSleep chose ElevenLabs

SoundAiSleep needed an AI platform that could reliably imitate the natural intonations and pauses of normal human speech. So, it went on the hunt to find the most genuine, personalized synthetic voices on the market.

That's when it came across ElevenLabs.

“We were testing different AI text-to-speech partners and found that ElevenLabs has a combination of the most realistic sounding voices, quickest cloning time and most customisable features", the team explained.

As a small start-up, cost was another key consideration.

“ElevenLabs was also more affordable with the tiered pricing and really caters to start ups—growing the character allowance as our app users grow. Starting out with a minimal budget meant that ElevenLabs enabled us to create a first version of our app because of their tailored and easy to scale pricing. ”

In addition to its flexible pricing, ElevenLabs also offered SoundAiSleep a tailored start-up grant to help get it off the ground.

“To then receive the grant was like the cherry on top—making it possible for us to now share our audiobooks with customers at a very low price so they can discover our app easily," states co-founder Leli Leitner.

Having decided to adopt the software, the team was happy to discover how easy it was to get started with that ElevenLabs’ integration process.

“The setup process was smooth—the API was simple to integrate and we had plenty of support along the way.

This ease-of-use has also filtered into the app’s UX, making it as simple as possible for time-pressed parents to generate a recording. They only need to record approximately two and a half minutes of their voice. Then, ElevenLabs' Voice Cloning model turns this into reusable synthetic speech in the space of just a few minutes.

Parents can select any book from the library before using ElevenLabs Projects, specifically designed for long term content, to convert entire books into a single audio file. 

SleepAiSound's partnership with ElevenLabs has been the secret to its rapid growth. For example, SoundAiSleep used ElevenLabs' Text-to-Speech to narrate their promo video.

“ElevenLabs have allowed us to get our app off the ground much faster, and at a much more affordable cost”, says Shellim. 

Download the app today and start creating your own personalized bedtime stories.

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