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AI-Powered Audiobook Narration

Revolutionize storytelling with ElevenLabs' AI voices that bring text to life in a natural and expressive way. Cater to the needs of audiobook enthusiasts with high-quality, scalable voice solutions.

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Costly Narrator Fees

Hiring professional narrators is expensive and can limit production capabilities.

Limited Voice Diversity

Finding the right voice for each book and character can be a daunting task.

Scalability Issues

Scaling audiobook production to meet demand without compromising quality is challenging.

ElevenLabs: Elevating Audiobook Production

Leverage AI to produce compelling audiobooks that captivate listeners. ElevenLabs offers versatile, emotive voice generation, perfect for creating a rich auditory experience.
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Narrative Flexibility

From fiction to educational material, our AI voices adapt to any genre, offering listeners an engaging and varied listening experience.

Streamline Your Audiobook Creation

With ElevenLabs, generate an entire audiobook with a single click. Choose from diverse voices and styles to match your narrative needs without the overheads of traditional production.

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Premium Voices for Every Story

Premium Voices for Every Story

Our vast library of AI-generated voices brings characters and narratives to life, offering a listening experience indistinguishable from human narration.

Dynamic Range of Voices

Choose from a wide selection of tones, accents, and styles to best suit your story.

Narration Consistency

Maintain consistent voice quality and style throughout your audiobooks, ensuring a professional finish.

Cost-Effective Production

Reduce production costs while expanding your audiobook catalogue.

Voice Customization

Personalize voices to reflect specific character traits or authorial voice.

Rapid Turnaround

Accelerate production timelines, from manuscript to finished audiobook.

Audiobook Production Simplified

Our AI voice technology streamlines the audiobook creation process, enabling you to focus on storytelling and content.

Full Control Over Production

Direct the narrative flow, pacing, and emphasis to align with your vision.

High-Quality Sound

Deliver crystal-clear audio that meets the standards of audiobook enthusiasts.

Integration with Publishing Tools

Easily integrate with your existing publishing and distribution workflows.

Generate relaxing ASMR whispering.
Enliven your content with energetic voices.
Generate lifelike spoken audio for your videos.

Bring Stories to Life in Multiple Languages

Expand your audience by offering audiobooks in various languages, all with the same engaging, lifelike quality.

Global Accessibility

Make your audiobooks available and accessible to listeners worldwide.

Diverse Language Options

Our AI voices cover a broad range of languages, catering to a global market.

Cultural Relevance

Ensure cultural nuances are captured in every story with localized accents and dialects.

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Revolutionize Your Audiobook Production

Our AI voice generation caters to a wide range of professionals in the audiobook industry.

Audiobook Publisher

Publishers can rapidly expand their audiobook portfolios with a variety of voices and languages, reaching more listeners than ever before.


Authors can bring their narratives to life with voices that resonate with their vision and enhance the storytelling.

Audio Engineer

Audio engineers can achieve high-quality soundscapes for audiobooks with the precision and flexibility of AI.

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How to Create AI-Narrated Audiobooks

Transform written text into compelling audiobook narrations with ease. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Upload a PDF, ePub or start from scratch

Upload your text to our platform and choose the preferred voice attributes. Alternatively, you can start from scratch and type your text directly into our platform.


Customize Narration Style

Adjust the speaking style and pace to match the tone of your book. You can also add pauses and emphasis to enhance the narration.


Generate and Review

Create your audiobook narration and review it to ensure it meets your expectations. You can also edit the narration to make any necessary changes.


Distribute Your Audiobook

Once satisfied, distribute your AI-narrated audiobook across multiple platforms.

For us, quality always comes first. Despite the clear benefits of digital narration, we were not willing to embrace the new technology until a company came along with a narration of groundbreaking quality, one that could match a natural human voice. In 11Labs’ new product, we have found this quality. It is astonishing, and something to be celebrated.
Noah Lukeman
President & Founder of Lukeman Literary

Frequently asked questions

How realistic are the AI voices for audiobooks?

ElevenLabs' AI voices are crafted to deliver a humanlike and emotive listening experience, making them indistinguishable from traditional narrators.

What is Text to Speech?

Text to Speech is a type of assistive technology that converts written text into spoken words, enabling devices to read out text from various sources. It's particularly helpful for those with visual impairments or reading disabilities, enhancing accessibility and information absorption.

How do I record an audiobook using AI?

Create your audiobook with ElevenLabs using these steps: Sign up at ElevenLabs, import your text, choose a voice, adjust settings, generate speech, and export your file. For detailed guidance, visit: https://elevenlabs.io/app/sign-up.

How much does it cost to create an audiobook using AI?

Start with a free ElevenLabs account and choose from various subscription plans tailored to your narration needs. Visit https://elevenlabs.io/pricing for more details.

How can I find the best voice to narrate my audiobook or article?

Explore options with pre-made voices, clone your own voice, or use Voice Design to create new ones. Share your voices via VoiceLab to earn characters whenever they're used by others.

Can I create voiceovers for free?

Yes, a free ElevenLabs account allows for basic AI narration. For extended features, check our subscription plans at https://elevenlabs.io/pricing. Share your creations to earn additional characters.

Why text to speech?

Text to Speech enhances accessibility and user experience, allowing content creators to reach wider audiences with engaging audio formats of their written work.

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