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Emotional range & context

Our model responds to emotional cues and adapts its delivery to match both the content and the wider context. This allows our AI voices to achieve a high emotional range while avoiding logical mistakes.

Multi-format file support

Initialize projects from a number of supported file formats, including EPUB, TXT, PDF, HTML; or pull directly from a URL



Expansive voice library

Find the perfect voice for your story. Choose from thousands of voices in Voice Library or use Voice Design to create new ones. Adjust age, accent, and voice settings to match your content perfectly

Navigate and structure your project

Keep things tidy with Projects. Structure your work into chapters, edit fragments of larger audio segments, and navigate your project. Once it's ready, hit generate and make it easy for avid readers and learners worldwide to connect with your stories

Access a full set of advanced features

Enjoy both the creative freedom and the hands-on control over your content with AI

  • Multilingual voices

    Bring your characters to life across 29 languages. Choose tones and accents to enhance the narrative

  • Speaker assignment

    Assign specific voices to selected text fragments, enhancing immersion and character depth

  • Fragment editing

    Edit, refine and regenerate smaller fragments within your project until they feel right


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