Tool uses ElevenLabs to recreate Anthony Joshua's voice

Narrating a commercial in Anthony Joshua's absence

Tool is a leading creative production partner, blending rich expertise in cultural strategy with an efficiency-focused production process. Its goal? To take creative concepts from ideation to finished product in a matter of weeks—no mean feat.

Tool is constantly on the lookout for the next tool that can take its projects to the next level. For instance, like ElevenLabs' AI Voice software. 

When Under Armour approached Tool to create a campaign celebrating their ongoing partnership with two-time world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, the agency was delighted to take on the project. But there was a problem. Joshua was focused on his demanding training schedule, which the advert would celebrate, meaning he wasn't available to shoot the commercial.

With a tight timeline to deliver the finished campaign and no access to talent, Tool chose a mixed-media approach: re-using existing live action footage owned by Under Armour alongside custom CG and AI visuals, motion, and sound. 

Partnering with ElevenLabs

Along with gen AI imagery, the team employed ElevenLabs’ Text-to-Speech model for the film's audio. Tool used samples from interviews with Joshua to generate a synthetic clone of his voice, which would help bring the ad to life.

With AI voice software, Tool generated a lifelike voiceover narration without needing to get the boxer into a studio. “Everyone was blown away by how good it sounded” recalls Dustin Cailiff, President at Tool. 

ElevenLabs wasn't just hyper-realistic—it was also hyper-efficient.

“Typically, especially when you’re working with a global brand and a professional athlete who requires multiple rounds of reviews, the timeline is usually 5-6 weeks on the quick side” explains Cailiff. ‘Forever is Made Now’ was made in just 4.

Plus, Cailiff adds, “Not only did we save those weeks, but the budget would’ve been exponentially higher if we had to go a more traditional route.” The project only required one week of the sound design team’s time, which would have been unimaginable without ElevenLabs’ gen AI audio. 

In projects like ‘Forever is Now’, AI is a helpful aid, rather than a replacement for creative work. “There is no magic AI button that will generate a commercial. AI is a creative tool that is guided by people”, says Tool.

“I’m finding that what we’re currently seeing with generative AI is the most exciting opportunity since the rise of the internet”, says Cailiff. “We’re finding that AI is allowing us to work with our clients to provide both creative and business value.”

Check out ElevenLabs' VO narration in the finished commercial below.

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