Introducing Voice Actor Payouts

Add your voice to Voice Library and earn when others use it

We’re excited to announce that we’re adding a monetization feature to Voice Library - Voice Actor Payouts. Previously limited to sharing artificial voices created with the Voice Design tool, Voice Library now lets you share your own verified voice clone made with Professional Voice Cloning, and earn money when others use it.

Our reasoning was simple: we want to reward the voice actors who help us expand our ever growing Voice Library.


To ensure the security and integrity of Payouts, only voice clones made with Professional Voice Cloning (PVC) can be shared and monetized in Voice Library. Before creating a voice clone and sharing it, each user must pass a Voice Captcha verification by reading a text prompt within a specific timeframe to confirm their voice matches the training samples uploaded for cloning. This, along with our team's moderation and manual approval, ensures authentic, user-verified voices are shared and monetized.

Creating your voice clone

  1. Go to VoiceLab
  2. Select Add new voice and choose Professional Voice Cloning
  3. Submit audio samples for training
    1. PVC requires training a dedicated model on a larger dataset of voice samples. You'll need 30 minutes minimum, with 3 hours being optimal.
    2. Make sure your training data comprises clean audio files containing only you as the speaker, with no background noise, music or other effects. Any non-speech sounds may confuse the model and find their way into the output.
    3. If you upload multiple audio files recorded in separate sessions, make sure to match the recording conditions as closely as possible - noticeable differences in reverb or distance from the microphone will also pollute the output.
    4. The same is true of your speaking style - your delivery should be uniform across all the samples you upload. For example, if you intend your voice to be used for audiobooks, then the training data you upload should comprise recordings of you reading in audiobook delivery style.
  4. Your voice clone should be ready within 2 hours.

Sharing your voice clone

  • Sharing: Once your voice clone is ready, you’ll see it in VoiceLab. Click the share icon next to your voice and activate the sharing toggle. You can make your voice available either by sharing a direct link or by making it discoverable in the Voice Library.
  • Voice Library Discoverability: Adding your voice directly to Voice Library requires a brief review process on our part to ensure the authenticity and quality of your voice model.
  • Earning Through Sharing: You can choose to earn US dollars or ElevenLabs credits. You’ll need to set up a Stripe Connect account to receive cash rewards.

Understanding monetization

You retain full control over your voice.

  • Notice Period: You have full control over how long your voice remains available after deciding to withdraw it, with periods ranging from immediate removal to a two-year notice period. This flexibility allows you to balance earning potential with personal preferences while providing clarity to the partners who use your voice on how long they'll have to migrate should you choose to remove your voice.
  • Moderation Options: You can enable live moderation of your voice, preventing its use for certain categories of content.
  • Rate Schemes: Choose between default rates based on the Notice Period or set custom rates for your voice.

Marketplace for voice AI

Voice Actor Payouts is a simple exchange: your voice enriches our platform, and we offer a reward for your contribution. We're committed to maintaining a secure and equitable space for all - thank you for being a part of this next chapter in the evolution of voice AI.

To find more information, and some answers to frequently asked questions, refer to our documentation and terms.

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