8 Best AI Voice Cloning Software (2024)

Discover the best AI voice cloning software tools of 2024! We go into reviews, pricing & expert recommendations to find the perfect fit.

Whether you dream of delivering an impeccable virtual speech or starting an award-winning YouTube career, it's all easier said than done. The reality is that speaking with confidence and clarity when the pressure is on is tough.

But behind that successful ad campaign, that perfect podcast recording, or that viral YouTube video, there may not necessarily be a confident speaker delivering those crisp lines. The industry's best-kept secret? Flawless voice cloning software that uses AI technology to turn your own voice into a natural-sounding recording, reading your script impeccably, or even speaking multiple languages.

AI voice cloning tools make it easy to confidently adapt your speaking style to any situation. With just a few seconds of recording yourself talking, the best voice cloning software can perfectly create an impression of your voice that you can then use to narrate your voiceover, create a podcast, or use in your next big presentation.

We've put together this definitive guide to the best voice cloning technology in 2024. In this guide, you'll find only the best of the best — AI voice cloning software that does what they say it will at a price point that doesn't hurt your budget.


To start, here is an example of our voice cloning technology in action:

If you want to try it out yourself, you can get started in minutes.

Comparison table

Comparison Table
ElevenLabs ✓ - With just a few minutes of recording Free forever plan available, but monthly plans start from just $5/month
HeyGen $59/month
Descript Lyrebird $12/month
ReadSpeaker ? Pricing only shown upon request to enterprise businesses
Play.HT ✓ - BUT with many hours of recording $39/month
Lovo ✓ - But Lovo’s free option gives a small range of functionality $25/month
Voice.ai Free - BUT you’ll have to download an app

Our Process

After going through the effort to find a great tool, the last thing you want is a robotic-sounding voice that sounds completely different from the target voice you're trying to clone. The best AI voices don't sound like they've been generated by artificial intelligence but instead sound like a person's voice that's been professionally recorded.

Natural sounding speech was the number one criterion we considered in this list to create our top ten list of the best AI voice cloning software for 2024: a natural-sounding voice. We carefully listened to the AI voice recording generated by each of the tools below, grading it on the presence of robotic elements, a natural-sounding flow, and the accuracy of things like accent, pronunciation, and pauses.

As well as the voice output itself, the software should be easy to use, straightforward to navigate, and quick to process the voice. The ideal voice cloning solution should be fast, simple, and deliver outstanding results, even from a small input.

Finally, no top ten list is complete without a consideration of cost. With annual prices ranging from free to over $1000, considering your budget and the viability of the tool is critical. Overall, the key to a great AI voice generator is the creation of natural-sounding voices, a fast processing time, and a budget-friendly fee.

Our List of the Best Voice Cloning Software of 2024

From creating high-quality voices to securing access to the top tech for free - here's our round-up of the best AI voice cloning technology available on the market in 2024.

1. ElevenLabs

The number one spot on our comprehensive list has to go to ElevenLabs.

Not just another name in the industry, ElevenLabs is a cut above the rest when it comes to quality, creating human-like voices that are almost indistinguishable from the real deal.

ElevenLabs' wide range of audio data includes male and female voices, a range of authentic accents, and existing voices available in 29 languages for its text-to-speech services.

Not just an AI voice cloning tool, ElevenLabs is your gateway to the full scope of AI voice technology. How? Well, ElevenLabs has spent time and money investing in advanced deep learning technology in their breakthrough AI algorithms, and it shows.

Our voice cloning software doesn't merely replicate; it captures the essence, warmth, and emotion of human speech - meaning it's difficult to tell an AI voice generated by ElevenLabs software apart from an actual human voice actor.

As well as this, the easy-to-use software is user-friendly and streamlined, making it quick and straightforward to record your speech and then play with it to get the final result you want. Our software only requires a few minutes of audio to clone voices, meaning you need just a few minutes chatting into your laptop to generate an audio file that can create your whole speech pattern.

Who should use it: Businesses seeking a genuine voice touch in their interactions, storytellers craving authentic narrations in their own voice, digital animators, and anyone excited about the best in voice cloning technology.

Price: Free forever tier, subscription starts from $1/Month.

How to Clone Your Own Voice Using ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs' stand-out platform makes AI voice cloning straightforward and precise. With their tool, you can create a custom voice clone directly from your desktop. All you need is a mic, and you're ready to go.

Steps to Voice Cloning

To start experimenting with cloning voices with ElevenLabs, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to VoiceLab
  2. Add a new voice
  3. Choose Professional Voice Cloning or Instant Voice Cloning
  4. Upload voice samples

Professional Voice Cloning is distinct from Instant Voice Cloning. The professional model uses an extensive dataset of voice samples, whereas the Instant feature uses real-time voice cloning of the recording uploaded.

For best results, we recommend using the Professional feature, whereas the Instant feature is more suitable for rapid results and experimentation.

Important Factors to Guarantee High-Quality

To achieve the best results with any AI voice cloning technology, there are some essential points to keep in mind:

  1. Quality of Audio: As with all AI technology, output can only ever be as good as input. For high-quality voice cloning results, ensure that the training data you provide contains clear audio files from a single speaker away from background disturbances or effects.
  2. Uniformity: Guarantee a consistent output from your voice generation model by ensuring uniformity in your recording conditions, reverb, and microphone distance across sessions. This helps Eleven Labs' algorithm understand all the nuances of your speech by comparing the sound across recordings.
  3. Consistent Speaking Style: Your voice delivery style should be consistent across all samples. For example, if you're producing an audiobook, you may wish to record a snippet of your book to give the software an opportunity to pick up this style in its clone.

2. HeyGen

HeyGen: Unleashing the Visual Element to Voice Cloning

Looking for a visual element to your voice cloning? HeyGen stands out as a specialized lip-sync and AI voice cloner, going a step further than your usual AI voice cloning software by crafting a synchronized talking avatar.

HeyGen’s voices are great. They’re hyper-realistic and pass as the real thing. But we’ll let you in on a secret — HeyGen have fantastic voiceover technology because they use ElevenLabs voices for their premium users!

To ensure accuracy and quality, HeyGen requires about 10 minutes of clear audio for the cloning process. While this software currently supports only English, its precision and authenticity are of really high quality and are definitely worth a look.

However, there's something about the video that borders on the uncanny - it's easily recognizable as being computer-generated and gives off a robotic, unnatural feel. While their voice cloning feature and AI video generation look great for now, this kind of technology doesn't have a long shelf-life.

Who should use it: Those needing voiceovers, podcast creators, audiobook producers, and any project where a lip-synced avatar can elevate the content to the next level - but be warned! If authenticity is your aim, you might not get away with using this kind of technology.

Price: Free to try, then $99/year thereafter

Visit: HeyGen

3. Descript Lyrebird

Descript Lyrebird: Realistic Voices with Advanced Editing Suites

Lyrebird, a project recently acquired by Descript, is known for its capabilities in generating realistic digital voices using minimal audio samples. Just a few minutes of a person speaking can create a unique voice clone, which can be overlayed onto a visual presentation or video of a deepfake avatar. 

The biggest stand out of Descript is its comprehensive editing suite, where you can create voices, build projects, and save projects to a workspace within their platform.

However, this platform was also a drawback of Descript. It's confusing! It takes work to immediately play around with the features on offer; there are few template options in the free version, and the initial home screen interface is difficult to navigate.

Once you get to grips with the platform, Descript is an excellent tool with a lot of functionality. However, many features that make Descript stand out are behind a paywall and only available on a desktop app - not a rapid solution for those in a hurry.

Who should use it: Podcasters, video content creators, audio editors, and anyone interested professionally in versatile audio editing tools. 

Price: Free tier available. Paid subscription from $12/Month.

Visit: Lyrebird

4. ReadSpeaker

ReadSpeaker: Multilingual Enterprise-Level Voice Cloning

ReadSpeaker is a fantastic example of a voice cloning tool with many sounds and voices. Their solution lets users blend voice tones with diverse expressive styles, producing various vocal moods. ReadSpeaker's functionality also shines when it comes to multilingual voice clones - offering a range of voices and sounds across multiple languages.

However, ReadSpeaker has positioned itself clearly as the enterprise option. With prices only available on request and a series of big enterprise-level customers on its testimonials page, ReadSpeaker might not be an excellent option for individuals or businesses looking to experiment with voice cloning tools before they commit to a full-scale solution. With no free trial, it's hard to imagine ReadSpeaker as an option for everyone.

Who should use it: Global enterprise-level businesses who are sure this is a tool they need.

Price: Price is available on request.

Visit: ReadSpeaker

5. Play.HT

Play.HT: Custom Voices for Seamless & Realistic Voiceovers

The best feature of PlayHT's voice cloning software is the adaptability of its custom voices. If your presentation requires an energetic tone, or a serious, professional feel, PlayHT has a recording to match. With no need for studio-quality input, PlayHT generates voice clones that sound very believable with just a few clicks.

Give it a go here:

Plus, their seamless sign-up experience eliminates the hassle of complex log-ins, making it an ideal choice for content creators, podcasters, and businesses who want a rapid and realistic voiceover.

However, PlayHT needs a huge volume of data to turn your own voice into a perfectly cloned version — between 2 and 3 hours of speech. Then you'll have to wait another few hours for your recording to pass its moderation process.

While they have a bank of celebrity voiceovers ready to go, if you're searching for a tool that rapidly creates a clone of your own voice with just a few minutes of recording, then you'll have to look elsewhere.

Who should use it: Content creators, podcasters, businesses, and anyone looking to craft high-quality voiceovers without the fuss.

Price: A free plan is available, paid subscription starts from $39/Month.

Visit: Play.ht

6. Lovo

Lovo: The One-Stop-Shop for AI-Powered Content Creation

Lovo is great for a wide range of applications and offers specific functionality for many unique use cases, whether you're looking for audiobook narrations or digital content narration. Plus, with a wide range of natural-sounding voices and a super user-friendly platform, Lovo quickly transforms text into realistic, nuanced voiceovers.

Another great thing about Lovo is its full suite of AI applications. Struggling to come up with a script? Try Lovo's writing AI. Need video content or want to generate a static image? Lovo has an app for that. If you've got the budget and the time, Lovo can be a one-stop-shop for your entire content creation.

But expect to pay for it. If you'd like to harness the full power of Lovo's AI tools, you'd be looking at a price of $75/month and up. And with no free trial that includes every feature, it's a gamble that Lovo is the tool you need.

Who should use it: Audiobook creators, digital content producers, marketers, and anyone in need of full-scale content creation.

Price: Starts from $19/month

Visit: Lovo

7. Voice.ai

Voice.ai: Integrating Seamless Voice Cloning with Popular Platforms

What truly sets Voice.ai apart from the rest - and earned it a spot on our list - is its seamless integration with popular platforms like Zoom, WhatsApp, and gaming platforms like Steam.

This integration means you can seamlessly switch to one of your custom voice clones using Voice.ai when streaming, making a presentation, or adding a unique touch to a recorded session.

This is an excellent tool for being creative online. However, although its voice cloning capabilities are great, there's limited scope for visual and other creative effects. Plus, it’s not yet available! Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be added to a waitlist.

Who should use it: Gamers seeking live voice modulation or professionals wanting to enhance virtual meetings.

Price: Voice-changing software is free to use.

Visit: Voice.ai


Coqui.ai: Rapid Voice Cloning in Just 3 Seconds

Coqui.AI made it onto our definitive list because it takes just 3 seconds of audio to generate lifelike voiceovers. This makes Coqui.AI a rapid voice cloning app that requires just a few seconds of high-quality audio data to generate realistic AI voices. Impressive.

But Coqui.AI is not just about cloning; users also benefit from comprehensive tweaking and editing tools, allowing for fine-tuned voice output that suits every need.

Specifically tailored for voiceovers, Coqui.AI does not offer visual elements and is let down by its lack of integration.

Who should use it: Voiceover artists and content creators in need of rapid voice generation.

Price: Free trial available. Pricing starts from $5/month with a pay-as-you-go model.

Visit: Coqui.ai

Our Best Recommendation: ElevenLabs

Overall, across each one of our criteria, ElevenLabs is our top recommendation for voice cloning software in 2024.

With genuinely realistic voices, a range of top-quality cloning tools, and a super easy-to-use platform, ElevenLabs is already miles ahead of the others based on quality of output alone.

Its investment into an industry-leading deep learning model means that the synthetic voice output generated by ElevenLabs is almost indistinguishable from human voices.

After all, the quality of the voice output is the key factor when ranking AI voice cloning software; does the software generate an AI voice clone that sounds like a real person's voice?

While many cloned voice outputs created by tools on this list still have that stubborn robotic feel, ElevenLabs' voices flow genuinely and speak clearly.

But that's not all. Even the monthly paid plan for ElevenLabs is much cheaper than other options on the market in 2024, and ElevenLabs is entirely free to begin.

Whether you're completely new to the world of voice cloning and want to try it out or an experienced AI content creator looking to expand your offering, ElevenLabs is the accessible, top-quality tool recommended every time.

Create your account with ElevenLabs now.

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