Four Improvements we've added to Dubbing Studio

Giving you even more control when translating your content for global audiences

In January, we announced Dubbing Studio, an advanced workflow that gives you hands-on control over transcript, translation, and timing when dubbing your content. Creators and businesses use the Dubbing Studio to localize podcasts, commercials, short films, and more.

This week, we implemented a few improvements to streamline your workflow and give more options for customization.

(1) Trim Tool: Trim a generated audio clip to remove sections that don't sound right. This is particularly useful for removing non-dialogue sounds, like laughter or coughing, from the dubbed track.

(2) Foreground Track: Use the foreground track to import laughter, singing, coughing, and any other dialogue that you don't want dubbed from the original audio.

(3) Clip Looping: Hold Command, click, and drag above the player to loop on a portion of the track you're working on. This saves you from having to continually grab and reposition the player bar.

(4) Clip History: Right click on dialogue in the player and select "Clip History" from the drop down menu to access any of the last 10 generations. Now you can regenerate and compare without losing your current track.

In addition to the changes mentioned above, we also optimized dubbing rendering so you can now upload & export tracks 10x faster than before.

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback that led to these improvements and we look forward to empowering more creators as they take their content global. If you're learning about Dubbing Studio for the first time and want to translate your content, you can learn more at our original announcement here.

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