ElevenLabs Collaborates with GRI to Amplify Accessibility in Sustainability Reporting

Enhancing Global Sustainability Through Audio

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We’re proud to announce a partnership with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a non-profit organization known for setting the standard in sustainability reporting. With over 10,000 organizations worldwide using GRI’s reporting standards, this collaboration marks a step toward fostering sustainable development education.

Addressing Sustainability through Innovation

GRI’s standards are closely monitored and leveraged by countries around the world, serving as a resource for guiding responsible growth and development. The collaboration between ElevenLabs and GRI aims to improve knowledge and understanding of the GRI Standards through e-learning courses on various sustainability topics.

This initiative is not just about diversification of content delivery but is fundamentally about contributing to global sustainable development goals. By providing educational content through multiple mediums, we are looking to cater to varying learning preferences and needs, enabling a broader range of individuals and organizations to access information about sustainable practices. 

Our Commitment

We remain committed to using advanced technology for meaningful purposes. This collaboration with GRI exemplifies our dedication to contributing to a more informed and sustainable world by improving access to essential sustainability knowledge and practices.

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