Top 10 AI Audio Tools for 2024

Explore the Transformative Capabilities of AI Voice Generation in Content Creation.

Dreaming of finally starting that podcast? Bursting with voiceover ideas for your YouTube videos? Under pressure to deliver a great social media reel for your business?

Whatever video or audio project you're working on, you'll know it's hard to get the perfect recording the first time. From unplugged microphones you only discover when the podcast is over to annoying background noise right at the most important part of your presentation, there's a huge scope for something to go wrong.

Mispronounced words, loud neighbors, faulty equipment, and even the weather all conspire to mean that capturing a crisp, clear audio recording is much harder than it first appears.

But recording perfectly isn't the only way to generate a professional-sounding audio file. With the birth of AI voice generation technology, it's never been easier to retroactively tweak your recording, clone your own voice to speak flawlessly, or even generate different voices to bring your fictional characters to life.

How? Well, an AI voice generator can convert written text to a natural-sounding speech. As long as you have a script, you can play around with the speech software to create professional voiceovers with different accents, speaking styles, or in multiple languages until you get the results you like.

Alternatively, you could clone your voice by inputting a few minutes of your recorded speech into the AI audio tool. A voice cloning tool will then use AI to generate speech that sounds like you - perfect for that personal touch on presentations or YouTube videos.

The problem is that some AI voice generator software is better than others. Finding a great tool that makes AI-generated voice sound natural is tough. There are many software solutions out there vying for the top spot in the market in 2024. Still, many of them don't produce great results - leaving you with a robotic-sounding voice that is more likely to put your listeners off than grow your audience.

That's why we've compiled this definitive guide to the best AI voice generator software available in 2024. In this comprehensive guide, we've scoured the market for the best of the best, so you don't have to. Then, we ranked them all according to quality of output, application, functionality, and cost, helping you make the right decision for your project in record time.

Let's jump in!

Finding the Best AI Voice Generator Tools in 2024: The Process

Before we get started, it's essential to understand the methodology behind our (un-)official ranking.

AI audio tools can be used for radically different purposes, and the tools on this list can be used for a wide range of applications. Whether you're looking for AI software to sharpen up your podcast recording, a musical AI tool to create computer-generated melodies to form a catchy intro, or an AI voice generator to clone your previous work and create high-quality voiceovers that sound like you - you'll find a tool here that does it all.

Because ranking based on a single functionality alone won't give us a comprehensive list of the best, this article primarily ranks by output quality and monthly cost. We've made it so the top result gives you an uncannily natural voice output and a full suite of audio tools at a very attractive monthly price.

But that's not all. This list also includes great tools with a wide range of applications for producers, podcasters, content creators, and business professionals alike - giving a comprehensive overview of the functionality of the market in 2024 as well as the best software available.

Our List of the Top 10 AI Audio Tools of 2024

Whether you're looking for realistic AI voices, rapid AI text-to-speech technology, or even high-quality editing audio features, this is the definitive list of the best AI audio tools available in 2024.

1. ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs: Leading the Way in AI Voice Generation

Top of the list is the remarkable ElevenLabs: the number one voice AI tool available on the market in 2024 in terms of exceptional quality and cost.

ElevenLabs is an AI voice generator that creates realistic AI voices from scratch or allows you to clone your voice, delivering professional voiceovers without expensive recording equipment.

First, ElevenLabs allows you to configure the perfect computer-generated voice in their Voice Lab by experimenting with gender, age, accent, and even accent strength. Then, with the Speech Synthesis tool, you can bring fictional characters or boring presentations to life in your created voice. This tool uses text-to-speech technology to create a natural-sounding recording in seconds, which can be easily downloaded and used in your next project.

Seriously, listen here at how realistic this sounds:

ElevenLabs is also expanding its functionality on offer. In November 2023, they launched their Dubbing feature, where you can seamlessly upload or link a video from YouTube, TikTok, X (Twitter), and more to dub it. Using Dubbing, you can change the language of the video in just a few clicks, opening your content up to a vast new audience.

In 2024, we're looking out for the release of more functionalities featuring ElevenLabs' signature high-quality voice generator.

Because ElevenLabs has chosen to specialize in creating synthetic voices that sound incredibly like human speech, rather than generate video content or AI imagery, they do it very well.

Our speech tool is not let down by poor-quality visuals or clunky AI-generated text, and the voices that are generated are hyper-realistic. If you don't tell your audience it's AI-generated, they might genuinely not be able to tell.

Functionality: Great for creating and developing human-sounding voices, whether you'd like to cut down on your podcast processing time, record an ebook in record time, or create unique-sounding character voices to bring a narrative to life. ElevenLabs creates the most natural AI voices rapidly and in a super easy-to-use platform.

Who should use it: Literally anyone who needs an easy-to-understand, clear voiceover, whether that be for a business presentation, to create content, to scale an ebook, or simply to play around for a hobby. ElevenLabs' accessible pricing means it really is built for everyone.

Price: Free forever tier; subscription starts from just $5/Month.

2. Descript

Descript: The Ultimate Content Creation Companion

Descript is your go-to if you're looking for a one-stop shop for content creation. The central hub of AI visual and audio tools, Descript sells itself as the only tool you'll need for full editing functionality - and that's believable!

Descript has many incredible tools and AI models available, from filler-word removal to correcting eye contact, making Descript a stand-out option for serious editors and content creators.

However, all the features can mean a sacrifice in quality. Although Descript is a fantastic tool for all-around AI content creation, its individual elements aren't quite as good as the pros.

However, Descript is a fantastic platform to bring everything together, and we know the best creators pull their voice's sound from ElevenLabs into Descript to get the best of both worlds.

The downside? Although Descript is affordable, it can quickly add up (or slow you down) if you need to edit a lot of content. Even the Pro paid subscription has limits on editing hours and export resolution, meaning annoying restrictions can stop you from getting the most out of the platform.

Functionality: Descript is second on the list due to its impressive functionality, including screen recording, video editing, AI voice generation, and podcast features. They even have an AI functionality to generate YouTube descriptions and remove filler words. This is the most comprehensive platform available for content production.

Who should use it: This is a big hitter for the professionals. Descript is an excellent tool for podcasters, video content creators, audio editors, and anyone professionally in need of versatile content editing tools. 

Price: Free tier available. Paid subscription from $12/Month.

3. Video Creation with AI Voices

A step down from Descript in terms of functionality available, Murf nonetheless has an impressive range to offer video creators in particular.

With a bank of voice generator tools and voice cloning features, Murf comes into its own when creating voiceovers for YouTube videos, audio ads, e-learning content, and presentations. We love how its video and ad builder is streamlined and easy to use, creating professional output in minutes.

Give Murf’s technology a listen here:

Unfortunately, however, Murf isn't cheap. Its basic plan gives just 10 minutes of voice generation a month and no commercial usage rights for anything you create. In other words, if you'd like to really use Murf in your business or as part of your content strategy, you're going to have to pay for it.

Functionality: A great option for businesses and content teams, Murf allows a range of visual and audio features, including AI voices for use in ads, e-learning video templates, YouTube templates, and more.

Who should use it: Made for businesses and professional content creators, Murf is great, but only if you have a budget to pay for it. Hobbyists, personal-project-makers, or small content creators might be better off sticking to cheaper solutions.

Price: Free tier available with restrictions. Paid subscription from $29/Month.

4. Krisp

Krisp: Clearing the Path for Crisp Human Voices

A bit of a wildcard on the list: Krisp is not an AI voice generator. Instead, Krisp is an AI audio tool that improves the clarity of human voice files in everyday situations, removing background music and echos, prioritizing the main speaker, and even generating summary notes after meetings or presentations.

Krisp is groundbreaking tech for call centers, businesses working remotely, or content creators who enjoy the human touch. But with limited functionality and no voice generation at all, it's not for those who love AI output.

Functionality: The perfect audio tool for those looking for artificial intelligence to improve their human output, Krisp uses the latest technology to clean up human-generated audio files, removing background noise and improving meetings.

Who should use it: Awesome for businesses, teams, or professional presenters, Krisp cleans up your audio, making it easy to deliver high-quality voiceovers or exceptionally clear voice calls even when working remotely. 

Price: Free for individuals or from $8/Month for each business user.

5. Lovo

Lovo: Comprehensive AI Audio Excellence

Another big-hitter when it comes to complete AI audio tools, Lovo is a competitor of Descript and offers a wide range of audio and visual AI tools in just one platform, including text-to-speech (TTS), AI voice generators, AI character voices, and even video creation.

An excellent option for a professional content creator, Lovo will reduce production time and generate quality AI content – have a listen to an example voice clone here:

However, it's pricey. If you'd like to experiment with all of Lovo's AI tools, you'll need to pay a hefty $75/month or more. Lovo doesn't offer a free trial of all of its features, either, so a subscription is a big commitment to make upfront.

Functionality: Lovo contains a complete range of AI voice generator features, including text-to-speech (TTS), voice cloning, video editing, and AI art and text generation.

Who should use it: Best for professionals who have a big budget available for content creation, Lovo is a good option for those generating audio content regularly. 

Price: Free 14-day trial of the most basic plan, or from $19/Month up.

6. : Revolutionizing Audio Dynamics for Gamers

A quirky voice-changing app, Voice AI is a cool tool that adds a dynamic touch to gaming streams, remote presentations, or podcasts. With seamless integrations with platforms like Twitch, Skype, Discord, Steam, Fortnight, and more, Voice AI is a gamer's dream.

Be aware, though! This app has a lot of hype around it, but it's not actually possible yet to use this software. Those who download the app must join a waitlist, but there's no word yet on when anything will be launched. If you're in a rush, you'd better stick to an alternative in this list.

Functionality: Voice AI is a voice-altering app, so its functionality is limited compared to others on the list. However, with various real-time integrations, Voice AI promises to be an exciting app when it launches.

Who should use it: Great for gamers and entertainers, the voice-changing feature can add a new level to presentations, streams, and audio content.

Price: Free, but only after downloading the app and waiting for launch! Price may change.

7. Mubert

Mubert: Music Generation for Streamers, Content Creators & TV Producers

Looking for something a bit more musical?

Unlike the other AI audio tools on this list, Mubert doesn't just generate voices. It generates music. From endless background music for streamers to royalty-free advertising jingles for your next YouTube ad, Mubert brings the power of AI to a melody.

Not for everyone and can end up being pretty pricey, Mubert is a great option if you'd like to take your content creation beyond the usual voice generator application and into the world of music.

Functionality: Mubert is not a voice generator software but instead generates music using AI. Whether you're looking for a catchy advertising jingle, some funky background music for your stream, or even a TV soundtrack, Mubert is for you.

Who should use it: Great for streamers, content creators, and even TV producers, Mubert is key for anyone looking to generate royalty-free music for any project.

Price: A free subscription is available, and users can pay monthly or buy a single track.


8. ReadSpeaker

ReadSpeaker: AI Voice Generation for Accessibility, Education & Corporate Excellence

An excellent option for businesses and enterprises, ReadSpeaker is a professional toolkit that offers generative voice AI features for higher education, corporate training videos, and accessibility options.

However, ReadSpeaker is an option best suited to big businesses and enterprises. With prices only available on request and no free trial available, ReadSpeaker may not suit small content creators or hobbyists.

Functionality: Offering text-to-speech (TTS) tools for accessibility, virtual assistants, and education, ReadSpeaker is an enterprise-level AI voice generator. There is no visual element or fun character voices here - ReadSpeaker is the business version of this technology.

Who should use it: Enterprises, governments, healthcare, or organizations passionate about accessibility.

Price: Only available on request.


9. Otter

Otter: Streamlining Meetings & Transcriptions with Cutting-Edge AI Audio Tools

Another innovative AI audio tool, Otter helps you stay on track of your meetings and transcription jobs by converting audio files into text.

Otter streamlines the transcription process with its accurate, real-time functionality, great for automating those meeting or lecture notes or adding a transcript to your podcast or video content.

However, there is no scope for AI voice generation, so if you're looking for creative generative AI voices or a place to hone your video editing skills with AI, Otter is not for you.

Functionality: Accurate, automated transcription services that make attending meetings and lectures easy.

Who should use it: Those who often attend meetings or lectures and want to streamline their note-taking process will find Otter helpful. Alternatively, content creators will enjoy Otter's easy-to-use transcription process to add subtitles or text transcription to their content. 

Price: Free to try, then from just $10/Month 


10. BeyondWords

BeyondWords: Transform Text to Speech

A text-to-speech tool, Beyond Words helps you easily convert written text to speech - just upload your document, choose your voice, and that's it!

Although this software offers voice cloning and other voice generation tools to accompany its text-to-speech functionality, Beyond Words isn't our favorite as its output is just not great quality, and its monthly subscription is expensive.

If you're simply looking for human-like, realistic AI voices to read your document, many alternatives on this list can help you do it cheaper and deliver better-quality output.

Functionality: Text-to-speech features that read any document in your chosen voice.

Who should use it: Content marketers looking to repurpose content or those looking to add accessibility options to web content and docs.

Price: Free to try. Paid plans start from $89/month. 

Visit: BeyondWords

Explore the Transformative Capabilities of AI Voice Generation in Content Creation

Although the AI audio tool you choose will depend on your requirements, if you're looking for voice generation, then ElevenLabs is the standout option for 2024.

Why ElevenLabs Emerges as the Best AI Audio Tool in 2024

With a streamlined platform, and easily the best quality AI generated voices on the market right now, Eleven Labs delivers exceptional quality AI content that is difficult to distinguish from a human creator. Then, with an easy to use project creator tool, and very affordable month pricing options, ElevenLabs is the tool to use as a stand-alone software or as part of a wider system of AI tools for streamlined content creation.

Whether you're a seasoned YouTuber, a podcast newbie, or a business looking to cut down the costs of professional voiceover generation, ElevenLabs is the high-quality tool that suits every application.

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