This updated version of the Voice Library Addendum will replace the existing version effective 31 May, 2024. If you are a new user, by using the Services, you agree to be bound by this updated Voice Library Addendum. If you are an existing user, by continuing to use the Services on or after the effective date, you agree to be bound by this updated Voice Library Addendum. To see the prior version of the Voice Library Addendum, click here.

Voice Library Addendum

Last Updated 30 April 2024

This Voice Library addendum applies if you reside in the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, or UK. If you live outside of the EEA, Switzerland, or UK, this Voice Library Addendum applies to you.

This Voice Library Addendum (“Addendum”) supplements the ElevenLabs Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”) and, together with the Terms of Service, applies to your use of our Voice Library Service, including the sharing of Voice Models on or through the Voice Library Service. Your use of the Voice Library Service is also subject to our general Prohibited Use Policy and our Privacy Policy. Defined terms used in this Addendum have the meanings set forth in the Terms of Service.

Please read this Addendum carefully. If you do not agree with or accept this Addendum, you may not use the Voice Library Service, including making Voice Models available on the Voice Library Service.

1Content on the Voice Library

The Voice Library Service makes available Voice Models provided by ElevenLabs and ElevenLabs users, including you, through the Services. By making a Voice Model available in our Voice Library, you may be eligible to receive two forms of compensation: Financial Rewards or character credits (each a “Reward”). We may charge fees for the access and use of these Voice Models as set forth in this Addendum and through the Services.

The rights in and to the Voice Models, including those made available as part of the Voice Library Service, are set out in our Terms of Service.

2Sharing Voice Models in the Voice Library

You may share Voice Models you’ve generated on our platform through the Voice Library Service. If you chose to do so, you hereby authorise us to make available the Voice Models for others to access and use through the Voice Library Service in accordance with the Terms of Service and this Voice Library Addendum (“Voice Library License”). For clarity, others may be able to generate Output with the Voice Models you have shared in our Library.

The Voice Library Sharing Options available are described on our Website (the“Options”). We may update, discontinue or terminate Options from time to time in accordance with the variation provisions set out in the Terms of Service.

3Eligibility & Conditions

As a condition of making available any Voice Model in the Voice Library, you agree that you satisfy (and will continue to satisfy) the following requirements:

  • You must create and share a Voice Model based on your voice using our technology and platform. You must not create and share a Voice Model based on another person’s voice or an altered version of your voice.
  • You have the appropriate rights and permissions to create and share the Voice Model.
  • You will use the Services in full compliance with our policies and other guidelines available on our Website.
  • You must consent to the processing of your voice data based on the consent forms presented during the user signup process.

4Sharing Options

The following settings and Options may be available with respect to your sharing of Voice Models in the Voice Library:

Character Credits: If you do not enable the “Financial Rewards” setting for a Voice Model, you will receive a Character Credit to your account. Character Credits are redeemable only during the monthly billing cycle in which they are issued, after which they expire, and are consumed before any characters included in your subscription. Character Credits have no cash value and are not convertible, tradeable, transferrable, assignable or sellable.

Financial Rewards: If you enable the “Financial Rewards” setting for a Voice Model, you will receive rewards in your local currency rather than character credits for the Services. This setting is only available for certain types of voice models. To be able to receive this reward, you will need to create a Stripe Connect account. By creating a Stripe Connect account, you acknowledge and understand that there are separate third party terms associated with such accounts provided by Stripe. We may impose additional terms associated with Financial Rewards in accordance with the variation provisions set out in the Terms of Service or request additional information from you to participate in Financial Rewards. Your participation in or receipt of Financial Rewards is at our sole discretion, and we may suspend or terminate your participation in or access to Financial Rewards in accordance with the suspension and termination provisions set out in the Terms of Service.

Notice Period: When you share your Voice Model in the Voice Library, you will be asked to specify a “Notice Period.”You may choose to remove a Voice Model you shared through the Voice Library Service at any time. However, (a) any Outputs generated using your Voice Model prior to the end of the Notice Period will, subject to applicable laws in your jurisdiction, continue to exist thereafter, and (b) the Voice Model will remain accessible for the duration of the Notice Period to users that added that Voice Model to their Voice Lab prior to removal of the Voice Model from the Voice Library Service. For instance, if you select a Notice Period of 30 days, it means that the Voice Model will be available for 30 days in other users’ Voice Labs starting from the date on which you decide to remove the Voice Model. This is to ensure that users who have added the Voice Model to their Voice Lab have enough time to migrate to a different Voice Model. If you select a longer Notice Period, the reward payments you may receive will be higher than those under a shorter Notice Period, but your voice may continue to be used for a longer period of time after you remove it. Once you share the Voice Model in the Voice Library, subject to applicable laws in your jurisdiction, you will not be able to reduce your Notice Period, but you will be able to increase it.

Default vs. Custom Rate: When sharing the Voice Model in the voice library, you are given the choice between two rate systems for rewards:

  • Default Rate: Your rewards are calculated based on factors that we determine, such as the pricing tier of users that use the Voice Model, the number of characters they generate using the Voice Model, and the Notice Period you select. If you choose the Default Rate, then, at the time you submit the Voice Model, we will present to you our good-faith estimate of what we expect your Reward amount to be based on currently available information. The variability between expected and actual Reward amounts is determined, in part, by the type of user that uses the Voice Model (e.g., a Free User vs. a Paid User subscribed to an Enterprise plan) and how much that user type pays us per character. Our estimates assume that usage of your model will follow a typical distribution of user types across pricing tiers. Both Free Users and Paid Users will be able to use the Voice Model if you choose the Default Rate.

  • Custom Rate: If you enable Financial Rewards, you may set your desired rewards for usage of the Voice Model in your local currency per 1,000 characters (max. $0.2). Free users will not be able to use your voice model with a Custom Rate set, which can impact its popularity in the Voice Library. Please note that setting a high Custom Rate may result in your voice model appearing as more expensive (in terms of characters) for users. You can change your Custom Rate at any time. When you change your Custom Rate, the new rate will only apply to new users that add the Voice Model to their Voice Lab after you change it. Existing users of the Voice Model will continue to use the old rate.

Live Moderation: If you enable the “Live Moderation enabled?” setting, we will use tools to check whether requests to use the Voice Model contain text that belongs to a number of prohibited categories. These tools are intended to, but are not guaranteed to, stop users from applying the Voice Model to text belonging to a prohibited category. Moderation may result in extra latency for users using the voice model.

Reader App: If you enable the “Available in Reader App” toggle, we may make your Voice Model available to users of the ElevenLabs Reader App and you will earn rewards in USD per 1,000 characters when users select your Voice Model for audio generation through the ElevenLabs Reader App.

5Personal Data

Nothing in this Addendum shall be construed as waiving or limiting any rights or protections conferred to the user under personal data protection and privacy laws.


You can terminate your participation in the Voice Library service by deleting the Voice Models you have shared from your account, deleting your account or by otherwise terminating your relationship with us. In the event you terminate your participation in the Voice Library service, your Voice Models will be available until the end of the Notice Period as set forth above.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may submit a request that we revoke the Voice Library License for all users of a Voice Model before the end of the Notice Period. This is an “Early Revocation Request.” Your Early Revocation Request will be effective after you submit it.

The termination of your participation in the Voice Library service will not impact the transfer or licensing of intellectual property and other rights up to the point of termination.

This Addendum and the Terms of Service may be terminated if you exercise your legal right to withdraw consent for the processing of the necessary categories of their personal data by ElevenLabs, as defined by applicable laws and which are necessary to fulfill the purpose of this service.

7Payment details

The amount of a Reward for which you are eligible will be determined, in part, by whether you choose a Custom Rate or Default Rate for usage of the Voice Model, as further described in Section 4 of this Addendum.

We will issue Reward payments on or around a weekly basis.

8Other Terms

You agree to cooperate with us, act towards us, and exercise your rights in good faith.

ElevenLabs cannot guarantee engagement or use by other users of our Services. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Any forecast or description of potential characters or earnings generated through the Voice Library is for illustration purposes only, is not a contractually binding promise, and should not be relied upon by you in determining whether to make any Voice Model available in the Voice Library.

You are responsible for reporting and paying any applicable taxes in relation to revenues generated on the Services. We may withhold fees from your earnings for tax purposes, where required to do so by law. You agree to collaborate with us to provide any additional information to receive payments or comply with applicable laws.

You are not an employee of Eleven Labs Inc. or any of its affiliates, and your participation in any of our programs does not amount to a contract of employment, a partnership or a contract of agency.