Prohibited Content and Uses Policy

Last Updated 30 April 2024

This Prohibited Content and Uses Policy supplements the ElevenLabs Terms of Service and applies to your access and use of our Services, Inputs you provide to the Services, and your use of Outputs you create through the Services (including your use outside our Website and our Services). Defined terms used in this Policy have the meanings set forth in the ElevenLabs Terms of Service.

Prohibited Content

We prohibit the use of our Services to generate the following:

  1. A)

    Threats to child safety. This includes:

    1. a)

      Sexualized content: Sexually explicit content involving minors, or content that promotes or threatens the sexualization of children, including grooming content and nudity. We report content containing apparent child sexual abuse material to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

    2. b)

      Age-inappropriate content: Content that targets minors and promotes sexual content, graphic violence, obscenity, or other mature themes.

    3. c)

      Cyberbullying and harassment: Content that shames, humiliates, bullies, or celebrates the suffering of minors, including content that threatens a minor with bullying or harassment.

  2. B)

    Illegal or regulated content. This includes:

    1. a)

      Intellectual property infringement: Content that infringes, misappropriates, or otherwise violates another party's intellectual property rights.

    2. b)

      Privacy violations: Content that violates another party's privacy rights, as defined in applicable law, including the illegal use of someone’s voice.

    3. c)

      Illegal goods or substances: Content that promotes or facilitates transactions in illegal drugs, weapons, or other dangerous materials.

    4. d)

      Illegal services: Content that promotes or facilitates illegal services such as human trafficking or sexual services.

    5. e)

      Pharmaceuticals: Advertisements for medical devices or services or pharmaceutical products without our prior written approval.

  3. C)

    Fraud and abuse content. This includes:

    1. a)

      Fraud and deception: Content that manipulates, defrauds, or deceives others for money or property, including financial, identity, or rewards scams.

    2. b)

      Unauthorized access: Content designed to compromise security or gain unauthorized access to computer systems or networks, including spoofing or social engineering.

    3. c)

      Impersonation: Unauthorized use of another person’s identity for harmful, non-satirical purposes, including unauthorized sexualization or automated calls.

    4. d)

      Spam: Content that promotes or facilitates the distribution of spam.

  4. D)

    Election misinformation content. This includes:

    1. a)

      Voter suppression: Content designed to mislead voters about the time, place, means, or eligibility requirements for voting, or false claims that could materially discourage voting.

    2. b)

      Candidate misrepresentation: Content intended to impersonate political candidates or elected government officials for non-satirical purposes.

    3. c)

      Interference with democratic processes: Content that promotes or incites interference with democratic processes, including disinformation campaigns.

    4. d)

      Political advertising (without prior written approval)

  5. E)

    Violent, hateful, or harassing content. This includes:

    1. a)

      Violent threats, extremism, or terrorism: Content that threatens, incites, or promotes violence against an individual or group.

    2. b)

      Sexual violence: Content that depicts, threatens, or promotes sexual violence or exploitation.

    3. c)

      Hate speech: Content that targets individuals or groups with hate, harassment, discrimination, or violence based on protected characteristics, including race, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

    4. d)

      Harassment: Content that promotes harassing, threatening, intimidating, predatory, or stalking conduct.

    5. e)

      Self-harm: Content that promotes or facilitates suicide or self-harm, including eating disorders.

    6. f)

      Medical misinformation: Content that denies the existence of specific health conditions.

Prohibited Uses of the Services

You may not:

  1. a)

    Use our Services for any illegal or unauthorized purpose, or engage in, encourage, or promote any activity that violates the ElevenLabs Terms of Service or this Prohibited Content and Uses Policy or threatening, fraudulent, or harmful in any way.

  2. b)

    Use our Services for any commercial purpose, including for advertising, if you are a Free User.

  3. c)

    Sell or resell our Services.

  4. d)

    Use any data mining, robots, or similar data gathering or extraction methods designed to scrape or extract data from our Services except in accordance with instructions contained in our robot.txt file and only to compile for search results.

  5. e)

    Modify our Services, remove any proprietary rights notices or markings associated with Output or our Services, or otherwise make any derivative works based upon our Services.

  6. e)

    Use or attempt to use another user’s account or information without authorization from that user and us.

  7. g)

    Use our Services in any manner that could interfere with, disrupt, negatively affect, or inhibit other users from fully enjoying our Services or that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair the functioning of our Services in any manner.

  8. h)

    Reverse engineer any aspect of our Services or do anything that might discover or reveal source code, or bypass or circumvent (A) measures employed to prevent or limit access to or use of any part of our Services or (B) restrictions aimed at deterring or preventing uses of the Services that violate this Prohibited Content and Uses Policy.

  9. i)

    Develop or use any applications or software that interact with our Services without our authorization (such as through our APIs).

  10. j)

    Use any part of our Services or their Output to research and develop products, models and services that compete with ElevenLabs.

  11. k)

    Use any part of our Services or their Output as input for any machine learning or artificial intelligence technology that is not provided to you by us.

  12. l)

    Use any part of our Services or their Output as part of a dataset that may be used for training, fine-tuning, developing, testing or improving any machine learning or artificial intelligence technology.


Enforcement of this Policy is at ElevenLabs’ discretion, and failure to enforce this Policy in every instance does not constitute a waiver of our right to enforce it in other instances. This Policy does not create any right or private right of action on the part of any third party or any reasonable expectation that the Services will not contain any content that is prohibited by this Policy or that objectionable material will be promptly removed after it has been posted.

We use a combination of automated systems, user reports, and human review to assess content that may violate this Prohibited Use Policy. For users who violate this Prohibited Use Policy, we may remove the violating content and/or suspend access to the service. For certain content that poses a real-world risk of harm, we reserve the right to contact or cooperate with relevant law enforcement authorities.