Voice Library 3.0

We are excited to announce major updates to our Voice Library. With this release, we are introducing:

  • Financial rewards for voice owners: Voice owners can now earn a percentage of the revenue generated by their voices. Earning characters is still available as an default option.
  • Custom rates: When financial rewards are enabled, voice owners can set custom rates for their voices. This makes voices more expensive for the users but lets the owners to earn more for each generation with their voice.
  • Notice periods: Voice can now have notice period which is activated when owner withdraws the voice from the library. In return, voice owner gets higher share of the revenue.
  • Moderation: Owners of the PVC voices can now enable moderation to prevent malicious generations made with the voice.
  • Search: We have also improved search capabilities. You can now perform case insensitive search over voice labels, name and description with typo tolerance.

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