Introducing: Voice Library

Leveraging our proprietary Voice Design tool, Voice Library brings together a global collection of vocal styles built for countless applications

Today, we’re releasing our latest development at the intersection of research, product and community: the Voice Library.

Voice Library is a community space for generating, sharing, and exploring a virtually infinite range of voices. Leveraging our proprietary Voice Design tool, Voice Library brings together a global collection of vocal styles for countless applications.

Voice Design Meets Community

Voice Design is at the heart of Voice Library. Voice Design lets you generate new synthetic voices based on chosen parameters like age, gender, and accent. Each created voice is entirely unique, crisp, and lifelike, offering a wide canvas for building quality narration.

Because Voice Design seamlessly integrates with our newly released multilingual model, the voices you find in Voice Library all speak multiple languages, amplifying their versatility and reach. Each voice is designed to keep its primary speech characteristics consistent across all languages, including its accent.

Sharing is Caring

Voice Library is not just a repository; it's a vibrant community platform for discovery and sharing. After creating a voice in Voice Design, you can share it with our ever-expanding community, helping a wide audience find voices for countless applications.

You can equally browse and use synthetic voices shared by others to uncover possibilities for your own use-cases. Whether you're crafting an audiobook, designing a video game character, or adding a new dimension to your content, Voice Library offers unbounded potential for discovery. Hear a voice you like? Simply add it to your VoiceLab.

All the voices you find in Voice Library are purely artificial and come with a free commercial use license.

At Eleven, we value and reward participation. Whenever somebody uses a voice you've shared, you earn rewards. For every 11 text characters generated with your voice, you receive 1 character free. Also, the more your voice is used by others, the higher it will rank in Voice Library.

How Do I Share Voices?

Sharing via Voice Library is easy:

  1. Go to VoiceLab
  2. Click the share icon on the voice panel
  3. Toggle enable sharing
  4. Toggle allow discovery in Voice Library

You can disable sharing at any time. When you do, your voice will no longer be visible in Voice Library, but users who already added it to their VoiceLab will keep their access.

Initial Launch and Expansion

Right now, Voice Library comes with the usual sorting features, such as the ability to view the most-used, top-trending voices. This opens up a treasure trove of popular choices, helping you identify what resonates with the community and offering a source of inspiration for your projects.

Over time, we plan to add more options and categories to make browsing smoother and more effective, such as:

  • More labels for specific use-cases and characteristics
  • Language-specific voices and accents
  • Additional discovery tools and improved search system
  • Upvoting and utilities to improve naming and voice categorization
  • Time-limited and exclusive voices

The Future of Voice AI is Here

Voice Library is more than a tool: it's a community space for innovation. Generate unique voices, discover new ones, and be part of shaping the future of AI audio, one shared voice at a time.

Join us on Discord to leave feedback, discuss new voices, and share your ideas.

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