The best AI writing tools in 2024

AI helps writers create professional content faster than ever before

  • AI writing tools have greatly assisted copywriters over the last few years.
  • AI writing software offers many benefts when generating or improving written content.
  • However, such tools also have their drawbacks and challenges, and it's important to acknowledge these before using AI writing software.
  • Various AI writing tools are currently available on the web to help copywriters enhance their work, with several further detailed in this article.

How have AI writing tools assisted copywriters?

Professional copywriters and writers will know that content creation doesn't always run as smoothly as expected. 

From writer's block hitting at the most inconvenient time to extensive research requirements to heavy workloads, copywriters often find themselves generating long-form content or entire blog posts in a matter of hours.

Thankfully, AI writing tools have provided copywriters with the much-needed assistance and information they previously lacked, allowing writers to streamline their content creation process without burning out.

Copywriters can choose from various helpful tools, from professional AI writing software like Google's Gemini and ChatGPT 4.0 to AI writing assistants like Grammarly, to improve their written content and manage their workload more effectively. 

The benefits of using AI tools to generate or improve written content

When used correctly, an AI writing tool can add to the content creation process instead of replacing authentic content with artificially generated text. Think of AI writing generators as tools rather than replacements for human writers. 

Regardless of the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, AI writing tools still require human input and oversight to generate engaging, valuable, high-quality content that flows naturally.

That said, let's examine some of the key benefits associated with AI writing software. 

Speed and efficiency

By using AI writing tools to create blog outlines and structures for your content, you can double the speed of your copywriting process and deliver results much faster. Likewise, AI tools like ChatGPT 4.0 are also excellent for research purposes as long as you paraphrase and customize the content before publishing.

Consistent writing style

AI writing tools like Grammarly help you maintain a consistent writing style, tone, and quality across your written copy. Such tools provide helpful suggestions and even pick up on how you spell specific words and terms to ensure they're consistent throughout the entire post or article.

Multi-channel content creation

Due to time-saving benefits, AI copywriting tools allow you to simultaneously generate content for multiple platforms. Suppose you've created a post for your LinkedIn business page but still have Facebook and Instagram to update. You can use one of the many AI writing tools listed below to paraphrase or shorten your content for other platforms.

Cost-saving benefits

If you're overseeing a marketing team, AI copywriting tools can help reduce the need for full-time copywriters or professional proofreaders. As long as you have one or two copywriting pros in your team, you can equip them with useful AI tools and empower them to create faster, better-quality content.

Model training and data-driven insights

Many AI writing tools use data-driven insights to provide more accurate suggestions and create content that sounds authentic rather than AI-generated. 

Translation opportunities

Gone are the days when we had to rely solely on Google Translate to translate articles or posts into multiple languages, especially since the accuracy was often mediocre at best. 

With rapid advancements in AI not coming to a halt anytime soon, copywriters can translate their written content into multiple languages while considering various cultural and linguistic nuances.

Grammar and spell-checking functionalities

Last but not least, AI writing tools are excellent for grammar and spell-checking purposes. Even the most experienced copywriters can slip up occasionally regarding grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Thankfully, modern AI writing tools also double as excellent grammar and spellchecker tools and comprehensive plagiarism checkers.

Challenges regarding AI writing software 

Although AI writing tools offer many benefits, it's also essential to understand the most prominent challenges regarding the use of artificial intelligence to generate content. 

By considering the challenges listed below and keeping aspects like quality and your target audience at the forefront of your writing process, you'll easily create high-quality content that sounds entirely authentic. 

Quality mishaps

Although AI writing tools have become reasonably advanced, they don't always recognize the creativity, nuance, and other subtleties found in 100% human-written content.

While human writers can add the necessary depth and authenticity to written content, AI tools often struggle with this.

Moreover, it's no secret that AI tools still incorporate many outdated cliche words and phrases, making it easy to distinguish between 100% AI-generated content and copy written by a human writer.

Ethical concerns

AI algorithms can occasionally slip up and generate content that may be deemed offensive, discriminatory, or outdated - especially when you consider cultural aspects. This is why it's so crucial for human copywriters to proofread and edit AI-generated content carefully.

Lack of complexity/customization

AI writing tools often lack the ability to process complex or highly specific content requirements, leading to generic and "flat" content that lacks personalization and doesn't provide the audience with any value.

Legal and copyright issues

Legislation on AI-generated content is still reasonably vague, leading to potential copyright infringement risks, plagiarism, and other legal issues for both writers and clients. Clear guidelines and policies can help solve this problem, but they're still in the works for now.

Potential security and privacy violations

Considering that AI tools analyze extensive datasets for content generation purposes and authenticity, the risk of security or privacy issues also arises. From data breaches to unauthorized access to sensitive information, certain risks are associated with AI data analysis.

The best AI writing tools to enhance the quality of your content 

Now that we've examined the benefits and challenges of AI writing assistant integration, it's time to explore some of the best AI writing tools currently available online. 

From drafting social media posts and blog post outlines to plagiarism checks, the tools below will help you take your written content to the next level.

Let's dive in!


What's a list of "Best AI writing tools" without giving Grammarly an honorable mention?

Grammarly is one of the best grammar, spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism checker tools available. It implements AI technology to provide helpful suggestions, ensure consistency, provide clarity, check spelling, and tailor content to your target audience.

Grammarly allows you to change key parameters and provides helpful suggestions based on your target audience, required tone of voice, reading difficulty level, and purpose, making it a must-have AI writing tool for creating many different types of written content. 

The best part? Grammarly is available as a browser extension, desktop app, and mobile app, allowing you to improve your content across various platforms and other tools. 

Try it here: Grammarly

ChatGPT 4.0

OpenAI's ChatGPT 4.0 (and its free version, ChatGPT 3.5) is a valuable tool for many copywriting tasks. 

ChatGPT can function as a research tool, a content paraphraser, and an outline generator for various types of content - from creative writing to email marketing to blog post idea generation. 

Whether you decide to opt for the free version of ChatGPT or sign up for ChatGPT 4.0, make sure to proofread and personalize your written content and run it through a grammar-checking tool. Although ChatGPT is a fun, multi-faceted, and valuable tool, it often includes outdated cliches, generic phrases, and additional "fluff."

Try it here: ChatGPT 4.0

Hemingway Editor

A straightforward yet effective tool for improving readability and clarity, Hemingway Editor offers all the benefits of essential AI writing tools while eliminating some of the additional technicalities. 

This simple AI writing software marks complex sentences, passive voice, adverbs, and other (often) unnecessary writing elements to improve the readability score of your content and make it more concise and engaging.  

Hemingway Editor is also available as a desktop app and web version.

Try it here: Hemingway Editor


A powerful paraphrasing and spell-checking tool, Quillbot is another helpful AI writing assistant that helps copywriters tailor and perfect their content. Available as both a desktop app and browser extension, Quillbot is a useful tool for paraphrasing content to avoid plagiarism and improve clarity and fluency. 

Try it here: Quillbot 


Similar to other models, like OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google Gemini is an AI-powered chatbot that also generates content for various platforms. 

However, there is one key difference between Gemini and other large language models: This model can also combine images, audio, videos, and code to generate written content. While this might not be an essential tool for most copywriters, it can certainly help them get through busier periods and heavier workloads.

Try it here: Gemini 


Surfer SEO is not necessarily a copywriting assistant in its essence, yet it's an excellent AI content tool for SEO optimization purposes. Surfer helps you optimize blog articles and general website content to rank highly in search engines by providing you with a list of keywords, structural recommendations, and a total score (in comparison to competing articles).

Try it here: Surfer

Additional AI writing tools 

If you tried and tested the options above but haven't yet found your ideal AI writing tool match, consider trying out the following tools: Writesonic,, Jasper AI, and Rytr.

Final thoughts

The verdict on AI writing tools is in, and it's overwhelmingly positive.

Instead of replacing human content writers, AI writing tools work alongside them to produce high-quality content. With many AI writing tools to choose from, copywriters can control the extent to which artificial intelligence influences the writing process. 

From AI writing generators like ChatGPT to grammar-checking tools like Grammarly to paraphrasing tools like Quillbot, every copywriter can choose the AI writing assistant that is best for them.

However, publishing fully AI-generated content is not recommended unless specified otherwise (e.g., unless you've been requested to provide a strictly AI writing service). Conduct detailed proofreading sessions, remove cliches, and personalize the copy according to your writing style, target audience, and topic.

That said, don't hesitate to explore the AI writing tools mentioned in this article and see which works best for you.


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