generates TV ads on demand using ElevenLabs

From idea to production ready streaming ads in 2 minutes makes it easy to produce and air ads on TV streaming platforms. They use generative AI to create scripts and video content, and produce high quality voice overs with ElevenLabs. With, it’s possible to go from idea to production ready ad in less than 2 minutes. Better still, users can broadcast it on premium TV channels and apps like ESPN and Hulu, all without leaving the platform.

How it all started

In search of high quality, human-like voices, applied to and was awarded an ElevenLabs Grant. They integrated in no time and soon after aired the first fully GenAI Streaming TV commercial using ElevenLabs.

Since launching in beta in February, also introduced their "Create with AI" feature for real-time script editing. Here is an ad for an Italian restaurant which was created using both this feature and ElevenLabs voice tech. It aired on The Food Network, Tubi, HGTV, and more. Millions of TV viewers have seen and heard’s commercials powered by ElevenLabs voices.

Getting AI Audio to sound as human as ElevenLabs does was key to convincing businesses that their commercials would be taken seriously on Streaming TV. We look forward to continuing to showcase the power of AI together on the big screen,” says Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Moffie

Our collaboration highlights the practical benefits of using AI in advertising: faster generation times, more freedom to experiment and establish direction in early development; high-quality, lifelike, multilingual audio output, and the ability to air across popular streaming platforms. Our partnership is all about innovation meeting efficiency in the evolving landscape of TV advertising.

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