ElevenLabs showcases multilingual AI voice technology with NVIDIA ACE at Computex

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang narrated several chapters of his Computex keynote in both English and Mandarin with ElevenLabs

We’ve partnered with NVIDIA, the pioneer of accelerated computing, to deliver new experiences with ElevenLabs human-like AI voice technology. Keynote presentations have traditionally required live translators or subtitles to support multiple languages. Now, ElevenLabs is enabling multi-lingual keynotes that preserve the speaker’s voice traits using its proprietary AI speech and voice cloning technology. 

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang narrated several chapters of his Computex keynote in both English and Mandarin using an AI voice. He was able to create the AI voice on ElevenLabs in under an hour with just seven minutes of recorded audio. This use of synthetic voice technology in the keynote marks a turning point: not only does it make content more accessible to a wider audience, but it also opens up possibilities for delivering new experiences that were previously impossible.

Beyond the keynote, we’re partnering to create dynamic non-playable characters (NPCs) for video games. Traditionally, NPC interactions have been brief and scripted. Now developers can add human-like NPCs that react and adapt to gamers, providing a more immersive and true-to-life experience. 

NVIDIA ACE is a suite of technologies for bringing digital humans to life with generative AI. ACE NIM microservices are the building blocks of digital humans, AI NPCs, and interactive avatars. Developers can integrate individual – or all – ACE NIM microservices directly into their products, tools, services or games and experiences. 

The Covert Protocol tech demo, uses ElevenLabs voice AI to power those interactions. Developers, journalists, and influencers who experienced it have highlighted how realistic and engaging these characters feel. Their lifelike voices, which vary in tone and pitch, have been particularly praised for their ability to enhance player immersion.

“The work NVIDIA and ElevenLabs are doing is reshaping our interactions with the world and the content that can be created – from real-time interactions and gaming, to presentations and accessibility,” says Mati Staniszewski, CEO and co-founder at ElevenLabs. “NVIDIA has built the infrastructure for the generative AI revolution with accelerated computing; we are building the technology to generate lifelike content across any language, in a scalable, emotional and personalized way”.

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