Top Narakeet Alternatives in 2024

Different TTS solutions also offer varying levels of quality in terms of pronunciation and emotional nuance. This article explores the top Narakeet alternative in 2024, focusing on features, capabilities, and how they compare to those offered by Narakeet.

As the demand for text-to-speech (TTS) technologies grows, Narakeet has emerged as a key player. It offers a range of features for creating voice overs and narrated videos.

However, the TTS field is highly competitive. Various alternatives already exist, with many more in development, to provide different features that may be better suited to specific needs. 

Different TTS solutions also offer varying levels of quality in terms of pronunciation and emotional nuance.

This article explores the top Narakeet alternative in 2024, focusing on features, capabilities, and how they compare to those offered by Narakeet.

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Features Comparison – Narakeet Vs ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is one of the top Narakeet alternatives, with the widest range of ultra-realistic and lifelike voices. It also ranks at the top of the pack in terms of voice quality. 

A recent quality comparison survey showed that ElevenLabs scored way above the other TTS services in terms of quality, intonation, pronunciation, and emotional nuance. You can find out more about the quality comparison survey here.

Narakeet was omitted from this quality comparison survey as we chose to include the closest contenders only. However, to give you a comparison of ElevenLabs and Narakeet, we’ve listed out the best features of each below.

Language Support and Customization

  • ElevenLabs: With an impressive array of over 1200 voices in 29 languages, ElevenLabs is perfect for anyone in need of high-quality text-to-speech services. Its VoiceLab feature stands out, offering useful tools for voice replication and creation, including control of pitch and nuance. Additionally, its AI dubbing capability saves time and resources for video voice over tasks.
  • Narakeet: Narakeet supports 90 languages and a selection of 700 voices, catering to a global audience. The platform converts text into speech and narrated videos, making it accessible for users regardless of their technical skills. Its user-friendly interface simplifies voice customization, allowing for straightforward adjustments to pitch, speed, and volume to achieve the desired output.

User Experience and Integration

  • ElevenLabs: The ElevenLabs platform has an intuitive web app that can be used immediately. The ease of use extends to effortless handling of large content files, thanks to its well-designed VoiceLab and Projects tools.
  • Narakeet: Narakeet provides a seamless experience with a straightforward web-based platform. From the get-go, users can create voice overs and narrated videos with minimal fuss. 

Ease of Use

  • ElevenLabs: ElevenLabs makes it easy to select and synthesize voices. Its cloning function stands out for its simplicity and powerful results, making it attractive for both novice and seasoned TTS users.
  • Narakeet: Narakeet’s interface smoothly allows users to turn text to voice overs, making it easy to select a voice and customize it. It's designed to be welcoming for both new and experienced users.

Pricing and Licensing (at the time of writing - February 2024)

  • ElevenLabs
    • Free Plan: Ideal for newcomers to TTS technology, offering 10,000 characters each month. This plan supports the creation of up to three unique voices, provides access to a range of shared voices, and covers basic TTS functions in 29 languages. Usage under this plan requires attribution to ElevenLabs.
    • Starter Plan (Priced at $5/month, with an introductory discount): Expands on the Free Plan by increasing the character limit to 30,000 per month and allowing the creation of up to 10 personalized voices. It also includes a commercial license, making it suitable for minor projects or personal use.
    • Creator Plan (Costing $22/month, with a discount for the first month): Tailored for users with intensive TTS needs, this plan offers 100,000 characters monthly, supports up to 30 custom voices, incorporates advanced voice cloning technology, and delivers improved audio quality for demanding TTS projects.
    • Independent Publisher Plan (Available for $99/month): Specifically designed for authors and publishers, this tier provides half a million characters per month, enables the creation of up to 160 custom voices, and features an analytics dashboard to track usage patterns.
    • Growing Business Plan ($330/month): Aimed at expanding businesses, this plan offers 2 million characters monthly and the capability to create up to 660 custom voices, addressing the needs of businesses requiring extensive TTS usage.
    • Enterprise Plan: Custom-designed solutions for specific business needs, featuring flexible character counts, access to high-quality voices, and dedicated support tailored for enterprise-level requirements.
  • Narakeet
    • Top-up Accounts: Perfect for individuals and small teams, these accounts offer flexibility without the need for setup fees, subscriptions, or recurring costs. Users can top up on demand, paying only for the minutes they need.
      • 30 minutes at $0.20 per minute: $6
      • 300 minutes at $0.15 per minute: $45
      • 1000 minutes at $0.10 per minute: $100
      • 2500 minutes at $0.08 per minute: $200
      • 10000 minutes at $0.05 per minute: $500

Top-up accounts are charged by the duration of audio or video created, with no minimums or recurring fees. Credits purchased do not expire and can be used as needed.

  • Subscription Accounts: Ideal for larger organizations requiring consistent billing, these accounts allow for monthly or yearly payments based on usage or the number of users.
  • Customizable Solutions: Subscription accounts cater to the specific needs of large organizations, with pricing based on the duration of media created or the number of users. These accounts facilitate vendor onboarding and simplify yearly budgeting for multiple users.

What Is Narakeet?

Narakeet lets users create narrated videos and voice overs that are fairly realistic. It uses advanced text-to-speech (TTS) technology to turn written scripts into spoken words, making it ideal for educators, marketers, content creators, and anyone in need of professional voice narration. Narakeet makes video production accessible and straightforward, even for users without prior experience in voice recording or video editing.

Key Capabilities of Narakeet

  • Extensive Language Support: Narakeet supports 90 languages with a diverse voice library, enabling global content creation tailored to project needs.
  • Voice Selection and Customization: Offering 700+ voices, Narakeet allows for detailed adjustments including speed and volume, to perfectly match project tones.
  • Simplified Video Creation: Streamlines video production, transforming scripts into narrated videos easily, ideal for educational, marketing, and social media content.
  • High-Quality Output: Uses advanced TTS technology to deliver fairly natural voice overs suitable for a variety of applications.
  • Easy Integration: Easily integrates into existing workflows, simplifying the addition of voice overs to projects and saving time.
  • User-Friendly: An intuitive interface for all users, facilitates the creation of high-quality narrated content without technical barriers.
  • Commercial and Educational Use: With commercial rights, Narakeet is a cost-effective solution for businesses to create commercial content.

What Is ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs text-to-speech (TTS) service uses state-of-the-art AI to generate voices that  resemble natural and lifelike human speech. The platform is especially good at producing narration that also conveys a wide range of human emotions and tones.

Key Capabilities of ElevenLabs

  • Broad Selection of Languages and Voices: 1200 voices in 29 languages allowing users to create emotionally nuanced speech for a diverse global audience.
  • VoiceLab for Voice Cloning: The innovative VoiceLab feature allows users to clone an existing voice or craft entirely new ones, adding a custom, personal touch to any project.
  • AI-Generated Speech Detection: Committed to ethical AI practices, ElevenLabs provides tools that help distinguish AI-generated speech from natural human speech.
  • Mastery in Long-Form Content: Whether it's audiobooks or content rich in dialogue, ElevenLabs ensures seamless and natural narration, understanding context and flow.
  • Dubbing Across Languages: Enables creators to overlay voices in multiple languages, ensuring content accessibility on a global scale without compromising on quality.
  • Adaptable Across Various Projects: Ideal for enhancing a range of creative projects, from podcasts and audiobooks to video dubbing.
  • Dedicated to Ethical AI Utilization: ElevenLabs adheres strictly to guidelines that prevent misuse, such as unauthorized voice cloning.

Other TTS Alternatives to Narakeet

  • Speechify: Offers an intuitive interface and AI-powered voice generation capabilities.
  • PlayHT: Large selection of voices and language capabilities for diverse project needs.
  • Microsoft Azure TTS: Seamlessly integrates with the broader Azure ecosystem.
  • Google TTS: Delivers smooth integration within Google's extensive suite of services.
  • OpenAI TTS: Equips AI-driven applications with realistic speech synthesis.
  • Amazon Polly: An AWS solution offering realistic text-to-speech output.


Narakeet and ElevenLabs are both capable of producing realistic speech from a text input. However, the speech generated by ElevenLabs is more lifelike and natural, as it understands the emotional context and adds nuanced intonation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ElevenLabs and Narakeet be integrated into existing applications or workflows?

  • ElevenLabs: Yes, it provides an API for seamless integration into a variety of applications and workflows, making it suitable for projects ranging from content creation to digital media production. This flexibility allows ElevenLabs to support a wide array of creative and professional endeavors.
  • Narakeet: Also features integration capabilities, especially geared towards simplifying video creation and narration tasks. Its tools are designed to complement existing workflows, particularly educational content, video marketing, and social media content creation.

How do ElevenLabs and Narakeet handle different languages and accents?

  • ElevenLabs: Library of more than 1200 voices across 29 languages, incorporating a deep level of emotional nuance. Excellent choice for projects that need very realistic and lifelike voices or a global reach.
  • Narakeet: Supports 90 languages and offers a broad selection of 700 voices, enabling users to produce content for an international audience. Its platform allows for easy customization of voices to suit specific linguistic and regional requirements.

What are the pricing models for ElevenLabs and Narakeet? Are there free trials available?

  • ElevenLabs: Offers a free tier for beginners, alongside paid plans with additional features and higher usage limits. This tiered pricing structure caters to a wide range of users, from individuals using TTS for personal projects to businesses with more demanding needs.
  • Narakeet: Provides various payment options, including top-up accounts for individuals and small teams, and subscription accounts for larger organizations. This approach allows users to choose the most cost-effective plan for their usage patterns, with some options for free or trial usage to test the platform out first.

How do ElevenLabs and Narakeet ensure the naturalness and emotional expressiveness of their voices?

  • ElevenLabs: Cutting-edge AI generates speech that sounds natural and captures a wide range of human emotions. Its sophisticated technology adjusts voice outputs to match the intended emotional tone of the content.
  • Narakeet: Produces natural-sounding voice overs using text-to-speech technology. Its platform allows users to fine-tune voice characteristics such as pitch, speed, and volume.

What types of applications or industries commonly use ElevenLabs and Narakeet?

  • ElevenLabs: Known in entertainment, e-learning, and audiobook publishing for its ability to produce speech with deep emotional resonance. It's well suited to content that benefits from a human touch.
  • Narakeet: Narakeet is mainly used for e-learning, corporate training, video production, and marketing efforts. Its strength lies in crafting engaging and informative content.

Are there customization options available in ElevenLabs and Narakeet for voice characteristics?

  • ElevenLabs: Plenty of customization features to change the tone and pitch of voices, as well as cloning existing voices or creating new ones. 
  • Narakeet: Provides a range of customization options, including the ability to modify voice pitch, speed, and tone, allowing for tailored voice overs.

How do ElevenLabs and Narakeet handle user data and privacy concerns?

  • See ElevenLabs privacy policy.
  • Narakeet is committed to safeguarding user privacy and data security. Narakeet's website provides clear insights into its privacy practices.

Can ElevenLabs and Narakeet voices be used for commercial purposes?

  • ElevenLabs: Supports commercial utilization of its technology, offering plans that include commercial rights. 
  • Narakeet: Also accommodates commercial usage, with specific plans that confer commercial rights.

What kind of support and resources do ElevenLabs and Narakeet offer to their users?

  • ElevenLabs: Delivers comprehensive support through a variety of channels, including a FAQ section, customer service, and knowledge base.
  • Narakeet: Wide array of support options, from detailed documentation and help center to direct customer support.

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