ElevenLabs Partners with Vocode

Enhancing text to speech technology

Vocode is a conversational AI platform that allows companies to leverage LLMs to generate automated responses. They integrated our Turbo text to speech (TTS) model when it launched and saw immediate improvements in speed, efficiency and engagement.

Latency and engagement make-or-break the user experience and Vocode’s recent data shows big performance gains, with a median latency of just 339.15 milliseconds.

The stats also show that users prefer our Adam voice over robotic alternatives (57% vs. 43%). Adam's interaction time averages 86.12 seconds per call, against 70.7 seconds for robotic voices (Azure TTS), indicating a stronger engagement with the more natural-sounding TTS, and potentially adding millions in revenues for large customers over time.

These figures reflect our partnership's good impact on user interaction with TTS technology, in general. With thousands of calls logged on the landing page, it's clear that users value the natural and efficient TTS solutions we're delivering together.

Moving forward, we’ll continue to push for innovations in voice AI to further improve digital communication.

About Vocode

Vocode specializes in building hyper realistic voice bots on top of language models. Businesses can use Vocode to automate their routine inbound or outbound calls that sound like their best human reps.

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