ElevenLabs and Kapwing Partner to Bring Realistic Voice Overs to Video

Saving users time with lifelike AI voices

At ElevenLabs, our mission is to make content universally accessible in any language and voice by researching and developing cutting-edge voice AI. Our partnership with Kapwing forwards both our mission, and theirs – to make video creation available to everyone, no matter their experience level.

Kapwing is an online video creation platform that empowers people to tell their stories by automating tedious parts of the editing process and streamlining video creation. Their editor is powered by a suite of AI tools and automations, including powerful transcription and voiceover tools. Now, users can create AI-generated voice overs with new, lifelike voices powered by ElevenLabs.

Use cases include making engaging social media videos and ads, adding voice overs to internal training videos, and translating video voice overs for new audiences.

ElevenLabs’ AI voices unlock time savings and greater reach for Kapwing users. With professional text to speech across multiple languages, creative teams can generate realistic voice overs for global audiences in moments. Because ElevenLabs’ voice AI is integrated into Kapwing’s full studio editor, users can seamlessly fine-tune the rest of their videos all in one place.

ElevenLabs' CEO, Mati Staniszewski, says: Partnering with Kapwing aligns perfectly with our vision; it's a step forward in making digital communication more natural and accessible for all.

Kapwing’s Head of Product, Lauren Khoo agrees, saying, We’re delighted to partner with ElevenLabs to provide our creators with an expanded selection of high-quality voice options for their videos. These new voices empower our customers to create even more engaging and polished content across various use cases. The enthusiastic adoption and positive feedback from users so far has been remarkable

This partnership reiterates both companies' commitment to making content creation more accessible for all users and audiences.

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