D-ID and ElevenLabs Announce Partnership, Add Premium Voices to Popular Creative Reality Studio

The collaboration enables users to make videos with more natural speech.

Tel Aviv, Israel, August 8th, 2023 - D-ID, a world leader in generative AI and creative media, and AI voice technology pioneer ElevenLabs, today announced a partnership agreement to bring a selection of ElevenLabs’ voices to D-ID’s popular generative AI self-service platform Creative RealityTM studio, enabling users to make videos with more natural speech.

Hundreds of thousands of users have already used D-ID’s platform to produce high quality videos, combining them with ElevenLabs voices. The new features simplifies the process and enables subscribers with Pro subscriptions to add high-quality synthetic voices to uploaded images, AI-generated faces or premium presenters with one easy click.

D-ID recently announced significant new Creative RealityTM studio capabilities, including a new UI, as well as the ability to add facial expressions to avatars and digital people. With the addition of nine premium ElevenLabs voices to its library, users are able to better convey emotions, emphasis and personality, together with four visual expressions - serious, happy, surprised and neutral.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with ElevenLabs, providing the creator community with further power and ease to combine various generative AI tools,” said Gil Perry, CEO and co-founder of D-ID. “With a subscriber to our studio every two seconds on average, we have seen some imaginative and inspirational videos, and our collaboration with ElevenLabs means our users will easily access higher-quality voices.”

D-ID’s Creative RealityTM studio enables AI-generated customized video narrators in 119 languages. The platform radically reduces the cost and hassle of creating video content by combining the company’s deep learning technology together into one offering alongside other AI-generative technologies. Brands, corporations, marketers, creators, digital artists, filmmakers, advertising agencies, illustrators, storyboard artists, music video producers, and game developers can easily create compelling videos using a single image – effectively bringing the image to life. D-ID’s Generative AI-powered video technology is available to both enterprise clients and individuals, and is also available to Microsoft PowerPoint, Canva users and additional applications.

“We are very excited to join a leading player in the text-to-video field like D-ID,” said Mati Staniszewski, CEO and co-founder of ElevenLabs. “Many customers use our voices to bring digital people and avatars to life. Collaborating with D-ID is a natural progression and response from users to merge our market-leading voice technology together with D-ID’s top rated text-to-video tech.”

About D-ID

D-ID’s generative AI technology elevates learning and development, sales, and marketing video content. The platform enables creators to generate photorealistic digital presenters from text, dramatically reducing the cost and hassle of video production at scale. Customers include leading e-learning platforms, Fortune 500 companies, financial services, automotive, technology, retail, entertainment, marketing agencies, production companies, social media platforms and more. D-ID was established in 2017 and is backed by tier 1 VCs. Over 150 million videos have been created using our technology. Its solution is available through a self-service studio, an API, and plug-ins with its technology instrumental in bringing AI assistants to life.

Link to media kit here.

About ElevenLabs

Established in 2022, ElevenLabs is a voice technology research company developing world-leading text-to-speech software for publishers and creators. Our mission is to make content universally accessible.

The company was founded by childhood friends Mati Staniszewski and Piotr Dabkowski. Inspired by the “poor” dubbing of American movies they watched growing up in their native Poland, the pair set about designing a platform which could eliminate the linguistic barriers of content.

For further information please visit ElevenLabs or contact press@elevenlabs.io

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