AudioStack partners with ElevenLabs to extend its AI voice offering

We've added 66 new human-like multilingual voices to their offering

We just partnered with AudioStack to add 66 new human-like multilingual voices to their offering, extending its synthetic voice and voice cloning capabilities.

AudioStack’s technology suite provides an end-to-end platform with the capability to scale audio production without sacrificing quality – from voice overs, to audio spots, dynamic creatives, voice cloning, sound design, mastering and delivery.

With AudioStack, studio quality audio assets can be created faster than real-time, empowering users to create thousands of variations of audio assets at speed and scale, allowing for more personalized, better quality audio, and reducing production time from several days down to a few hours or even minutes.

Listen to this Porsche 911 commercial that AudioStack created with an ElevenLabs voiceover:

The audio market is growing and evolving, with eMarketer predicting that by 2024 a fifth of all time spent with digital media in the US will be on digital audio, while Bloomberg estimates digital ads driven by Generative AI to grow to $192 billion by 2032. 

The future of sound is here, and AudioStack and ElevenLabs are both committed to continual innovation in audio, setting the new standard for AI-powered audio production and voice. 

Maria Chatzi, Product Owner at AudioStack says: “Partnering with ElevenLabs allows us to extend our offering of cutting edge synthetic voices and voice cloning capabilities. This partnership allows us to offer clients a wider breadth of hyper-realistic AI voices, giving our users the ability to access AudioStack's AI-powered audio technology, whilst securing the highest- quality voices and endless creative possibilities. This integration is a key step in AudioStack's mission to offer the best end-to-end AI audio production solution in the market."

Peadar Coyle, Co-founder and CTO at AudioStack adds: "We're very excited to partner with a voice technology partner like ElevenLabs. We're excited to work with our customers on using them as part of the leading AI audio production offering."

Carles Reina, VP of Revenue at ElevenLabs says: “The partnership between AudioStack and ElevenLabs is a testament to our shared commitment to advancing the field of AI audio. By integrating our state-of-the-art voice AI capabilities with AudioStack's comprehensive platform, we're empowering businesses to unlock new levels of creativity and efficiency in audio production. Together, we're driving the growth of the AI audio space and delivering unparalleled value to the audio production and creator community.”

Visit AudioStack’s voice library to access over 1,000 different voices, 83 languages and hundreds of accents.

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