5 Best Video Translator Tools 2024

This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the best video translator software and free AI dubbing available online in 2024.

Expand Your Reach With Hyper-Accurate Video Translations and Automated Subtitles

Video content is everywhere.

Whether you're on the bus, on your break, eating lunch, or heading to sleep, our go-to entertainment has become watching short- and long-form videos on those little screens of moving images that are with us day and night.

And content creators know it! The top YouTubers and content creators make literally millions from their videos, marketing teams know that we connect with reels and video content above any other form of advertising, and businesses and schools know we learn and consume best when information is presented via video.

The most exciting thing? AI technology is making creating engaging videos easier than ever.

Now, with just a touch of a button, you can use an online voice cloner to turn a few minutes of you speaking into a sleek voiceover for your next video. Then, you can use an online video translator app to dub videos in multiple languages, reaching a global audience. You could even turn a photo of yourself into an AI-generated avatar, ready to present your ideas to the world.

But what are the best tools to translate YouTube, marketing, or e-learning videos? With so many different programs available in 2024, it can be tough to sift through the best and leave the rest.

This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the best video translator software available online in 2024. Let's dive in!

NameStar RatingFree TrialMonthly PriceBest Feature
ElevenLabs⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Yes$5/MonthIncredibly realistic, localized voices for dubbing
We Are Nova⭐⭐⭐⭐Yes$10/MonthVideo editing features
Wavel.ai⭐⭐⭐⭐Yes$16/MonthAll-in-one platform with 30 languages
Vizard.ai⭐⭐⭐Yes$16/MonthAll-inclusive approach to video editing
CapCut⭐⭐Yes$7.99/MonthGreat visual features but limited audio

Why Use AI to Translate Videos?

Firstly, why should creators bother to translate a video into other languages? Isn't English enough?

Accurately translating your videos into multiple languages gets over language barriers and expands your audience, helping you reach people in their native tongue across the globe. This is critical if you want to increase your view count, reach more people, and deliver your message efficiently across borders.

But, making exceptional video content is a painstaking task. Recording the visuals, re-recording for audio, all those hours spent editing frame by frame - all for the perfect video to last just a few minutes of viewing time. If you then want to translate your video using the traditional way, be prepared to do all that work again and expect to pay a premium for a human translator and voice actor who speaks multiple languages.

Alternatively, you can use an online video translator that does the hard work for you!

In just a few minutes, you can upload your completed video and dub it into hundreds of languages, adding accurate translations that make your content available to a whole new audience. As well as this, you could use AI and professional services to add video subtitles, making your video accessible to everyone and banishing language barriers for good.

The best part about it all? AI video translation costs much less than hiring a human to translate a video and takes a fraction of the time, too. With the best AI dubbing and translation apps starting from just $1 a month, it's never been cheaper, faster, or easier to translate a video across multiple languages.

On the Hunt for the Best Translation Software Online: Our Process

But here's the problem with AI voices and AI translations - they just don't sound very realistic, do they?

While this may be true with the lower-quality AI translation services available online, the high-end AI translation is outstandingly realistic in 2024. Unlike previous AI software, which failed to capture the nuance of real human speech, the latest models are incredibly good, generating speech almost indistinguishable from real human speech and recognizing the complex nuance of a native speaker.

Don't just take our word for it! Watch ElevenLabs' latest language update in action here, and check out the comments for feedback from real native speakers who struggle to tell the difference between AI-generated speech and a human speaking their native language.

With quality like ElevenLab's Eleven Multilingual V2 as the benchmark, accuracy, and passability for human speech are the number one criteria we used in our hunt for the top video translator tool on the market today.

As well as quality, we also considered cost as a critical factor. With free tools available, we think high monthly fees must be justified with premium quality. Another factor is whether or not you can experiment with the video translator for free with a free trial. Many apps now offer a free trial period as standard, so if a software didn't, or offered an extremely limited trial, that was a negative point.

Finally, we considered the range of languages available and the other functionalities of the software. Can your video translator app also clean up your audio and video content through video editing functionalities? Can you also clone your voice so your dubbing voiceover sounds like you? We allocated brownie points for software with more features than meets the eye.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the official ranking!

2024's Best Video Translation Software: ElevenLabs

Based on the output quality and low cost, the number one spot on this list has to go to ElevenLabs.

With unbeatable quality and exceptional standards, ElevenLabs truly sets the bar for quality regarding translations. The AI-generated voiceover created by ElevenLabs is almost indistinguishable from human speech, making its audio translation impeccable.

Not only is the translation output phenomenal but ElevenLabs is also priced exceptionally fairly. The free tier means that you'll never have to pay to experiment with cloning your own voice or generating translations. For professional use, the monthly fee starts from just $5/month, making this software one of the cheapest available online.

Our favorite part about ElevenLabs is the ease at which it generates a perfect voice clone from just a few minutes of your audio. Then, in just a few clicks, the fully automated video translation software can translate your content perfectly across 28 languages with unparalleled accuracy. Give it a go here!

The icing on the cake? ElevenLabs' exceptional voice cloning means it can turn your own voice into fluent German, Arabic, or even Spanish!

And the voice cloning translation is so good; it will even fool native speakers (Photo from YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjLBWQqx188)

Who should use it: ElevenLabs is perfect for corporate businesses looking to expand their content across borders, YouTubers, professional video editors, and anyone who just wants to give it a go! With its super realistic voices, hyper-accurate translation, and affordable low cost, ElevenLabs makes it to the top of this list every time.

Price: Free forever tier; subscription starts from just $5/Month.

2. We Are Nova

Nova is a comprehensive video editor that has the power to create stunning videos by offering a range of audio editing tools and machine translation services.

And its platform really is great. With templates that allow you to preconfigure videos into lengths and sizes optimized for Facebook, TikTok, and more, We Are Nova is a fantastic option for digital markers and content creators who need a powerful editor at a low price.

When it comes to translation, Nova boasts an impressive 75+ languages. A whole range of subtitling options are available, and Nova has a powerful Speech-to-text functionality that helps generate a transcript in a few clicks.

Where Nova doesn't shine is its dubbing and voice cloning features, which are lacking from their site. As a result, Nova is not the best option for professionals who need a comprehensive localized dubbing effort or have to translate a professional video with highly accurate voiceovers in other languages, as the functionality is just not there. However, Nova is a fantastic base tool for those looking for editing functionality, and of course, if you need a serious voiceover, you could always use ElevenLabs to generate the audio and overlay it on a Nova-edited video!

Who should use it: Digital marketers and content creators looking for a comprehensive tool for video editing and who aren't that interested in dubbing and voice cloning features. 

Price: The free forever tier is perfect for trying it out, and creator plans start from $10/Month or $8 if billed annually. 

3. Wavel.ai

Wavel is a video translation platform that's trusted by some big e-learning brands. With over 30 languages available, subtitles, and voice cloning functionality, Wavel promises to excel in localization services and closed captioning.

The platform even has some great video editor features. While they don't claim to be a comprehensive video editing software like Vizard, Wavel offers a few features that would be helpful for creators inside their platform, including a snipping tool, a rotator, and a converter tool.

The exceptional quality and big-name brands that trust Wavel earn it a place at number three on our definitive list for 2024. The only thing that takes it off the top spot? For professional users with a small monthly translation and dubbing requirement, Wavel works out pricier than the others. Their first paid pricing tier starts at $16/Month if billed annually at $192/Year. That's a large amount to spend on a tool that you may only use a couple of times.

In comparison, ElevenLabs offers a monthly subscription that currently costs just $1 - a clear winner in the pricing category.

Who should use it: Great for professionals with a large video translation requirement, especially brands looking to localize their content.

Price: Free trial available; subscription tiers start from $16/Month.

4. Vizard.ai

Vizard is another great option for video translation, offering translation to an impressive 100+ languages.

Not only that, but Vizard is a comprehensive platform that is an online video editor that includes video translation services, meaning you can make tweaks to your video, cut lengthy videos into engaging clips, remove unnecessary content, insert subtitles, and apply edits to fonts, lighting, and more.

This is an excellent option for those looking for a whole editing suite; however, Vizard's huge range of functionalities means that sometimes the quality of each feature could be better. Despite Vizard's extensive video editing skills, the platform doesn't have the best voices, and their output certainly is not enough to fool a native speaker.

While we do love Vizard's all-inclusive approach to video editing (which gets it the fourth place on this list!), there may be better tools out there for professionals looking for high-quality output.

Who should use it: Vizard is great for personal video editing and playing around with the latest technology. It has comprehensive editing software and a free pricing tier, which means you can try out the latest video editing platform for free. However, Vizard may not be the best option for businesses or professionals.

Price: Vizard has a free tier - great for hobbyists who don't mind a watermark - and their Creator tier starts from $16/Month.

5. CapCut

No list of video editing and translation would be complete without including CapCut, a fully comprehensive video editor with impressive translation services, including subtitle generation and dubbing features.

Another thing we love about CapCut is its ready-to-go templates that make video editing for social media platforms a breeze. Whether you need a YouTube video, a TikTok, a Facebook ad, or an Instagram Reel, CapCut has some excellent features that simplify editing professional content.

While Capcut does offer translation via subtitles, it doesn't have voice cloning and dubbing functionalities. Also, CapCut's video platform has a rather short 15-minute video limit and caps users at just one video and audio track, meaning that playing around with AI-generated voiceovers and background music is impossible.

This is why CapCut is at the bottom of this list - although the functionality is fantastic, CapCut's limits and lack of dubbing and voiceover features seriously limit it when it comes to translating videos and localizing content.

Who should use it: Great for small businesses, content creators, and semi-professionals, CapCut is a powerful platform that provides everything you need to get started producing video content. For those serious about their dubbing voiceovers, however, CapCut's limits might be a hindrance. 

Price: Completely free to download and use, CapCut offers a Pro subscription at $7.99/Month.

The Bottom Line: 2024's Best Video Translation Software

In 2024, we're in the era of a global audience.

Whether you're a business that operates across borders or a content creator looking to expand your audience overseas, accurately translating your videos into multiple languages is important. The latest in AI technology means you can do it in just a few clicks and at a fraction of the cost of a human translator.

Not to mention, adding accurate subtitles in multiple languages simultaneously increases video accessibility, helping your audience navigate your content if they have a disability or accessibility issues.

But remember that not all video translation and subtitle tools are the same in terms of quality. The last thing you want to do is alienate an audience by producing a poor-quality translation or inaccurate dubbing that actually makes your content harder to understand. This is why the quality of the translation and of the voiceover is paramount.

Plus, it's important to check if the software has enough functionality to support dubbing and voiceovers. Unfortunately, despite the rise in the importance of localized content and the interest in AI-generated voiceovers, our favorite video editing tools haven't yet caught up.

Overall, the best video translation and dubbing tool for 2024 is ElevenLabs. With simply outstanding voice-over technology and hyper-realistic localized AI voices, ElevenLabs is unparalleled in terms of quality of output.

At an attractive low monthly price and with downloadable audio files that are suitable for use in conjunction with pro video editing tools, ElevenLabs makes it easy and affordable to generate outstanding content in a range of languages.

Try ElevenLabs for yourself, and sign up here.

AI Video Translator FAQs

What is the best AI video language translator?

The best AI video translator app is ElevenLabs.

ElevenLabs delivers premium video translation in 30 different languages and is so accurate that your viewers likely won't be able to tell it apart from professional translation services by a human. Plus, it's free to get started. Try it out today.

Can Google translate a video?

Google Translate can transcribe an audio recording and then convert it to text in different languages. However, the output that is generated by Google Translate isn't always high quality. Google Translate often fails to recognize nuance and may generate subtitles that are inaccurate.

Google Translate cannot dub a video, either. The voice generated by Google Translate is robotic and will not suit a high-quality video production. For best results, video creators should use ElevenLabs - the top video translation software available in 2024.

Is there an app that will automatically translate video?

There are many apps available that will automatically generate subtitles and create a translation of a video, but not all of them have the same level of quality.

After extensive investigation, the best app to automatically translate a video, generating accurate translations and providing a comprehensive dubbing experience for your viewer, is ElevenLabs.

What is AI-based video translation?

AI-based video translation is the process of using AI (artificial intelligence) to automatically translate audio, text, or video content into another language. This involves the use of machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) techniques that analyze the content of the video and then generate an accurate translation in the target language.

Some video translator apps are better than others, and not all AI models can recognize the nuance of human speech and translate it accurately into another language.

What is the best video translator app?

The best video translator app on the market in 2024 is ElevenLabs - a desktop app that offers premium translation and dubbing services using the power of AI technology.

Can I translate YouTube videos?

If you're a YouTube creator, it's a great idea to translate your videos to expand your audience. This will help you increase your view numbers and bring in new viewers from across the world who can watch your video in their native language.

You can either translate a video by dubbing your video and changing the language of its audio or by providing subtitles generated automatically using the transcription process. While both options are great, the best YouTube creators provide multiple translations and multiple subtitle languages for their viewers to increase their views and make their content accessible to more people.

If this sounds like a lot of hard work, it doesn't have to be! It's easy to translate videos using the latest AI technology, and software like ElevenLabs can even dub your YouTube videos using a clone of your own voice, meaning your video can have you speaking fluent Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, you name it!

How good is AI translation?

While you may think that AI translation tools are inaccurate and sound a little robotic, in 2024, this is not the case! Top-quality video translation software can fool even native speakers and can open up your content to an international audience with just a few clicks.

How much does video translation software cost?

With so many choices on the market, the cost of video translator software can vary. The best video translation and dubbing software, ElevenLabs, offers free trials and premium pricing starting from just $5/Month.

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