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As game development evolves, it’s becoming trickier to distinguish between voice actors and stunningly life-like synthetic character voices. Innovative AI tools are upping the game, offering text-to-speech capabilities, expansive voice libraries, and multilingual dubbing support.

Tools like ElevenLabs have redefined game design, and are quickly becoming essential for developers looking to truly engage and captivate players. But how are game developers able to create such lifelike character voices? And which software is the best? Let’s jump in.

Key Takeaways

  • AI voice generators like ElevenLabs, Vidnoz, and Wavel.AI are transforming game development by offering lifelike character voices and enhancing storytelling techniques, thus boosting player engagement.
  • These tools empower developers to create dynamic, multilingual in-game dialogue, enriching the gaming experience and redefining game design.
  • Voice generators play a crucial role in enhancing character and environment realism, providing tools for character voice synthesis, ambient soundscape enhancement, and localization efforts.

How to use voice generators in game development

Voice generators are pivotal in elevating the immersive quality of video games, empowering developers to craft unique characters and atmospheric audio environments. But where exactly do they fit in?

Character creation

Voice generators are instrumental in character creation, allowing developers to create distinct voices that reflect the diverse personalities within a game. This technology supports iterative development, allowing developers to fine-tune character interactions and dialogue, which enhances the overall storytelling experience. 

By offering text-to-speech capabilities in various languages, voice generators also facilitate localization efforts. This makes games accessible to a worldwide audience without the need for extensive voice recording sessions.

Enhancing character and environment realism

Voice generators are essential tools for animating in-game characters. For example, in fantasy RPGs, these technologies are adept at producing dialogues for mythical entities, making games significantly more immersive than they would otherwise be.

Additionally, voice generators play a vital role in creating ambient sound effects and background chatter, further enriching the game's setting. In open-world games, these tools can mimic the dynamic ambiance of a bustling city, adding layers to the gameplay experience.

ElevenLabs' newly launched Sound Effects generates custom sounds based on your text inputs, using a text-to-sound API. Watch this short clip to learn more.

NPC voices

Using voice synthesis tools for NPC voices offers a practical and versatile solution for adding depth to non-player characters. Developers can dig into extensive voice libraries to find the perfect voices for their NPCs, from allies to antagonists, tailoring voice parameters to align with each NPC's persona.

Get a taste of the creative possibilities offered by ElevenLabs' Voice Library here:

Voice cloning

Voice cloning technology transforms voice generation for games by creating highly realistic and expressive character voices. This advanced tool captures emotional nuances and personality traits, offering developers a wide array of voice customization options for their games.

For example, ElevenLabs and Magicave recently teamed up to create a custom AI narrator for their new game ‘Beneath The Six’.

The 6 best video game voice generators

Now, let’s explore the best new tools out there for video game voice generation, examining how they're reshaping the video game development process.

ElevenLabs AI voice generator tools

ElevenLabs offers three dynamic tools for AI-driven character voice generation: an extensive voice library, an intelligent text-to-speech model that synthesizes life-like character voices, and ElevenLabs dubbing, which can smoothly adapt character voices into multiple languages. 

Top features

  • A rich library: ElevenLabs' comprehensive voice library is ideal for voicing video game characters, whether they're protagonists or NPCs.
  • Language capabilities: With ElevenLabs, you can create voiceovers in a range of languages, helping localize your game for global audiences.
  • Realistic voices: ElevenLabs’ synthetic character voices use natural pauses, proper intonation, and respond to emotional cues, creating true-to-life characters with enhanced player connection. 


PlayHT’s voice cloning and text-to-speech tools are designed specifically for use in games, movies, and animation. Voices are generated in real-time and to industry quality.

Top features

  • Vast range of languages: PlayHT boasts one of the best multilingual capabilities on the market, producing content in 142 languages from across the globe.
  • Unique features: The Multi-Voice Feature allows creators to create conversations between different voices in the same audio file, while Custom Pronunciations can be saved and reused, perfect for fantasy games.
  • Real-time generation: PlayHT’s Voice Cloning and Voice Generation tools can generate output in real time, which is ideal for meeting tight development deadlines.


Murf.AI offers 120+ text-to-speech voices in 20+ languages, and an all-in-one AI voice generator to perfectly suit your game development needs.

Top features

  • Easy to use: Murf.ai’s ‘All-in-one’ voice generator is designed for optimal user experience.
  • Quality: Voices generated by Murf software are realistic and high-quality, good for injecting games with professional-sounding character voices.
  • Customization options: Murf’s voice cloning and generation software has strong customization features including adjustable pitch and speed.


Veed uses AI voice actors to instantly generate gaming voiceovers with a text-to-speech tool. Trusted by tech giants Facebook and Pinterest, Veed is a strong option for enhancing video game narratives.

Top Features

  • One-click technology: Veed can automatically turn video game scripts into voiceovers in one click.
  • Customization: Veed creates voiceovers with realistic, accented speech patterns. Previews help you ensure you’ve got the voice for the job, and it’s easy to export the new voiceover.
  • Generation from video: You only need to upload a video to automatically generate a voiceover, revolutionizing the game design process.


Vidnoz is a free AI Video generator that also produces AI-driven voiceovers for game characters.

Top Features

  • Contextual AI: The software uses a game’s variables and different situations to generate dialogue that makes sense in its place in the gaming narrative.
  • Configure voice parameters: Voice settings can be customized on the basis of pitch, tone, speech, and emotion.


Top Features

  • Combine voices with music: Wavel has a selection of royalty-free background music, so you can enhance your voiceover narration with background music.
  • Voice changer function: This allows you to upload your own voice, and use it in a video game world.
  • Voice library: Wavel has 250+ voices in 30+ languages to choose from, perfect for the needs of any video game.

What to look for when selecting a voice generator for video games

Picking the right AI voice generator for your game isn't just about getting any voice out there—it's about finding the voice that brings your game to life. Here’s what matters.

Voice quality

Top of the list is how real those voices sound. You want your players to feel like they're interacting with real characters, not robots. So, aim for generators known for lifelike speech.


Your game world is diverse. Your voice generator should be too. It needs to nail every pitch, tone, and accent to fit your game's unique characters and settings.

Ease of integration

The best tools fit seamlessly into your workflow. Make sure the voice generator plays nicely with your game engine and doesn’t add unnecessary hurdles.

Flexibility and affordability

Budget's always a thing, more so for indie devs. Look for flexible pricing that doesn’t skimp on quality.

Support and docs

Good tech needs good backup. Ensure there's solid support and clear docs to smooth out any bumps.

Final thoughts: The best voice generators for your game

AI voice generators are seriously shaking up game development, making it quicker and easier to create lifelike in-game voices in multiple languages. These tools are already incredibly realistic—and they're only getting better by the day.

Looking to use an AI voice generator for your game? Sign up for ElevenLabs today.


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