Best video game marketplaces to sell your video games

Discover how to make a game stand out in 2024's top 6 video game marketplaces


  • An overview of video game marketplaces
  • The 6 best video game marketplaces to sell your video games 
  • How ElevenLabs can help games stand out in the marketplace
  • A simple how-to guide: enhance your game with ElevenLabs AI voice tools
  • Choosing a marketplace for game developers
  • Final thoughts: The future of AI games in the marketplace


A video game marketplace is an platform where developers sell video games online to consumers. These digital storefronts, like Steam or PlayStation Store, offer a range of titles for different platforms and provide features for promotion and discovery.

Explore 2024’s top video game marketplaces and discover how to make a game stand out in the marketplace with ElevenLabs’ AI audio design tools. As we head into the future of game development, AI tools will become essential for creating a blockbuster game.

The 6 best video game marketplaces

A round-up of the key gaming marketplaces for selling video games online.

1. Epic Games Store

Epic games store is the digital store for Windows and MacOS games owned by the developer that created Fortnite. Alongside Fortnite, the online marketplace offers several other exclusive games—making it a great place to discover up-and-coming titles.


  • High visibility due to exclusivity deals and partnerships.
  • Attractive revenue share for developers.
  • Built-in support for Unreal Engine games.


  • Limited user base compared to established platforms like Steam.
  • Fewer features and tools for developers compared to other marketplaces.

2. Humble Bundle


Humble Bundle offers (you guessed it) bundle deals of games, as well as regular game offerings. Subscribers get a curated bundle of PC games each month, including old video games and sports games—meaning it’s a great place to sell games to your ideal customer base.


  • Offers bundles and promotions, reaching a wide audience.
  • Supports charity initiatives, attracting socially conscious gamers.
  • Flexible revenue sharing options for developers.


  • Limited visibility for individual games within bundles.
  • Requires acceptance into curated promotions.

3. GOG

GOG or ‘Good ‘Ol Games’ is a large distributor of DRM-free games, which means buyers come to own the game. The store is usually packed with discounted digital games, perfect for gamers on a budget.


  • Focuses on DRM-free games, appealing to certain audiences.
  • Curated selection of games, enhancing visibility.
  • Revenue share favoring developers.


  • Smaller user base compared to larger platforms.
  • Limited features and tools for developers.

4. is the best stop for indie games. It’s an open online marketplace where creators can sell at whatever price they want, as well as having free-rein over their design. The store one of the best places to sell to PC game buyers and sellers.


  • Emphasizes indie games, providing a platform for exposure.
  • Flexibility in pricing and revenue models.
  • Supportive community and developer-friendly policies.


  • Limited visibility compared to larger marketplaces.
  • Less mainstream reach for developers seeking broader audiences.

5. Steam


Steam is the biggest PC gaming marketplace. Steam has a vast library of video games from unique indie projects to new AAA releases, all at fair prices. It’s particularly friendly for buyers, featuring advanced tools for recommending new games. 


  • Largest user base and market share in the PC gaming market.
  • Extensive features for developers, including promotional tools and analytics.
  • High visibility through Steam's storefront and recommendation algorithms.


  • Highly competitive market for selling games, making it challenging for new releases to stand out.
  • Standard revenue share may be less attractive compared to other platforms.

6. Xbox

Xbox is a huge player in the gaming world, known for its video game consoles, gaming accessories, and in game items. It offers Microsoft games for PC and consoles, and has a host of unique features like cloud saves and game DVR. 


  • Integration with Xbox gaming consoles and Windows PCs, reaching a wide audience.
  • Inclusion in Xbox Game Pass subscription service for added exposure.
  • Microsoft's support and resources for developers.


  • Requires approval and certification process for Xbox releases.
  • Smaller user base compared to multi-platform marketplaces like Steam or Epic Games Store.

How ElevenLabs helps games stand out in the marketplace

In 2024, gamers are expecting more immersive, engaging game worlds than ever before. Thanks to AI, games are increasingly lifelike, with more capacity for interactivity. ElevenLabs is helping games stand out and make more money with its unique audio design features.

Its generative TTS (text-to-speech) algorithm offers new possibilities for creating lifelike character voices.

Meanwhile, the ElevenLabs Dubbing Suite massively streamlines the localization process.

ElevenLabs also recently announced the release of a generative model for AI sound effects—a particularly exciting feature for game developers. 

Using ElevenLabs AI to generate audio saves developers time and money without compromising on sharp 128 kbps sound quality. AI audio design can make games more creative and unique, so they are more likely to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Test ElevenLabs’ text-to-speech tool for free here.

How to generate NPC voices with ElevenLabs

  1. Select an NPC voice from the extensive ElevenLabs Voice Library.
  2. Use the text-to-speech tool to change your game script into synthetic speech.
  3. Utilize ElevenLabs’ in-built refinement features to personalize each character voice.
  4. Integrate the character voices with your chosen game engine.

Choosing a marketplace for game developers

Here are some factors to consider when selecting a marketplace to sell a new game:

  • Audience and demographics: It’s crucial to make sure a platform aligns with your target audience.
  • Revenue share: Each platform will deduct a different fee for selling a game - it’s critical to budget for these fees.
  • Promotion tools: Some platforms have more effective marketing programs than others, which will affect purchase numbers for a new game.
  • User-friendly interface: Customer experience also impacts on the likelihood of your game being purchased. Compare the user-friendly nature of different platforms.
  • Community support: Make sure adequate resources and feedback are accessible in the case that there are any issues with the platform.

Final thoughts: The future of AI games in the marketplace

In today's competitive gaming market, standing out is key. Whether you're selling on big platforms like Steam or smaller ones like, it's important to grab players' attention. That's where ElevenLabs comes in. Their AI-powered tools make it easy to create lifelike character voices and immersive sound effects, saving time and money.

As we move forward, AI will continue to shape the gaming world, making games more engaging and exciting. With ElevenLabs, you can take your game to the next level and stand out in the crowd.


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