Narrating AnyTopic's audiobooks

ElevenLabs voices educational content

AnyTopic is carving out a new path for online learning, allowing users to create personalized mini audiobooks for free.

Users enter a topic or a question, and the platform finds top-matching online content: news, blogs, existing podcasts, and more. Then, the app creates a mini audiobook from this material, ranging in length from 3 - 25 minutes long.

These customized, bite-size episodes are designed to fit into users' busy lives, perfect for listening during the commute or when winding down in the evening. The app's personalization features tailor each audiobook to the user’s interests and learning pace, providing customized content for each individual.

Choosing ElevenLabs

When AnyTopic was starting out, it was focused on finding the most cutting-edge solutions. 

“We were doing research on the most advanced models for voice generation, with the goal of using one of these models to generate personalized audiobooks.” Sam Wesley, Co-founder & CTO

Of course, an audiobook can't exist without a narrator. But using traditional voiceover artists was out of the question.

They needed an AI voice generator that was non-robotic and expressive. It had to keep users engaged, just like listening to a great teacher. But they also needed software that was going to support high-quality audio. They knew that poor audio quality would make learners far less likely to want to keep listening.

“Upon discovering ElevenLabs, which stood out as one of the most human-sounding options, we tested it and were impressed with the quality.”

Of course, selecting the model was just the first step—they then needed to integrate it with their app. Thankfully, this was seamless. “We were able to easily incorporate the ElevenLabs voice API as the final step in our established audiobook generation pipeline", the team explains.

ElevenLabs real-time latency generates audio content near-instantly, meaning learners can dive into a subject without long waiting times. Plus, the API integration means users can handle everything in one easy-to-use interface, making learning quick and simple on the go.

The app is still in the beta stage of development, but promises great things.

“We’re excited about the future of personalized content—particularly in the audio space” says Daniel Rascon, Co-founder and CEO of AnyTopic. “ElevenLabs has been helpful to help us bring this vision to life a lot faster and at the level of quality we’re looking for. We’re excited to create more engaging audio experiences for our listeners.” 

Want to sample AnyTopic's exciting audiobook offering? Check out its demo audiobook here.

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