How to Create Animation Voiceovers Using AI

AI animation videos are widespread, often using text-to-speech and voice cloning. For example, My Story Animated on YouTube, with 19.5M subscribers, uses AI voice overs to tell engaging stories of betrayal and mystery, enhanced with music and sound effects.

AI animation videos are everywhere these days, and you've probably seen more of it than you realize. Whether scrolling your For You page on TikTok or falling into a rabbit hole on YouTube, you may not know you're watching a video carefully crafted with text-to-speech and voice cloning technologies.

Let's kick off our exploration of the world of animation voice overs and AI animation with a look at one of the most popular channels on YouTube in that genre. My Story Animated creates animated videos using AI voice overs for their audience of 19.5M subscribers, telling unbelievable and captivating stories of betrayal and mystery with background music and sound effects to set the tone.

But why do creators choose this kind of genre? What are the benefits of using animation in YouTube videos, and why should we embrace the AI voiceover in the world of animation, and what are the best tools to use anyway?

Let's dive in!

What Is An Animation Voiceover?

An animation voiceover is a process of providing voices for animated characters. In the past, this involved hiring expensive voice artists to portray different characters in a custom-built recording studio.

However, advancements in AI technology have presented a new approach: creating animation voiceovers using text-to-speech and voice cloning technologies. Create videos with AI animation, and let artificial intelligence do the work for you, via AI animation generator tools, voice overs, and visual effects.

The animation industry is booming on video platforms, and many creators are using AI animators to grab images and visuals to create AI animation videos, including using AI tools for voice overs. From soothing voices for nature documentaries to attention-grabbing tones for instructional videos and excitable voices for funny animations, there are many options.

5 Top Tips For Creating Compelling Animation Voiceovers

The process of creating animation videos couldn't be simpler.

  • First, you need words. Utilise AI tools like ChatGPT to develop an AI text script for your idea for an AI animation video based on a cool prompt.
  • Then, use AI tools like ElevenLabs to plug your script into their incredible software and pluck out the perfect voiceover.
  • Now, use and similar sites for free video generation, where you can drop in audio files and choose your graphics design style and many other unique features for your video via their AI animation generator.
  • Edit the video to your heart's content to make it just right. Maybe you could add music, more images, and visuals, or even tweak the scripts.
  • Finally, upload to YouTube or various platforms and become the next viral content creator of AI animated videos.

Need more guidance? Check out these 5 top tips for creating AI animation voice overs and finding the ideal AI animation generator:

1.Make Lifelike Text-to-Speech

Lifelike speech will make all the difference to the quality of your video, and utilizing a realistic voice changer that uses deep learning to create animated video voice-overs is the way forward.

ElevenLabs' Text to Speech tool is an advanced AI solution that can generate lifelike speech on par with professional voice actors, bringing your animated characters to life. Our AI model has been trained on diverse voice datasets, enabling it to reproduce remarkably high-quality human-like speech. This cost-effective tool can transform written scripts into dynamic, spoken dialogue, making it an invaluable asset for creating compelling animation voiceovers. With both free and subscription options, you'd be crazy not to give it a go and create a free voice-over for your animations.

2.Supply Shakespearean Soliloquys: Engage With Contextual Delivery

Creating compelling animation voiceovers isn't just about having lifelike speech—it's also about ensuring the speech fits the context. AI can adjust the speech delivery based on context, whether for explainer videos or cute cartoons about fluffy creatures. It dynamically changes intonation, pace, and emotional tone to suit the scene. This context-aware capability makes AI speech generators invaluable for content creation, animated videos, video game development, and TV animation voiceovers.

Enhance your videos with voices so lifelike you can almost hear the facial expressions, use express voiceovers alongside dynamic scenes in your AI animation videos, and customize the tone, speed, and nuance to your specific needs and style with consistent and realistic quality every time.

3.¿Habla Español? Get Multilingual

Using ElevenLabs' voice changer is particularly useful for explainer videos, makes your content more user-friendly, and spreads your video worldwide with 29 supported languages, including Chinese, English, Spanish, French, and many more, as well as many regional accents and dialects.

In animated content or cartoons, characters are often as diverse as their creators, and their worlds can span different countries, cultures, and even planets. Catering to such diversity in language and dialect can be daunting if you hire voice actors, but not with ElevenLabs' Multilingual Text to Speech feature. From English and Portuguese to Spanish, our tool covers a wide range.

With our Multilingual Text-to-Speech tool, you can create a perfect digital copy of your voice in multiple languages and dialects, allowing your animations to authentically reflect their characters' cultural and linguistic diversity. Whether it's a character from a different country or a creature from a fantastical world with its unique language, our tool enables you to create believable and engaging voiceovers.

This also allows you to reach a global audience by making your content more relatable and accessible to people from different backgrounds. Instead of being limited to a single language due to the limited availability of voice actors, your animations can cater to audiences worldwide, significantly expanding your reach and impact, and setting you up for animation channel success.

4.Use An Animation Maker To Create Realistic Movements

We mustn't forget that before the need for an AI animation voiceover, there'll first need to be a video. There are plenty of AI animation tools on the market, such as Krikey and, that will help you create realistic and high-quality animations with their world-class AI tools.

Some services even offer motion capture, motion tracking, different camera angles, different drawing styles, and other features. These may be premium features, but creating animations couldn't be simpler with an incredible AI tool that will generate animations for you at the press of a button.

5.Edit: Super Video Editing Software

Plenty of free video editing software is out there, like CapCut or Vimeo, which also allows you to upload on various platforms straight from the software.

Render your AI animation video within the software, add background music and sound effects to frame your story, and bring it to life; then, you're free to upload your new AI animation video thanks to fabulous AI animation tools.

How to Develop Unique Synthetic Voices

If you need compelling, lifelike, and rich characters for your AI animations, you need to develop unique synthetic voices.

Beyond mere text-to-speech, ElevenLabs offers a powerful Voice Design feature. This tool enables users to develop entirely new synthetic voices from scratch, providing a new level of customization for animation voiceovers. Whether you want to create a perfect voice for a new digital character or want one that captures a particular persona, our Voice Design feature can accommodate your creative needs and is arguably on par with voice actors.

Our advanced technology opens new horizons in voice acting, allowing for greater versatility in persona portrayal. You can use the tool to adjust the voice to fit different personalities, roles, and traits—from heroic figures to comical sidekicks. Our AI voice creation software also allows for making unique or different voices, which is vital in animations with a large cast. This not only aids in character differentiation but also enriches the animation's auditory appeal.

How to Clone Voices for Animations

Need a recognizable or unique voice for your animation? Create your own AI voice!

Change your voice, clone it, customize it, or fine-tune an AI voice to match your exact specifications with our advanced artificial intelligence voice modulation controls.

If you want to replicate an existing voice for your animation voiceover, ElevenLabs' Voice Cloning feature is at your service. This AI-driven tool can create a digital replica of a voice sample, making it possible to have consistent voice output for recurring characters. As always, we emphasize that this feature should be used responsibly, with rights and permissions for voice usage properly secured.

Ethical AI in Animation Voiceovers

Cloning voices without permission for animated videos can land you in legal water.

While creating an AI voice opens up vast possibilities for animation voiceovers, navigating this space with a keen sense of ethics is important. As a responsible AI solutions provider, ElevenLabs stresses the importance of using our Voice Cloning feature only with voices you have the right to use. Unauthorized cloning of voices can lead to privacy breaches and legal complications.

Final Thoughts

AI animation and voiceovers are opening a whole new world of content creation, and it's an exciting time to be a part of the movement. From faceless YouTube channels opening up a new avenue of earnings to a new kind of cartoon created in just a few clicks, AI animation and its voiceovers represent a thrilling new way of creating fun videos and sound your audience will enjoy.

However, animators must use the best AI voiceover tools for content their audience engages with and shares. For that, there's only one option: ElevenLabs.

Well-known as the holy grail in voiceover quality, ElevenLabs brings impeccable-sounding voices to any animation or voiceover project. And with a whole host of extraordinary pre-made voices available at the click of a button, ElevenLabs is your key to unlocking top-quality audio in record time.

Try ElevenLabs for free now, and start generating your AI voiceover today.

FAQs for AI Animation Voiceovers

What is dubbing and voiceover?

Dubbing replaces the original language in a video with another, matching the characters' lip movements. It's used in movies and TV shows for language accessibility. Voiceover adds a narrative track where the speaker isn't seen, used in documentaries and commercials for information or commentary. Both techniques adapt content for different audiences and enhance storytelling.

How easy is it to use ElevenLabs' tools for animation voiceovers?

Our tools are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. You can generate, design, or clone voices with a few clicks for free, with extra features available.

How can I ensure the voiceover fits the context of my animation?

Our high-fidelity speech generator can adjust the speech delivery based on context. This means it can alter intonation, pace, and emotional tone to suit the scene, making it a valuable tool for creating contextually appropriate animation voiceovers.

Can I use ElevenLabs' tools for other types of voiceovers, not just animations?

Absolutely. Our Text to Speech, Voice Design, and Voice Cloning tools can be used for various voiceover applications, from podcasts and audiobooks to video games and commercials. They provide a versatile solution for any project that requires you to generate high-quality, customizable voiceovers.

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